[upgraded] water-proof bluetooth speaker 60w (80w max), transportable, wi-fi, 8000mah strength financial institution, shockproof, tws, dsp, stereo, subwoofer, tf card, equalizer, alpatronix ax500, indoor & outside – black

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  • [6-in-1 multifunction]: the most effective speaker in its class that consists of a majority of these features: 1. Powerful bluetooth speaker, 2. Dsp for stronger sound, 3. Tws connectivity (pair 2 speakers for even extra energy), 4. Tf card input so that you can at once play without pairing, five. Aux input so you can play without pairing, and six. Water-proof for any splashes and water jets from any route.
  • [best-in-class performance]: do you spot loads of audio system searching like ours? When some thing works perfectly, others will copy it… and lamentably we are able to’t prevent copycats from doing so. You may even discover others which can be falsely marked with higher output. Don’t be fooled. There’s most effective one american-designed alpatronix. Our speakers come with the contemporary bluetooth generation and audio profiles to offer high definition sound, proper wi-fi stereo (tws), and stutter-loose track streaming.
  • [packed with technology]: 2 lively loudspeakers, 2 energetic tweeters, and two passive subwoofers produce relatively clean sound with deep, improved bass. A high-stop hands-free microphone permits for handsfree smartphone communication whilst needed. Gives an excellent 60 watts output. Connect two speakers together via proper wireless stereo (tws) era to double the energy and fun. Perfect for indoor and out of doors use. Effortlessly recharge your speaker with the included usb-c cable (no ac adaptor).
  • [universal connectivity by bluetooth, tf card, and 3. 5mm aux]: connects without problems, and functions simple playback controls to control track and extent. The equalizer button affords both a balanced or greater-bass sound placing. The tf card slot allows you to attach your micro sd card directly to the speaker and play audio. Well matched with all new apple iphones, samsung galaxy smartphones and other bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • [perfect for outdoors with sleek, rugged, shockproof design]: heavy-duty, current stereo boombox weighs only 4 lbs. Comes with a sporting strap for easy shipping. Water-resistant towards water jets and splashes from any course. Perfect for paying attention to your beats or radio in the bed room, outdoor, kitchen, trekking, golf, poolside, beach, camping, and more! 1-yr guarantee and 30-day cash-returned assure for peace of mind. 2-year extended assurance is to be had at no more price.
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product description

experience unique independence-day sale in this super speaker simplest via july four, 2020!

alpatronix ax500 60-watt transportable tws bluetooth stereo speaker with subwoofer, equalizer, 8000mah electricity financial institution & tf card

well suited with ios, android smartphones, capsules, laptops, computers & other bluetooth-enabled devices

you may additionally play music directly with the tf card slot by using putting a micro sd card. The main characteristic of this speaker is the tws function (authentic wireless stereo), in which you may pair ax500 speakers collectively that rework into a right and left channel, for a combined one hundred twenty general watts of loud and energy sound!

what’s in the field (retail packaging):

  • 1x bluetooth speaker with attached carrying strap
  • 1x usb-c charging cable
  • 1x aux three. 5mm audio cable
  • 1x person manual
  • ax500 highlighted features

    8000mah integrated rechargeable battery gives endless hours of music up to ten-sixteen+ hours at 50% volume. 6-eight+ hours at 70% volume and 3-6+ hours at max extent.

    it may withstand splashes, pressurized jet streams and waves of water, so you can take your track with you from bedside to poolside with no concerns. An appropriate speaker for outside, whether you’re trekking, at a bbq accumulating, backyard boogie or the beach, it can face up to the elements.

    use the tf card slot to play audio and media files with the aid of inserting a micro sd card. Helps mp3, flac and wav. You can also join your smartphone tool like your iphone, so that it will act as a power financial institution to rate your gadgets with its rechargeable 8000mah battery capability.

