Upgraded, anker soundcore bluetooth speaker with ipx5 waterproof, stereo sound, 24h playtime, portable wireless speaker for iphone, samsung and greater

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  • outstanding sound: breathtaking stereo sound with deep bass is introduced with remarkable readability and 0 distortion by means of two excessive-sensitivity drivers and a patented bass port
  • 24h worry-loose battery lifestyles: anker’s one of a kind, lengthy-life battery era presents 24 hours of sublime track
  • water-proof build: ipx5-rated casing gives complete protection towards drinks
  • easy connectivity: bluetooth four. 2 ensures instantaneous pairing and maintains a strong connection as much as sixty six feet
  • bassup generation: an in-residence tuned digital sign processor analyzes the low frequencies to heighten the track’s bass in actual-time.
  • grab, cross, concentrate: lightweight, but strong unibody design presents the best soundtrack for the park, backyard, or everywhere else at home or away
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from the manufacturer

anker soundcore

anker soundcore combines superior sound with precision layout and our power control generation to create audio system which positioned your tune first.


soundcore provides awesome sound from a lightweight,portable speaker with excellent construct best.

boasting an outstanding 24-hour battery existence to play your soundtrack all day lengthy, soundcore takes you on an unforgettable journey. Music is not lost inside the background, it turns into the middle of your journey.

  • stunning sound
  • 24-hour playtime
  • ipx5 water resistant
  • bluetooth 4. 2
  • drop-proof
  • lightweight design
  • built-in mic
  • anker soundcore

    ipx5-rated safety defends soundcore in opposition to spilled drinks, rain, and other liquids.

    dual complete-range drivers, a patented bass port, and a fine-tuned virtual signal processor gift music with rousing highs and deep lows. Even at high volumes, there’s less harmonic distortion ensuing in outstanding readability.

    soundcore synergizes anker’s strength control technology and a high-efficiency li-ion battery for as much as 24 hours of chic audio.

    anker soundcore

    soundcore connects with alexa-enabled gadgets.

    bluetooth four. 2 ensures your gadgets hold a strong, stable connection up to 66 feet away for pass-free track.

    use with phones, drugs and nearly another bluetooth-enabled tool. Soundcore reconnects to the last tool used for immediate tune playback.

    product description

    soundcore the bluetooth speaker with superior sound and playtime. From anker, the selection of 10 million+ glad customers • enterprise-leading technology advanced sound nice anywhere life takes you, experience your tune with powerful stereo sound and crisp, tight bass. Boasting much less than 1% general harmonic distortion, soundcore sounds notable even at the highest volumes. Fantastic battery life anker’s industry-main power control era continues your tunes playing for up to 24 hours on a unmarried rate—that’s over per week’s worth of playtime (based totally on average usage). Uncompromised portability to hold soundcore small however additionally sounding awesome, we’ve got designed it using a unique spiral bass port layout. The result is a easy bass sound you can easily select up and put in your bag. Bluetooth four. Zero connectivity in contrast to most different audio system, soundcore uses the very trendy bluetooth generation to maximize tool compatibility and pairing pace. Fear-unfastened warranty at anker, we consider in our products. It truly is why we again them all with an 18-month warranty and offer friendly, clean-to-reach guide.


    Black, Blue, Red

    4 reviews for Upgraded, anker soundcore bluetooth speaker with ipx5 waterproof, stereo sound, 24h playtime, portable wireless speaker for iphone, samsung and greater

    1. Marshall Jones

      Great little speaker—especially for the price. Sound is crisp and full, it looks great, and has a nice, solid heft to it. It’s also extremely easy to pair to an iPhone. Once paired, it quickly and reliably connects to my phone when turned on. I get that Anker wants people to see their brand name and the white paint they used isn’t so bright that the logo is obnoxious, but I still didn’t want to look at it. So, using a metal pick in holes around the perimeter, I slowly and carefully pried off the grill. It’s held in by tension and a very thin strip of black adhesive tape. Once the grill was off, I wrapped masking tape around the small ledge all the way around the grill. This was to keep from painting and ruining the black adhesive so I could reattach it later. If you use the slick, non-sticker paper from a sticker sheet you might get better results than I did. The masking tape took off a small amount of the adhesive, but it still worked. Then, with a $4 can of generic-brand metallic copper spray paint from the hardware store, I gave it a couple coats from all directions. Don’t spray too heavily or you’ll clog some of the small holes in the grill. IMO, it turned out perfect. Really classes up the little speaker. Read more

    2. MPPonteVedra

      I was really excited about this speaker after reading the reviews, but it stopped working after three weeks. There are other reviews that mention this. Unfortunately I missed the return period so now I am stuck with a speaker that won’t turn on. And yes I know how to charge it. I hope the manufacturer reads this and wil exchange my speaker. I bought their backup battery at the same time, so I know they have good products. Unfortunately this must be a defective speaker with the power button. UPDATED 11/4/17 – I was immediately contacted by customer service at Anker after my review and they asked for my serial number of the defective speaker. They sent another one out free of charge. I was very impressed with their high level of customer service. So far the new speaker is turning on and I hope it keeps working. Read more

