Twin electronics lu43pw 3-way high performance outdoor indoor speakers with powerful effortless mounting swivel brackets weather resistance coverage bought in pairs,white

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Designed to live indoors & exteriorquality speakers can be hooked up/positioned in any open space, with the aid of the pool, underneath your patio, within the garage, on a bookshelf; irrespective of placement they may supply superb sound

  • powerful bassconcord of your 3-manner component audio system & four-inch woofer create a kingdom of accurate acoustic dispersion with deep wealthy sounding bass for a actually complete rangeconvenient mounting swivel bracketslayout; your speakers may be established in a count number of seconds in any open space and provide you with a a hundred and twenty degree variety of excessive constancy sound. Sensitivity: 86db
  • weather resistant coatingthese audio system are made for every season; they are covered with a uv resistant resin and placed internal an abs enclosure shielding it from the factors and preserving sound integrity
  • dual dbtma100 bluetooth amplifierneglect to feature the top selling dual electronics dbtma100 bluetooth amplifier together with your lu43pw speakers for the excellent out of doors/indoor acoustic enjoy1 yr warranty – guaranteed high great and reliability with trouble-free elements and labor assurance including notable customer support
  • 8. 25” h x 5. 25” w x 5advice – expert set up required to make sure that there is no consumer error.
  • Clear
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    from the manufacturer

    twin electronics lu43pw 3 manner indoor outside studio speakers with swivel bracket

    your multipurpose indoor outside speaker set simplest weighs 2. Eight lbs making them light however extremely effective. The 100 watts of peak electricity will remodel any area into auditory nirvana while its three-way design gives most beneficial sound high-quality.

    we recognise how a whole lot you experience being outdoors so we made sure that your indoor out of doors speakers were uv handled and are built inside an abs enclosure that protects towards the elements and preserves sound integrity.

    making sure you had been able to area your indoor outside speakers in your most favored place we delivered clean set up swivel brackets that permit as much as a one hundred twenty degree variety of motion whilst the front facing twin logo can rotate up to ninety tiers. Ensuring clean placement and targeted sound exceptional in which you want it.

  • 2 speakers included
  • frequency reaction: 100hz-20khz
  • woofer: 4″ polyelite pva surround
  • midrange: 1. 6″ polypropylene cone
  • tweeter: zero. Seventy eight” piezo dome
  • sensitivity: 85. Five db
  • nominal impedance: 4-6 ohms
  • one hundred watt height energy – 50 watts rms
  • lu speaker functions

    whether on a covered porch, outdoor patio, lanai or gazebo – these weather-resistant audio system perform super in out of doors areas. They may be specially designed to face up to rain and heat so that you can revel in your favored music in any weather circumstance!

    your lu audio system can be hooked up horizontally or vertically so one can better healthy any area. Now not most effective that, however the speakers are geared up with a swiveling emblem badge so that the appearance is consistent irrespective of the orientation!

    specially designed for excessive exceptional audio, the lu audio system are built to maximise your listening experience. Their three-way thing design ensures that your sound will come out crisp and clear!

    product description

    the dual outside speaker series is designed as a multipurpose speaker and will deliver accurate high fidelity sound in exterior or interior environments. Climate-resistant design and construction provide most useful durability for everlasting or brief out of doors use.


    DBTMA100 Bluetooth Amplifier for LU Speakers, LU43PB Pair of Indoor/Outdoor Speakers Black, LU43PW Pair of Indoor/Outdoor Speakers White

    8 reviews for Twin electronics lu43pw 3-way high performance outdoor indoor speakers with powerful effortless mounting swivel brackets weather resistance coverage bought in pairs,white

    1. Tyler

      Bought these for a 5.1.2 Atmos setup. They work great for this application. I mounted to the ceiling. The mounting hardware included worked well. I’d recommend for surround application, not really sure if they would be good for main speakers. Edit: moved these to a new location. Both of them broke. The cheap screw things aren’t held in very well and both feel inside the speaker. Since they are height speakers, I don’t imagine I’ll even notice. But had to bring the rating down. I’d expect them to be tougher if they are supposed to be able to go outside. Jerry rigged it by screwing straight into the side of the speakers. Read more

