Tic gs3 8″ outside weather-resistant omnidirectional in-floor speaker(unmarried)

(6 customer reviews)


  • 360° omni-directional sound
  • full variety co-axial drivers (eight” woofer/2″ tweeter)
  • 100w rms/200w height energy
  • weather-resistant abs housing
  • in-floor or floor mount installation
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product description

the authentic omni outside speaker – the nice and most relied on outdoor sound for over 30 years

established lengthy-lasting speaker design

for over 35 years, gs-collection speaker’s water-evidence layout and sturdy asb polypropylene housing has been confirmed to survive any outside surroundings from the most harsh iciness to the most up to date summer season.

splendid 360° outdoor sound

gs-collection speaker’s omni-directional sound will provide a good sound distribution that allows a huge sort of landscapes to be immersed with deep bass and dynamic musical range.

product assessment


5", 5'' 2x(PAIR), 6" Premium, 6" Premium (PAIR), 6" Premium w 70v, 8" Bluetooth Subwoofer, 8" DVC, 8" DVC Bluetooth, 8" Original, 8" Original (PAIR), 8" Premium, 8" Premium Subwoofer, 8" Premium-DVC, 8" Subwoofer, 8" Premium w 70v



6 reviews for Tic gs3 8″ outside weather-resistant omnidirectional in-floor speaker(unmarried)

  1. dr_chandler

    These speakers have met/exceeded my expectations. I was considering the Bose free space, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend THAT much on something that would be exposed to all sorts of weather conditions and could possibly be stolen. I discovered (w/a little research) that I could hardwire these w/ 12-2 gauge landscape wire (speaker wire is too high and this is the same thing) to my 17 year old Kenwood receiver. My receiver is located in the living room so I ran wire from the back of the receiver, through the floor, through the crawlspace and into the backyard. I buried each speaker on opposite ends of my flower bed and attached them both to the landscape wire. I buried all of this wire in the ground. What makes it all work is the hockey puck shaped $30 Chromecast audio device. I attached it to the CD inputs on the receiver. You then connect it to your Wi-Fi router. This allows me to control the backyard speakers on my phone or iPad via my Wi-Fi connection. Most of my music is on Spotify so I just go to Spotify and then select where I want to play it. The speakers really sound outstanding w/nice bass, highs and mids. I took a video to try and capture the sound, but it really doesn’t do it justice so I’m going to leave it off. All of my friends are audio snobs so everybody was suggesting the Sonos connect and/or the wireless Bose free space…all of which would have cost almost 10 times as much. Keep in mind that I do not have the Bose free space sitting side-by-side to compare. I would expect the Bose to sound better, but I doubt it would have sounded 10 times better because that’s how much more it would have cost me. I’m happy to have saved a ton of money that I can spend elsewhere in my yard. Read more

  2. Mick in Florida

    I’m replacing this speaker after 10 years of extreme Florida heat, humidity, a couple flood events, and a daily deluge from irrigation. Saw them at Disney World and knew they would last. Sound great once they’re buried several inches in the ground. The bass really kicks when they’re installed properly. Don’t be disappointed if you listen to them above ground. Bury them and enjoy the sound quality. The speaker in the picture is inside that clump of Lantana, can’t see it but definitely can hear it. Read more


    I have installed 4 pairs of these speakers for different customers, as well as a couple pairs of the larger GS-3’s. I am continually impressed with the ability of these smaller GS-5’s to fill a large area with full-range sound. Once buried, the bass reproduction and clarity is far beyond what its 5.5″ woofer and 55Hz response specifications would lead you to believe. Unless you want to fill an extremely large area with sound using the minimum number of speakers possible, there is no reason to buy the more expensive GS-3’s. You’re far better off buying 4 GS-5’s for the price of 2 GS-3’s and eliminating audio ‘hot spots’ (more even sound coverage). Paired with the Pyle PCA4 and a Bluetooth/wireless receiver, you’ll have an excellent outdoor audio solution. Order these with confidence. Read more

  4. Stephen Lang

    These are fantastic for the price. They are designed to be buried in ground or in a planter, which compensate for their light plastic casing. I am running them in my backyard with a 70 watt Denon receiver and they will play louder than I will ever will be able to due to my neighbors. They project sound in a 360 degree pattern which is really well suited for a backyard. As a result a single speaker will probably still sound pretty good, but I have installed 2 and still get good stereo separation when I’m listening between the 2 speakers. I originally intended to get the TIC subwoofer but did not need then. I am using the Audyssey EQ on my Denon which equalizes for any potential failings in your room or speaker system, but I imagine you could get them to sound exactly the way you want with basic tone controls or manual EQ. Read more

  5. Ernie

    Oh man – am I happy! Originally just bought one 8″ to see how it sounded. It was kinda suspect after I buried; highs were muffled and didn’t totally live up to the hype. Figured it was bc I was only running one channel, so I purchased another and so glad I did. Ran 12 gauge wiring to a little 100 watt amp + amazon Bluetooth receiver and my backyard is my official happy place. Like everyone else said, you don’t need to crank these things to achieve the environment you’re looking for around the pool. At 100% amp volume and 50% iPhone vol – it’s about perfect. Louder is good too, but I don’t want my neighbors to hate me. One thing I did notice with the amazon Bluetooth receiver plugged into my amp – music sounds a lot better via iTunes versus streaming a station like Pandora. Probably bc I’m not driving the speakers with enough power. They’re rated for 200 watts, and I’m only feeding 50 watts per speaker. Read more

  6. Blackwatch

    At this point I have to rate it 2 stars. It could get to 5 should TIC actually call me back with installation instructions. Be warned, the GS4 has 4 wires coming out of the bottom. They are all labeled “right input”. That makes no sense at all. There are no wiring instructions with the product that match these wires. There are no instructions on the website explaining the GS4 wiring diagram. They attempt to in one .pdf, however it shows red, black, green and yellow wires. That does not match up to the 2 red and black wires coming out. If you call TIC, no one will answer, you have to leave a message. They constantly preach “correct polarity” but they never explain these wires. Take a look at what the website says when trying to inquire about the GS4…. Support/Instruction Manuals Instruction Manual (coming soon) Seriously? So if I want to attempt to install them without the correct wiring instructions, they say I can damage the speaker. So I have to sit and wait until this is explained. I’ve included a picture of the wiring diagram off the website for 4 speakers, again, it only shows 2 wires coming out. I would hold off on purchasing these speakers until proper instructions are posted somewhere. If TIC expects up to take a leap of faith and convert the red, black, blue and yellow to just red and black and install, I think that is confusing. Read more

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