Yamaha 8″ 100w powered subwoofer – black (ns-sw050bl)

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  • new twisted flare port contributes to clear and tight bass
  • advanced yst ii (yamaha active servo technology ii)
  • eight” cone woofer
  • stylish addition to any room
  • dynamic electricity: 100w (5 ohms)
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from the manufacturer

as the world’s largest musical tool producer and domestic theater innovator, yamaha knows a way to make your television, movies and track sound their absolute first-rate.

powered subwoofer

the smooth way to wealthy bass.

this compact subwoofer consists of some of yamaha superior, excessive-overall performance bass technologies, such as twisted flare port, superior yst ii (yamaha active servo era ii) with discrete amp circuitry and a wonderful 8″ woofer unit. The ensuing bass response is powerfully wealthy and impactful.

  • new twisted flare port contributes to clear and tight bass
  • superior yst ii (yamaha active servo generation ii)
  • eight” cone woofer
  • elegant addition to any room
  • clear and tight bass

    the new twisted flare port takes advantage of large subwoofer improvement experience. The gently twisting flared form creates a easy drift of air round the brink of the port as opposed to the turbulent air float round a traditional port. This reduces extraneous noise not gift inside the authentic enter sign and affords clear, accurate low frequency duplicate. From special effect sounds in films to the atmosphere of a stay venue, you hear bass this is clear, tight and practical.

    deep lows

    advanced via yamaha, the advanced yst ii (yamaha active servo era ii) combines negative-impedance and consistent-modern ideas to force the speaker cone with even tighter manage than the previous version. The usage of advanced negative impedance converter (anic) circuits, this machine dynamically optimizes powerful speaker impedance to hold super linearity. This means more solid and accurate low variety reaction, no longer to mention higher sound exceptional.

    extra than a black container

    the gently rounded shape with a slanted the front floor is stylishly elegant. Designed to be unobtrusive, it’s certain to appearance beautiful in a dwelling room or home theater room and could in shape a extensive range of speaker systems. More than a black box, it’s the pulse of your property theater machine.

    product description

    this compact subwoofer consists of a number of yamaha’s superior, excessive-performance bass technologies, together with twisted flare port, advanced yst ii (yamaha lively servo technology ii) with discrete amp circuitry and a wonderful eight” woofer unit. The ensuing bass response is powerfully wealthy and impactful.


    Single, Subwoofer + Cable 8 Feet

    8 reviews for Yamaha 8″ 100w powered subwoofer – black (ns-sw050bl)

    1. Kameron Davis

      Ok, so just to let you guys know, this may be a very long and my review of the Yamaha NS-SW050 Subwoofer. I’m not an audiophile guy, but I can definitely tell you I love this subwoofer. Anyways I’ll tell you guys the details about it. The Performance: This little sub really packs a punch for its size. From my experience by playing music and watching movies, I had to turn down the subwoofer level from my reciever (Yamaha RX-461) rarely a few times. Even at night on low volume. It doesn’t have the crossover frequency knob on the back where the volume knob is, but I don’t mind it at all. I put the volume knob in the middle where it is recommended. It performs pretty well in my bedroom, it’s pretty small. Could perform better in a medium room. The frequency response is amazingly nice. I could hear low notes down to 30Hz down the hallway from where my room is. It won’t shake the house of course (LOL), but it just performs very well than I thought it would. Now as you scroll through the pictures I’ve taken, you’ll probably see a different subwoofer. Yes, that’s right. That’s the Yamaha YST-SW012 Subwoofer. So I have two Yamaha subwoofers. Sadly Yamaha has stopped selling the YST-SW012 and the NS-SP1800BL 5.1 speaker package, but you can find a few somewhere on the internet. Your questions probably are going to be: Do they sound different? Is the other one louder than the other? Is the newer version bigger? Well, to be honest I have switched both of them around a few times. And I couldn’t even tell the difference. They just sounded the same. And a good thing: I had even more bass than before with these two. And the size, weight are completely the same weighing at almost 19lbs (18.75lbs). The only difference I see from the two subwoofers are the shields covering the speaker, and the ports on the side. But wait, didn’t they add the Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology II in the newer model? Yes they did actually. The YST-SW012 had it as well. I also took pictures of the manuals for both of them if you guys wanted to look at them. The YST-SW012 is the “Magnetically shielded type.” And the NS-SW050 is the “Non-magnetic shielding type.” So in my opinion, they are pretty much the same. And I love how both of them perform. Now the pricing. Being real honest here. When you checkout to get the NS-SW050, it’s going to be $160. I was scratching my head back and forth on why the subwoofer was only $160, because in 2018 I had paid that same amount for the Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1 Speaker Package, and that included five surround speakers and the YST-SW012 Subwoofer. But I just went on with it, and got it anyway. You get what you pay for (LOL). Around the holiday season, the price may drop maybe around $20-$30. I forgot how much it was when the holiday season came already lol, but it will drop around that time. In conclusion: This really is a great sub. If you want something a bit bigger, the NS-SW100 might, keep in mind, MIGHT be for you. It’ll probably be around $200. Also a note: It doesn’t come with a subwoofer coaxial cable. You have to get one in store, or you probably already have one ready for it. I’m done with my research for subwoofers for now. And I’m very satisfied with the two, even if the newer vesion is $160. I guess the five surround speakers were free. Probably not. I now plan on getting a new Yamaha Reciever. The one I have now is pretty old, but it’s still kicking. But anyways. Thank you for taking your time to read this review. I think I should do a whole lot of reviews on things I ordered on Amazon. But again, anyways. I love it. Read more

    2. Robert

      I ordered and paid the price of a 100W sub but received a 50W sub. Read more

    3. wind

      I have had this sub for about a year now. It replaced a Parts Express unit. Compared to the Parts Express sub, this unit seems elegant, tight refined bass, never boomy or out of control. If you want a “showy” subwoofer, this may not be for you. But if you enjoy accurate bass, I have never heard anything that can equal it. Read more

    4. Chris Crabtree

      I got this Yamaha NS-SW050BL sub today. Hooked it up, calibrated the system, put it through its paces. This is a fantastic little sub for my space (about 15×30 feet). I turned it up to the THX reference level and it held its own. None of the drivers in my system sounded taxed by it. I have the other speakers set to the roll off at 85Hz. They’re not THX speakers but I have the amp treating them as such for the low-frequency rolloff. Everything sounds crisp, detailed, and warm. Happy with my purchase! Read more

    5. Robie

      Have a Bose Home Theatre system and a Denon receiver. Was never satisfied with the weak base produced. Was looking at the Bose base option for $1,000++ and decided it was out if the question. Opted instead for this Yamaha unit. Can’t say enough how spectacular this small unit performs. Fills a 44′ x 28′ space with full rich sound. EXCELLENT PURCHASE !! Read more

    6. RDM41234

      Instead of spending $900 for a Paradigm sub, I purchased this and it more than suffices. Very solid and heavy. Bass sound is undirectional so it sounds like the bass is coming from your stereo pair. Read more

    7. Frank S

      Bought this sub-woofer to connect to my new Yamaha soundbar it really adds to the sound bar for a great bass, which the soundbar alone cannot produce. Read more

    8. J Robin

      Very satisfied with this small sub woofer. Had to purchase a cable however it works well with my Yamaha soundbar. Space was a bit of an issue for me and this sits within the bottom shelf of a bookcase. I am generally very satisfied with the performance of my soundbar but for times when the extra thump is wanted, this works very well and is impressive for the size. Read more

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