    3. Ralph Sula

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Intro : I needed a speaker for the rides i go to because our van’s speakers dont work and it would be more expensive to buy the speakers and the labor to put them all together would be eh. So i went on my search and came to this speaker. Unboxing ======================== -Very neat,simple -Sadly it didnt come with an aux cord -The charging card cardboard on the side was kind of hard to get out until i forced it out and it tore Pairing/Controls/Range ======================== -Pairing bluetooth was very simple. 3 steps and you’re connected -The controls are easy to read so i wont get into that. – The range is very great. Wow is what i like to say because unlike others this speakers BT range went through walls and very far also Sound quality ======================== -Very nice and clear -Theres not much bass in this speaker -Price and sound quality ? For whats its worth , the sound quality is worth its price. -The video also shows the sound at 50% and at max volume. Uses ======================== -I use this for the van and it over powers our conversations to the point i have to lower it down. -Really great if you have a car without sounds. -The battery life is really long. I used it for a whole 8 hour but thats with the volume going up and down -It automatically turns off when not in use . Which is great because it saves power like that. Read more

    4. Jawdroptech

      Anker Soundcore Review I bought this device 4 weeks back and have been using it and testing it on a consistent basis. Here’s my review of the Anker Soundcore. I base my review on the following criteria. 1. Sound clarity 2. Volume 3. Durability 4. Connectivity 5. Battery Life 6. Looks Pros – Amazing sound clarity, Very good mids and highs, Superb Battery Life, Very Loud Cons – Bass can be so-so (but for $25 it can’t get better) 1. Sound clarity. I will give you a very realistic assessment of the sound quality of the speakers. Bass – Most speakers in this price range have little to no bass at all. The bass on the Anker Soundcore can surely be a little underwhelming (ignoring the price point for now) but saying it has little to no bass would surely be an understatement. When these speakers are placed near a wall and you are listening to them from upto 2-3 feet, you can hear some bass. This bass is slightly on the higher end of the bass spectrum, so there is not much oomph to it, but it does sound clear. Now taking the price point into consideration, I think Anker has really done an amazing job with the bass. It really doesn’t get better than this at an $25. Sure it doesn’t sound like the $150 JBL Charge 4, but so what? I believe it is not possible to provide amazing bass at this price point, and the Anker Soundcore gets out the best it can for 25 bucks. Mids and Treble – Oh my my! This is where I fell in love with the speakers. The mids sound really good and the treble might give other twice or triply priced speakers a run for its money. I actually bought these speakers to listen to videos and audiobooks (and some occasional music), and its just so damn perfect for this. I absolutely love listening to the mid-range voices coming from the speaker. Additionally, the hihats and other high sounds very crisp. If you have a small budget and are looking to get Bluetooth speakers, please stop reading all reviews, do yourself a favor, and just get one of these, you surely won’t regret. 2. Volume Sound clarity doesn’t mean anything if the speakers can’t get loud enough and/or can’t maintain clarity at loud volumes. These speakers surely tick (infact, maybe even double tick) these boxes. I stay in a 1000 sq ft house with two bedrooms. When I play this in the living room (~500 sq ft) at full volume, this fills the entire room and a good amount of the remaining house. It is loud and if you were to not look at this and just listen to it, you would surely feel as if the sound was coming from speakers that are much larger. The small package pushes out a really good volume of sound. The sound maintains clarity at the highest of volumes. So, Loud Volume – Check, Clarity at loud volume – Check. 3. Durability The package seems very sturdy and seems like it’s built to last. Haven’t tried to drop it active or put it into water, but the Anker Sound core seems like it could take a lot of abuse if needed. One of the reviewers here was mentioning that they dropped the speaker from a height of 8 feet onto a tile floor but it still worked fine. Please don’t do it, but I think it might last if you were to. 4. Connectivity I have no issues with connectivity in the house. Even when I place the speakers in the corner of the room and take my phone to the other end (with multiple walls in between), I have faced no connectivity issues. For other ranges, I haven’t been able to test it actively. I did some research on amazon and other places online and found out the actual range varies between 40 and 70 feet, with a clear line of sight. This should also be fine enough for this range. 5. Battery life This claims to have a battery life of 24 hours. I am not mad enough to test it in reality, but in my experience, I have had to charge it only once in the past four weeks. I listen to it for an hour or two a day. When I used the speakers out of the box, it had a battery about 20%. That battery lasted a week and could have lasted more, if I didn’t choose to charge it because of the annoying low battery sound below 10%. I think this has a really fantastic battery life. No complaints at all. 6. Looks I got the blue color and I got my girlfriend the black color. The unit looks sexy AF and I have no complaints in this department at all. Just one little thing, the speakers are slightly prone to finger prints. Final Verdict – Budget below $30? Please stop reading and buy it. P.S. This is an honest review of these. I have not been sponsored by anyone. If you found this review helpful, please select “Yes” below. It would be great if others could access this in-depth review. I fear this review will be lost in the sea of reviews. Anyways, thanks if you read this through Read more

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