  • 1x built-in huge audio driving force offers full excessive definition sound.
  • 2x built-in audio tweeters for outstanding mids and highs.
  • 2x aspect passive subwoofer radiators for superior bass.
  • style_name

    Flash Card (No Power Bank), TF Card and Power Bank

    4 reviews for [upgraded] water-proof bluetooth speaker 60w (80w max), transportable, wi-fi, 8000mah strength financial institution, shockproof, tws, dsp, stereo, subwoofer, tf card, equalizer, alpatronix ax500, indoor & outside – black

    1. Morton Winfrey

      The AX-500 is a well built, rugged unit that sounds great. The carrying strap is a nice touch as it’s very easy to grab and go. It’s is water resistant, not waterproof, so it will be fine in the rain or by the pool, but not IN the pool. Let’s talk about the most important thing though, the sound. A real-time sound comparison with a Braven 850, a TDK TrexMax, and a JBL Charge 4, the Alpatronix AX-500 is a real competitor. Interestingly enough, each of the above speakers has its own subtle EQ differences, making each one unique. However when it comes to overall sound quality, especially the low end thump, the AX-500 performs right up there with the big boys. The large passive subwoofers on both sides are protected with a dual function cover that also disperses the sound. The high and midrange frequencies are balanced with the lows. The built in EQ switch has two modes, indoor and outdoor. The outdoor mode sounds like it enhances the Fletcher-Munson curve, which is compensation at low volumes for the high and low frequencies the human ear loses. Most people know this as the “loudness” switch on their stereo. The AX-500 paired instantly with my iPhone, the range is impressive too. The price of the AX-500 is many, many dollars less than it’s competition, making it a great score. I sent an email to customer service and the response was almost immediate. The Alpatronix company appears to place customer service very high on their priority list. The customer service phone number is listed several times in the user manual. Which, is an observation that could be an easy improvement. The user manual could go into a more in-depth explanation of the functions and buttons and interfaces. Specifically, the USB flash drive, the USB C charge port, and the aux in. It’s easy to use though. Another observation, the advertising says it’s a 5400 Mah battery, however the label on the bottom of the speaker says it’s 2500 Mah. I intend to call the company to find out which is correct. Update: I called Alpatronix and the speaker definitely has a 5400 Mah battery, the case was mislabeled. This is being corrected . The USB port can be used to keep your phone charged while using the speaker or it can play mp3’s directly from a thumb drive / MP3 player. Overall, I give this speaker a 5 ⭐️. Price, performance, durability, sound quality, it’s a winner, and it comes with a two year warranty when you register online. This is my new goto for the workshop, outside, and the boat. I’m very happy with this purchase. Everyone that’s has heard it is impressed with the sound too. Read more

    2. P. Meyerson

      Looking for something we could take out to knock around without worrying about getting stuff in it (sand, water, etc.). This beast is loud, clear and not fragile. It’s all rubberized over the buttons and hard plastic everywhere else. I’d worry about dropping it on anything hard like concrete but it’d be great to bring with me to the beach and knock around in the car, etc. Overall, a really nice heavy duty bluetooth speaker. Read more

    3. mike vanderstelt

      I actually mounted this with a 4 inch wide 8 inch long strip of heavy-duty Velcro, between the front and rear seats of my golf cart. I did not want to get one of those massive stereo systems that hang from the roof of the cart, as I think they look hideous LOL. Sound quality is great, I have been using it for probably about 7 hours worth, at about one quarter volume, and it still lights up all the battery lights. Plus, it gets bounced around a lot, as golf carts, don’t have the best suspension in the world, and it does not seem to trouble it one bit. The sound is nice and crisp, rich and clear, at all volumes, I would not hesitate to buy it again, as I am more than satisfied with the quality of the sound. Honestly, I think one Improvement, would be to add a shuffle, or random mode, when playing from the USB, as every other form of music player I have, cars, motorcycle, MP3 players, etc. Have this feature, so I don’t think it’s probably a big deal to add. If this feature were there, it would be a perfect speaker system. As it stands, it is still pretty darn close, and you will not be disappointed… in fact, I think you will be amazed! Read more

    4. MasterDon

      Built to last and sounds way better than I expected. This speaker has an extraordinarily full sound for such a small unit. The EQ function is present between balanced and bass. I find the balance to be great for listening up close on low volume. The bass is great for filling up an entire room full of sound and is also the louder presents of the two. The sound is very clear and the imaging is spot in. The bass in this unit never rolls off. This is because the frequency range is 20Hz -20KHz, which encompasses the full spectrum of sound perceived by the human ear. Other speakers start off in the 80-100Hz range which allows for greater balances at high volumes but hollows out the bass. Haven’t recharged the battery yet after 2 weeks of use. This speaker is a major win. My first time hearing of this company and I’m impressed. I have a music studio with premium equipment, so I know a thing or two. update: I had to add that Alpatronix doubled my warranty to 2 years. You will receive a card to extend the warranty. send an email and its done. Happy Listening!! Read more

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