Yamaha ns-6490 3-manner bookshelf speakers finish (pair) black

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  • these three manner audio system can be introduced everywhere in your own home issue sound gadget front or rear audio system, even as auxiliary speakers for any other room
  • every speaker enclosure has 3 drivers: an eight woofer/ a 4 midrange/ a 0. Seventy five dome tweeter that work together to provide an 45hz to 23khz frequency reaction range
  • magnetically shielded to healthy domestic theater programs
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from the manufacturer

ns-6490 bookshelf stereo audio system

remarkable performing 3-manner acoustic audio system for any theater or stereo applications.

  • type- three-way acoustic suspecsion speaker machine magnetic defensive type
  • driving force- eight” cone woofer, four” cone mid-variety, 7/eight” balanced dome tweeter
  • frequency response- forty five hz – 23 khz
  • nominal impedance- eight ohms
  • nominal enter electricity- 70w
  • maximum enter strength- 140w
  • sensitivity- ninety db/2. 83 v/m
  • product description

    upgrade your present day 5. 1 home theater to a 7. 1-channel surround sound system via adding a pair of yamaha ns-6490 bookshelf audio system. The ns-6490 speaker changed into designed for both professional and home enjoyment fanatics with the functionality to supply a full, clean, and tight sound response. This fashionable 3-way shelf speaker grants wealthy, room-filling, excessive-constancy sound by means of utilising an ultra-wide frequency response, an outstanding eight” excessive-output woofer, 4″ midrange driving force, 7/8″ balanced dome tweeter, and 140w of electricity.


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    6 reviews for Yamaha ns-6490 3-manner bookshelf speakers finish (pair) black

    1. joe – PA

      These speakers Rock!!! I am a music lover from the 1960’s through the 1990’s. I have recently bought new speakers (woofer & tweeter) they call a “3-way”, but by sound they are NOT. These truly ARE A 3-way speaker. The Midrange speaker almost all manufactures took out makes their speaker sound cheap. Polk, Klipsch, JBL, ALL of Them. Please put back the “midrange” speaker. People have no idea what they are really missing when listening to rock, classical, etc. with a 2 way (they call 3-way) speaker. That IS why I bought these & they bring music back to life!! I do recommend these to any true audiophile from the 60’s or 70’s. In the 70’s I had Fisher Speakers with a 15″ woofer, (2) 4 1/2″ midranges & a 1″ tweeter plus a 1″ super tweeter. Those were real speakers back then. No subwoofer required!! Read more

    2. Michael D. Hartenstein

      This set has nice clear highs and mid range but really crappy bass. I needed them for general purpose bookshelf speakers but they don’t work for that. They would be great as part of a bigger system with a powered subwoffer though… 5-8-19 Follow-up: I drilled two 2-1/2” holes in the back of each box behind the woofer to let it breathe. NOW, they sound great! Exactly what I needed them for. I’m gonna upgrade it to 4-stars! Read more

