Theater solutions 2r8s outside sandstone 8″ rock 2 speaker set for deck pool spa backyard lawn

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  • outside sandstone wired rock speaker set – rock the yard with those outdoor passive 2-way rock speakers, long lasting and weatherproof towards rain, snow, salt, ice, pool chemical substances and more
  • clean to install – simply splice your cl3 rated wire to the speaker twine leads and connect to your house audio receiver, bass woofers and tweeters are angled 20 levels upward to direct sound to listeners
  • maximum pleasant – deluxe eight inch poly mica woofers with butyl rubber surrounds and sealed voice coils, ferro fluid cooled smooth dome tweeters for clear sharp sound, 50hz-20 khz with 97db sensitivity at 8ohm, wired rock audio system are (h x w x d) 13. Five” × 12″ × 12″ each
  • gadget necessities – home audio receiver or amplifier with 10-250 watts according to channel, cl3 rated sixteen gauge raw twine for runs underneath forty toes and 14 gauge cord over forty toes. Use for backyards, lawns, patios, decks, pool, spa, garden and out of doors office
  • what’s in the containers – 2 theater solutions by goldwood r8s passive rock audio system, training guide
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from the producer

theater answers by way of goldwood rock speakers

theater answers through goldwood has been designing and manufacturing domestic and pro audio products in view that 1991, focusing on multimedia home systems and indoor/out of doors audio system.

our rock audio system will fill your outside deck, pool vicinity, lawn, patio, solar room or any landscape with excessive great sound even as discreetly mixing into your surroundings. The rocks are designed to seamlessly simulate herbal rocks on your panorama. They are voiced for out of doors performance offering the first-class sound in outside environments and drivers are angled upwards in the enclosure to deliver remarkable sound when placed at floor level.


climate resistant:

multi layer silicone sealed cabinets with rust resistant steel grills lead them to weatherproof in opposition to rain, snow, ice, pool chemical compounds and greater.

long lasting cabinets:

these 2-manner weatherproof rock audio system are synthetic the usage of high tech plastics, rubber and different materials which have been drastically examined for durability. They may be generously silicone sealed and temperature rated for up to one hundred forty degrees fahrenheit.

more than one designs to fit your environment:

our signature rock speakers are available in granite grey, lava or sandstone and in 4. Five”, 6. 5″ or 8″ to easily combine into any surroundings.


lower back backyard decor and amusement.

sunrooms or atriums.

patios or decks.

pool or garden areas.


outdoor workplace decor.

product description

“theater solutions with the aid of goldwood r8s sandstone brown stressed out 2 speaker set- rock the backyard with these out of doors weather resistant passive 2-manner rock audio system- clean to install with any cl3 uncooked twine to your own home audio receiver- long lasting and weatherproof towards rain, snow, salt, ice, pool chemical compounds and more- speakers have deluxe 8 inch poly mica woofers with butyl rubber surrounds and sealed voice coils- ferro fluid cooled smooth dome tweeters for clean sharp sound- bass woofers and tweeters are angled 20 degrees upward to direct sound to listeners- frequency reaction is 50hz-20 khz with 97db sensitivity at 8ohm- shelves are multi-layer composite and silicone sealed with rust resistant steel grills- sincerely splice your cl3 rated cord to the 6 inch leads and hook up with your receiver- passive stressed rock audio system are (h x w x d) thirteen. Five” × 12″ × 12″ eachsystem necessities- domestic audio receiver or amplifier with 10-250 watts per channel- cl3 rated 16 gauge raw cord for runs underneath forty toes and 14 gauge wire over 40 feetapplications- returned backyard décor and amusement- patios or decks- pool and lawn areas- spa settings- commercial enterprise / workplace outdoor décorwhat’s inside the container- 2 passive rock audio system- preparation manual”


4.5-Inch, 6.5-Inch, 8-Inch

5 reviews for Theater solutions 2r8s outside sandstone 8″ rock 2 speaker set for deck pool spa backyard lawn

