Theater solutions ts425odb indoor or out of doors speakers weatherproof mountable black pair

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  • theater answers ts425odb indoor or outdoor climate resistant black speakers, advocated strength is 10-one hundred fifty watts in keeping with speaker, performance is 90db, frequency response is 80hz-20 khz
  • 2-manner layout and functionality, 8ohm, climate resistant layout, deluxe four. 25″ woofers, 1″ dome tweeters, screw loaded uncooked cord connection terminals, heavy obligation abs plastic
  • second order 12db consistent with octave crossover, deluxe rust-resistant metallic shielding gratings, designed and engineered in the u. S. A., speaker size is (h x w x d): 7. 75″ × five. Seventy five” × five”
  • adjustable metal “u” mounting brackets and full instructions covered, those speakers require a home audio receiver or amplifier to electricity them
  • use for surround sound, domestic theater, a couple of room systems, industrial, toilets, kitchens, marine, pools, spas, yards, decks, this list and fee is for 1 pair/ 2 indoor or outdoor speakers
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product description

fill your out of doors deck, lawn, patio, boat or any room in your private home with high nice sound. These theater answers black 2-manner climate resistant speakers are product of heavy obligation abs plastic and rust resistant metal grills. The 4. 25 inch eight ohm rubber surround woofer with poly-mica cone and 1 inch dome tweeter are designed for the out of doors climate and super sound. The 2d order 12db octave crossover promises natural clarity in all music, from film soundtracks to mozart sonatas. Each speaker comes with an adjustable “u” fashion steel mounting bracket. Easy to put in vertically or horizontally and short hook-up with screw loaded raw speaker wire connection terminals.





7 reviews for Theater solutions ts425odb indoor or out of doors speakers weatherproof mountable black pair

  1. T. Shepard

    All I can say is, BUTTERTARTS!…these speakers are pretty incredible. First, they are much larger than expected out of the box. Very solid and sturdy ABS plastic boxes containing two each workhorse little speakers. I have owned a variety of mini-speakers over the years and most suffer from weak output, tinny vocals, zero bass and generally underwhelming sound quality. These are not those. I hooked them up to a Yamaha receiver using the L and R front channels (80 watts at 8 ohms) and hung them in the garage. I really wasn’t expecting much other than basic tunes but was pleasantly surprised when I powered it on and the garage filled with rich sound. What catches the ear first is the really decent deep tones and bass put out by the 4.25″ woofers. After that the clarity of instruments and vocals from the tweeters really shines through. I was blown away by how good these things sound. Now when I say that, of course these are a $40 pair of bookshelf speakers; not an indoor home theater system so I judge them as such. They sound really great and turning up the volume did not distort. In fact I’m betting there are people out there who would be perfectly satisfied hooking these up indoors to the living room tv system. That’s how clear and good they sound. A couple notes; out of the box you get 2 speakers, 2 wall brackets and 4 speaker screws. There is no hardware to mount the bracket to the wall so you will need some screws and dry wall anchors. I simply drove 4 wood screws directly into the garage studs and then affixed the speakers to the brackets. You choose the angle and direction before tightening down. You can also choose to hang the brackets in “portrait” or “landscape” mode. Get some good speaker wire and a stripping tool as you need to clamp down speaker wire using the wire connectors on the back. They won’t allow for speaker (rca style) plugs to connect so you have to use bare wire. Took about 20 mins. with the longest part being running wire. You really can’t go wrong at this price so go for it. Read more

  2. Norm from GA

    I bought these as rear speakers to a 5.1 surround system. Eight-ohm speakers are HIGHLY recommended for my receiver, so I dutifully checked their resistance for connecting them. I was surprised to read them both at 3.8 ohms since an ohmmeter reading is usually very close to the total impedance of speakers, but since all the accompanying literature said that they were 8s, I connected them up to the receiver. I ran the test tone on the speakers and was surprised that they were out of phase, that is, when the “phantom” center position was reached, it appeared left of the left speaker rather than in the center where it belong. I reversed the wiring connection on one, which was already correct meaning the polarity was miswired inside one of the new speakers and ran the test again. The first scan showed the phantom speaker being in the center where it belong; then at the second scan, the “center” scan disappeared, because the receiver no longer had a phantom mode. So I shut off the system, checked a few sources, and confirmed that the speakers were not only miswired but mislabeled. The receiver still has not recovered from the experience, but hopefully I will be able to work around it when I get an actual center speaker. I gave them two stars because many readers have systems where impedance is not an issue, and because the polarity issue is easily handled if noticed. Read more

  3. wickedbusa

    I used a pair of these to add two Atmos height speakers to my home theater. Since I am on a strict budget, these fit the bill quite nicely. They complement my five Athena LCR and surrounds nicely. They don’t quite match the timbre of my Athena’s, but for what I need them to do they perform quite well. I like the fact that the brand of the speaker is not imprinted on the grill anywhere. The design of the mount allowed me to mount the speaker to my ceiling and point them exactly where I wanted them pointed, towards my listening area. A quick recalibration of my room EQ and I was in business. I can’t comment on how weatherproof these speakers are since I have them installed inside my house. Read more

  4. Joshua Embry

    They’re okay. These other ones I bought are better: Dual LU43PB 3-way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers (Black) I bought these TS4250DBs because their specs were better than the LU43PB’s I had bought for our cafe, but in the end…the LU’s are far clearer and look better. Read more

  5. PitoRock (Erick Montero C.)

    Después de usarlos durante 1 mes ocacionalmente dentro de casa un parlante simplemente dejó de funcionar, como puse en el titulo el precio y sonido cero quejas ya que por ese monto la relación/calidad es muy buena, estaba muy contento con ellos lastima el fallo! Por otra parte quiero comentar que AMAZON se portaron super bien al reportar el articulo y me ofrecieron devolución total del dinero retornandolos por garantía. Así son este tipo de compras apostar por algo barato no se sabe que va a suceder! Unas veces se gana y otras se pierde! Si quieres unos parlantes baratos y buen sonido estos están bien pero corre el riesgo que no fallen! Read more

  6. mcs79

    Very surprised at how good these little speakers sound. Clear, plenty of bass. I can’t imagine how anyone could expect more from a $44 pair of speakers! They are a bit larger than I was expecting…which I consider good. And pretty heavy feeling. Come with adequate mounting brackets. The only thing that would make me unhappy is if these speakers die an early death. I’m sure if you want to play your music really loud, or connect them to a huge amplifier, you could easily blow them, but if you realize what you are getting (and use them accordingly), they are WELL worth the money. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    I needed a set of speakers to put in my uninstalled workshop that worked with a good old fashioned stereo (i.e. not bluetooth of wifi). My other needs were a bit of background music (so not concerned about perfect sound quality or super volume), capable of handling both hot and cold conditions, and easy to mount. This fit the bill perfectly. Mounting was a very simple 2 screw affair into the exposed rafters, and even with a passive 4 way selector spiltter I have had no issues with volume or sound clarity. Read more

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