    3. Dennis

      Update, I been working my cd changer overtime to break these speakers in and they’re absolutely brilliant sounding speakers, yeah I confess I purchased a 2nd pair. Yamaha did something right at $129. The bass is taught with plenty of punch my sub takes on the deep notes. Mid range is warm and lively. Vocal and instrumental passages are really natural and smooth. The tweeters are softening up but are bright and overall give the ns-6490s the top end sparkle which makes these speakers produce wonderful acoustics with a sense of realism. They aren’t pretty but they sound good. Very large for bookshelf speakers and black vinyl with no simulated wood grain these are some ugly ducklings. The woofer and mid range are very generic with cloth surrounds and pearlized poly coating and of course the all very famous mylar tweeter that is found in 100’s of budget speakers. The cloth surrounds are really showing a sense of budget and vintage design, they’ll most likely not rot out like foam woofer surrounds. I am guessing they went with a classic design approach in an acoustic suspension setup, if they used rubber surround the woofer would have had more slop over the cloth which provides more cone control for a tighter taught bass punch. The poly coating on the woofer and mid doesn’t do much besides aesthetics and prolong the lifespan of the drivers making them more resilient to humidity and drying out. Although the poly coating may help add weight and stiffness to the cones mass and in the end giving a tad smoother frequency response since the woofer rolls off with no crossover and the mid just uses a first order. I came across a post of some guy who dismantled his speakers so without taking mine apart i know the crossover is just a simple yet effective 1st order with capacitors on the mid and tweet. I would have liked to see a resistor on the tweeter to tame the mylar edginess unless its mounted behind the tweeter itself. I know my pair of NS-6490s are brand new and need to be played and broken in longer so hopefully the tweet will lose some of that edginess and have a little more sparkle once the capacitors get seasoned. The gentleman that had his speakers apart also noted that Yamaha had made some sort of a mistake and reversed polarity on the mid range. If Yamaha did do this it wasn’t by error it may have been done so the bass frequencies would be out of phase going through the mid range since they’re not needed there it’s a mid range not a mid bass. While the woofer is running without a crossover and the first order on the mid range there isn’t a steep slope between the bass and mids so there’s no hole and transition between drivers is smooth. Secondly the reverse polarity can be to keep the mid range and woofer out of phase because the woofer has no crossover and will most likely play 500-1500hz which can make the mid sound pretty crappy. The woofer does a fair job at producing what it’s supposed to until it runs out of steam, while i never had 3-way speakers before the mid range is a paper cone and does instruments and vocals really well giving these speakers a sense of warmth and realism which is great because this is the most audible range in human hearing. The NS-6490 finishes off the audio range by using a mylar film type tweeter which is ok as I mentioned while these are still new the tweets are edgy but are sometimes known to mellow out and have nice sparkle to them. I guess better than Yamaha going with a paper cone tweeter even though I have heard great sounding paper tweets. I really can’t knock these down for what they are, priced ok not the best looking they are definitely the largest bookshelf speakers I have seen well I knew dimensions so thats no flaw and they are acoustic suspension enclosures with an 8″ woofer therefor they will be quite large in size. I think Yamaha met their design goal, I heard they been making the NS-6490 for over 20 years and although odd to be producing speakers this large in a market of people buying sound bars and sound docks there is evidently a market of people looking for something different. What caught my eye was the classic 3-way design and knew that Yamaha makes a good product based that along with other positive reviews I went for the plunge. I am glad I did cause they sound great even though the large size is still growing on me. Read more

    4. Robert

      In full disclosure, I have to say that I ended up returning these. But that decision had nothing to do with the sound quality of these amazing speakers. I played multiple genres of music and was impressed across the board with great highs, mids, and lows. The reason I returned them was due to their awkward size. Too big for standard bookshelf use, or in the office, or a bedroom. Would probably be ideal for a man cave, but I already have a theater audio setup there. – Again, amazing sound, just be sure to measure your desired location and ensure that these will not feel like elephants in the room. Read more

    5. peterbuchan81

      I was looking for a set of budget bookshelf speakers for a bedroom 2 channel component setup strictly for audio. At first I was sucked in by all the glowing reviews for the Sony SSCS5, which is also a 3 way speaker design but after hooking them up side by side with my ONKYO TX-8140 receiver, ONKYO C-730 CD Player and pure copper 14 gauge speaker wire, I was shocked by the dramatic improvement in sound quality exhibited by these budget priced Yamaha speakers over that of the SONY. Better top end, more detail, better bass; overall wider. deeper sound stage with greater separation and impact, despite the fact that the Yamaha, unlike the SONY, is a non-ported design. People are raving about how great these SONY speakers are, that they compare favorably to gazillion dollar speakers they’ve heard and owned, yet after a direct comparison where only the speakers were swapped out and everything else was left the same, I found the Yamaha to produce a sound which is quite obviously more desirable. At all settings & EQs (especially “direct” audio mode) the difference in quality was literal night and day, and at these prices, this simply should not be. I only wish those reviewers had heard my new Yamahas directly against the product they are all praising in such hype-filled, exaggerated terms. After having done so, and if they were honest, there is just no way they could not continue to maintain their opinions. I’m not claiming that $129 pair of speakers are the be-all, end-all of quality. But they are clearly a tremendous bargain with a very large, detailed, natural sound that I imagine you’d have to spend quite a bit more to significantly improve upon. Read more

    6. Robb Bancroft

      I’ve got these matched with a Yamaha Receiver pushing 100 watts per channel. They sound clear and surprisingly push a decent amount of bass for smaller speakers. My only gripe is they could have probably been ported which would have made a little bit of a difference with bass reproduction. NOTE: They are rather large for bookshelf speakers. These do actually sounds like tower speakers though; I am pleasantly surprised. These could definitely be used for mains as well as surrounds. Read more

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