Tic asp60-b five” out of doors climate-resistant patio speakers with 70v transfer (pair) – black

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  • convenient 70v alternatives: similarly to the usual eight-ohm mode, asp60’s integrated 70v switch provides a further speedy adjustment and set up for a expert distributed sound machine.
  • flexible installation: a hundred and eighty-diploma multi-mount gadget affords ease and flexibility in installation, irrespective of the vicinity.
  • immersive outside sound: with 2-way motive force design (5. 25″ woofer & 1″ tweeter), the asp60 promises a full and dynamic sound overall performance, even in an outdoor setting.
  • hard, long lasting outdoors: asp60’s abs effect & weather-resistant design will withstand any climate condition nature throws at it, from extreme heat to cold and torrid rain and wind.
  • spec: 35w/75w rms/peak strength managing, 60hz-20khz response frequency, eight-ohm impedance in line with speaker
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product description

tic: the quality and maximum relied on outside sound for over 30 years

song by no means seemed this right

tic continues 30+ years of subculture of producing audio system for outdoor residing. Our audio system are many of the most broadly used out of doors speaker for landscapers, industrial contractors, and domestic users across america and the sector.

tic’s patio speaker collection offers exceptional overall performance at a really price. Every speaker has a rugged water-proof outdoors and either a dynamic 2-manner or 3-manner speaker motive force layout that gives loud and clear complete-range music to any out of doors surroundings. With the protected a hundred and eighty° swivel multi-mount bracket, you may without problems set up the speaker on any submit or wall, indoor or out of doors. The form of wired and wireless options will fit every want for both residential and commercial installations. Each model is available in two coloration alternatives: black or white.


4'' 8Ω, 5" (Pendant/In-Ground/Wall-Mount), 5" Bluetooth v4.2, 5" 8Ω, 5'' 8Ω/70v, 6.5" Bluetooth v4.2, 6.5" Premium 8Ω/70v, 6.5'' 8Ω/70v


white, black

8 reviews for Tic asp60-b five” out of doors climate-resistant patio speakers with 70v transfer (pair) – black

  1. XEagleDriver

    Bought a pair to replace 11-year old pair of the same model. I never pulled the old pair inside during SC’s relatively mild winters and speakers were only partially shielded under the roof’s eaves. A long lifespan for outdoor speakers given this use and conditions. TIC improved the ASP120 design with: 1) larger enclosure resulting in better bass (all outdoor installs are challenging for good bass); 2) easier access to speaker terminals and the 8 Ohm/70 Volt selector is now on opposite end away from the speaker terminals, now it is much easier to reach both; 3) maintained the same solid construction and weather proofing as before. Overall, noticeably better SQ in an improved enclosure and I was pleased with the previous version. Very hard to beat at a $120 price point per pair! Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    I can play music now for the entire neighborhood! And just for when we are sitting on my deck. My wife is constantly telling me to turn it down! They setup great and they work. I don’t like the fact that they are powered all of the time. You either need a switch or access to the power supply plug to power them down. Since I had my electrician put in an outlet where they are mounted above my patio, I had to install an app controlled power outlet so I can power them down without climbing up on a ladder to unplug them. I probably should have gone with the smaller version, but they’re up and working, sound great and the bluetooth connection is easy. Find a way to power them down and I would go five stars. Read more

  3. Fuzznitz

    Loud beeps on power on, needless flashing led when connected, pops and clicks when doing different apps on the phone, no low end bass at all, manufacturer labels stickler falling off… constantly have to climb up and reset them to get the connection to work, given there intermittent functionality. Read more

  4. C. Hawks

    App has serious issues with connecting and maintaining connection to speakers reliably. Can’t do multi-room and when speakers come out of the box, they are set to FULL volume, so all prompts that come from them are so loud they risk the speakers themselves and wake the neighbors while scaring the heck out of you! Alexa skill never could find the speakers either. Too many issues – Returned. Read more

  5. Michelle Wisk

    I was a little nervous, but the sound is very loud, to the point where you can’t really turn it all the way up if you’re within 25 feet of the speakers. Could hear well 40 feet away, with the volume not all the way up. Only downfall is the bluetooth reset button is on the back of the speakers, so I have to stand on a chair to reset because we elevated them, and I don’t think my husband can fit his hand between the wall and the back of the speaker. Read more

  6. Byron L. Postma

    I listened to them with the switch set at “8 ohms” (the other settings are for professional 70-volt systems). First of all check the size – these are quite large. They come with sturdy mounting brackets and quality binding post-banana plug connectors. Now about the sound quality: Unfortunately, they sound like other “architectural” speakers I have heard, which is to say, not very good, even compared to the average indoor cheap speaker. “Just passable” would be my description. The high frequencies do not have good dispersal: they sound shrill and blaring on-axis, and actually better off-axis. Sonically, they seem to be designed for distance projection, similar to old horn speakers. I listened to classical (Beethoven), jazz (Joni Mitchell – Blue, for the voice qualities), and rock. Rock was OK, classical was muddy, and Joni was painful. They have a mid-bass peak, making them sound “tubby” but nothing in the bass lower than about 100 Hz. Given their size, the bass should be much better. There is a generally muddy quality. They might be OK for quiet background ambient music. On the plus side, the construction seems quite rugged – I hope they hold up in the desert heat where I live. Also, they are quite efficient – a 15 watt amplifier will drive them to excruciating levels. I used to have Yamaha outdoor speakers, and without a direct comparison, I remember that they sounded better. Two stars for the sound quality, four for the construction: average, three. Read more

  7. Carmen Serrett

    I’ve had these for about 3 weeks now and I’m impressed. I did buy higher gauge wire rather than using the wire it can with but they pair with my phone each time, they sound great and definitely get loud enough for me. I’d definitely recommend these to anyone looking for outdoor Bluetooth speakers. Read more

  8. Russell

    I was hesitant to go with these versus a more ‘known;’ brand, but several builders suggest that I check them out. I have 6 of them driven off a multi-zone amplifier in our outdoor living area, and after 8 years I am still impressed with the sound quality. Our guests always comment on how they can hear the music as well as carry on a conversation. Read more

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