    2. JMP

      I live on the coastal waterfront so the salt air takes its toll on everything. Realizing this I did not want to purchase a high end more expensive speaker pair as the salt air will rust it out in no time. These are inexpensive and have a good sound quality to them. I have had a pair of these I purchased on Amazon 2.5 years ago, and they have survived two hurricanes. I included pictures of how they look today. They still work and sound great though they have rusted quite a bit. As planned I am retiring the original set to the garage and have purchased a new pair of these speakers. Additionally the swap is very easy as I can use the same brackets currently in place and know what to expect regarding longevity. Great sounding speakers for the money and economical enough to replace them every few years. Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      Got these in the afternoon and they worked for maybe a hour! Amazon customer services said they are a non returnable item. So I have to deal with the manufacturer. I won’t hold my breath for the manufacturer! Gross waste of $35! You get what you pay for! My advice don’t be cheap and get a decent pair of speakers. Update, Amazon made this right with store credit. The customer service representative tried twice for me to get ahold of the manufacturer! Way to go Amazon! I still don’t recommend buying this item! Its junk and the manufacturer doesn’t even answer the phone for Amazon! Read more

    4. Tonny García Viñas

      Edit after 2 month use; I had a chance to compare these speakers with the same amp and settings to a Yamaha set that cost 5 times as much and use a 4″ driver just like these. Audio volume, quality and presence as well as projection on outside unencumbered environments was the same. Base on this comparison I will enumerate some pro and con. Cons; Built quality, the Yamaha have a better build quality, after 6 month mesh turns unsightly yellow, it’s probably rust or oxidation, if the latter, disassembly and paint is required if used in direct sunlight and exposed to the elements. Efficiency ; both the Yamaha and theses clocked at 82db/1 watts under brown noise 1 meter exterior unencumbered environments with 10 watts there is a slight increase in volume and after 20 watts audible distortion was present (most class D amps rated for 40 watts or more only delivers 20 watts real power) in this regard this speaker is lacking and so does most speakers using 4″ drivers for woofer. Presence; speakers have no presence, for monitors this is perfect, but for outside environment and music listening this is depreciate since you feel you need to increase the volume (this is only a con in some instances) Pros; Flat response; these speakers have a flat response with attenuation on both frequencies above 16Mhz and below 90Khz this is great for movies and as studio monitor. Price; these are the cheapest speakers of its kind thus, exelent for surround applications with Dolby systems or even old surround receivers. Final thought. These speakers are a great choice due to the price and performance by far the better option over most speakers of these kind or bookshelf, if you need more power handling or want more low end as standalone buy the 5.25 inch driver equivalent from the same brand. Read more

    5. The Dills

      Product worked great for a season or two. But after a year they got mildew covered then stopped working. When I pulled them down, the contacts in the back were rusted to bits. I pulled them apart and still couldn’t get them to work, even contacting the insides- which was clean and dry admittedly. Not sure where the failure was, but they are toasted now. A word of advice- once you mount them, put a large dollop of silicone caulk over back contact area and completely seal it from the weather. Read more

    6. DailyGuy

      Update: Aug 29. Both speakers lost bass. Odd. It wasn’t even playing loud when I was chilling out in the patio when it happened. Thought it had something to do with the receiver so I switch it with my old speakers and it worked fine. Will be reaching out to manufacturer to see if they will fix or replace it. It’s been only 3 months, hardly used, and it now it’s blown. —- These speakers are fantastic for patio. I can’t believe the quality and loudness coming out of the speakers. I had my little spare indoor Bose speakers outside the patio. Lasted a few years but not built for outdoors. I replaced it with these. The placement is not exposed to sun and rain so it should last quite a while. I didn’t use the brackets that came with it since I already had the existing mount on the ceiling. I won’t be able to review that part. But overall, it’s a fantastic purchase. Read more

    7. icepaddler

      Bad from stock, poor quality. Speakers cut out intermittently and stop working randomly. Amazon will not let you return it because of a HIDDEN secret return policy that is not stated when purchasing, look at all the recent reviews, Amazon keeps selling these speakers even though they are poor quality and bad because they will never have to refund them when they dont work properly. Do not Buy these Speakers, they are junk Read more

    8. Unboxed

      I just took the speakers out of the box and installed them only to find that one of the speakers is not working. I tried switching the wires with the working speaker and nothing. So I tried hooking the non-working speaker up to another stereo and nothing.. These speakers are new out of the box and since we are past the 30 Amazon return policy I guess we are stuck with dealing with the manufacturer. I would NOT RECOMMEND these speakers as a result of only having one speaker working. SAVE YOUR MONEY and look elsewhere. Read more

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