Yamaha 10″ 100w powered subwoofer – black (ns-sw100bl)

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  • new twisted flare port contributes to clean and tight bass
  • advanced yst ii (yamaha active servo generation ii)
  • 10” cone woofer
  • fashionable addition to any room
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from the manufacturer

as the world’s biggest musical device producer and domestic theater innovator, yamaha is aware of how to make your tv, movies and track sound their absolute exceptional.

powered subwoofer

wonderful bass for movies and music.

this subwoofer consists of some of yamaha advanced, high-overall performance bass technologies, together with twisted flare port, advanced yst ii (yamaha energetic servo generation ii) with discrete amp circuitry and a excellent 10″ woofer unit. The resulting bass response is powerfully rich and impactful.

  • new twisted flare port contributes to clean and tight bass
  • advanced yst ii (yamaha lively servo era ii)
  • 10” cone woofer
  • stylish addition to any room
  • clear and tight bass

    the brand new twisted flare port takes advantage of tremendous subwoofer improvement experience. The gently twisting flared form creates a clean waft of air round the brink of the port versus the turbulent air glide around a traditional port. This reduces extraneous noise not present in the unique enter sign and affords clear, accurate low frequency reproduction. From unique effect sounds in films to the environment of a live venue, you pay attention bass this is clean, tight and sensible.

    deep lows

    developed by way of yamaha, the advanced yst ii (yamaha lively servo generation ii) combines poor-impedance and steady-cutting-edge ideas to drive the speaker cone with even tighter manipulate than the preceding model. Using advanced negative impedance converter (anic) circuits, this device dynamically optimizes powerful speaker impedance to preserve extremely good linearity. This indicates extra stable and correct low variety reaction, not to mention better sound first-class.

    extra than a black container

    the gently rounded form with a slanted the front surface is stylishly stylish. Designed to be unobtrusive, it’s certain to appearance stunning in a dwelling room or home theater room and could in shape a huge range of speaker structures. Greater than a black field, it’s the heart beat of your own home theater device.

    product description

    this compact subwoofer contains a number of yamaha’s superior, high-performance bass technology, such as twisted flare port, advanced yst ii (yamaha lively servo generation ii) with discrete amp circuitry and a tremendous 10″ woofer unit. The ensuing bass response is powerfully rich and impactful.


    Single, Subwoofer + Cable 8 Feet

    7 reviews for Yamaha 10″ 100w powered subwoofer – black (ns-sw100bl)

    1. Some random IT guy

      I had the 8” version already — I bought it with a receiver and surround set many years ago — and that system works great. This was a present for my neighbors, they enjoy playing loud music until the early morning hours. Since my purchase, they close their door which mutes quite a bit of their sound and that makes me happy. This speaker did what 5 conversations didn’t do — got some respect from my noisy neighbors. Thank you Yamaha!! Read more

    2. Weinerd

      Had a Yamaha YST-SW45 8″ sub which was good, but just wasn’t reaching well below 30-35 Hz… Combined with towers that were handling down to 50 Hz it just wasn’t enough. I did like how Yamaha subs sound, so went looking for a decent but not overly expensive one that reached to at least 25 Hz. Yamaha has 3 lower end 10″ subs, this is the middle of the road one. It’s essentially a hybrid of the low YST-SW216 and the higher end NS-SW300. It has more or less the specs of the 216 with the twisted port of the 300. What it doesn’t have is the speaker level inputs with built-in adjustable crossover (for amps/receivers that don’t have a subwoofer output and built in crossover). However, if you don’t need it, it’s just an extra cost; fortunately my Pioneer receiver has a sub out, crossover, and extended subwoofer signal, built in, so I didn’t need the speaker inputs. It also doesn’t have a standby feature, although I never used it on the SW45 as it wasn’t sensitive enough- you really needed a loud bass signal to take it out of standby. Easy hookup- just a power cord, power button, RCA subwoofer input and a volume. I plugged it in, set the crossover at 50 Hz with the extended subwoofer signal on the receiver, set the volume to the mid point, and cranked some tunes. The deep lows sounded pretty good, but somehow the midbass from 40-100 were really weak… so I adjusted the crossover to 80 Hz and turned the volume up to 3/4 on the sub, and the 40-100 Hz came back, but then below 40 Hz were really blown out… Then I remembered the phase setting- the old SW was angled off to the side and I had switched to out-of-phase for better sound, but because of the port location on this sub, I had it straight firing, and it turned out the extended midbass signals were cancelling. When I switched the phase back to in-phase, moved the crossover back to 50 Hz but left the extended bass signal, and rolled back to half volume, everything evened out nicely. To me, so long as your receiver/amp has the capabilities, this sub is a good choice for easy set up and sounds good for both movies and music playback. Read more

    3. 20 Miles

      The length of most of these reviews make me question their sources. The specifications for this subwoofer tell you it is under powered. I was hoping that the servo function somehow would make up for the low watts. I was wrong. This is indeed under powered. It is completely no frills, without a no frills price. There are minimal features compared to others. The response is dull, under powered (gain needs to be set at 80%, and on music thumpy. The port feature is a marketing gimmick. The “swirl” doesn’t even extend into the port. If this produces any sound down to the 25hZ claimed low end, it would be a miracle. There are very few to no reviews on this Yamaha, it rides the coattails of the NS-SW300, but does not perform. 2 out of 5. Read more

    4. sethy

      I got this Yamaha subwoofer and connect it to my Yamaha ats-1070 sound bar sound perfect and great balance. Subwoofer has deep base and so powerful, I turn just little 1/3 of volume and the sound is great. Pro. Good quality, sound great and great value. Read more

    5. ChesterMan85

      As with the rest of my Yamaha speakers, this sub sound great for movies, but not so much with music. Unsurprisingly, it sounds like it’s being pushed more than my 12” Polk subwoofer was. On the other hand, it seems to have tighter sounding bass. I could only recommend for movies in small to medium size rooms. Read more

    6. Handelian

      Integrated into a 5.1 home theater system, this powered subwoofer produces bass response that is clear, tight, and smooth. It is not given to exaggerated boom or annoying lingering echo. The sound is particularly pleasant with film music. Attractive appearance as well, inconspicuous black. Read more

    7. DeShadow

      Had to replace my pioneer receiver , and my old Yamaha subwoofer bought back in 2009. I replaced the receiver with a newer pioneer receiver , but wasn’t happy with it. I bought this Yamaha receiver which I love , had to stay with Yamaha and bought this subwoofer. Not only does it sound better than my last woofer but this is the exact same 100 watt system with the same 10″ speaker but a better cone that really does make this woofer sound more bass E er !!! And with this 7.2 150 watt home theater sound system it just blows away my old set up. Sounds great with my Samsung 55″ 4K TV , just wonderful. Read more

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