  1. Hulkdad

    I purchased these based on the primarily positive reviews, however, they certainly did not meet my expectations. I did not expect to have home theater, audiophile, melt your face sound out of these, but with an 8″ cone and the listed specs (even taken with a grain of salt,) I did expect them to be better. The overall sound these produce is quite tinny and thin. Mid-range is lacking and bass lies somewhere between non-existent and garbled noise. At low volumes, the sound was passable at best (think elevator speakers or grocery store ambience quality.) At higher volumes, these really started to break apart. The highs grew steadily more shrill and the bass would bottom out and vomit forth like it was being dragged through gravel. I powered these with a 50 Watt per channel (into 4 ohms,) mini-class D amplifier. I have a set of Klipsch Outdoor 6″ speakers that sound phenomenal through the same amp. Balanced, a good kick in the bass, and relatively distortion free as the volume increases. I assumed the Rock Speakers would be a little softer in volume due to the larger drivers, however, what I experienced was well below that. I ended up ordering a set of 8″ Rock Speakers produced by Dayton. They are listed at almost the exact same specifications, but when played side by side, there is a considerable improvement with the Dayton in both quality and volume, at least in as much as I can actually play music at higher volumes without it being torn apart when put through the Daytons. Aesthetically, the Theater Solutions look nice. They appear to be of good outer build quality and I have no doubt they could hold up for some time. The front grill work is a little messy and a bit of the speaker grill does peer through and around chunks of faux rock, giving the impression that the material was accidentally spilled in a few areas, however, the paint and finish work are very good. If you had a need to produce very low level, background noise or muzak, these may serve a purpose and for the price, your expectation should be levied. Overall, even with a fairly low set of expectations coming in to this purchase, I was sadly unable to justify their sound and performance, even for the affordable pricing. I would pass these by and invest a little heavier into an alternate choice. Read more

  2. DrunksFromAz

    I have an outdoor party/BBQ area of about 24′ x 60′ with a total of 5 speakers surrounding it, these two new 8″ sandstones replaced 2 that went bad (different brand of 5+ year old speakers that went bad). I also bought a new Pyle 6 channel amp to power the entire system (threw away my bulky receiver) SOOOOOOOOOO much simpler, 1 speaker per channel, 100 watts per channel/speaker, at full volume it is loud enough to have to turn down a bit to have a conversation, does not rattle or buzz at full blast, not loud enough to solicit complaints from neighbors. A few of the reviews complained about cracks after a year or two, but i would say that is to be expected from any product sitting out for any period of time and is easily repaired with a bit of paintable silicone. My other old speakers have small cracks but nothing that would affect sound, so i would not use that as a measure of quality or to base a decision on buying. Read more

  3. sophia

    I am very impressed with the sound of these outdoor speakers! I am a picky audio snob, my indoor stereo systems are McIntosh and vintage Infinity so I have rather high standards. I have had outdoor speakers from many companies, some that were more than twice the price and these Theater Solutions R6 sound the best of them all. They have a nice even balance of bass, midrange and treble, they sound natural and realistic. They can handle it if you crank the bass too, no distortion or knocking. And they play loud with a low power amp. (We’ll see how waterproof they are over time…) Bottom line, you can’t beat their sound for the price! Read more

  4. Harold H.

    I replaced 4 defective Niles speakers that ranged in age from 18 months old to 10 yrs old. I do not think the Niles RS6 are durable. I have purchased 7 Niles 6 inch speakers over the past 10 years and 6 shot craps! I am an audiophile, so when I gave up on Niles, and their $200-250 per speaker price tag, I looked around for the best rock speakers. The reviews on these speakers were great and the price was unbelievable. I honestly thought they were going to sound horrible and I planned on just returning them. To my surprise, I plugged them in, turned them on and they lit up my back yard! No rock speaker has the sound quality of an indoor speaker in a cabinet. However, the highs were solid, the mids and vocals were clear and the bass was more than acceptable. (There weakness is clearly bass reproduction. It is solid but not great) I compared the 2R8S to my one remaining fully functional 6 inch Niles rock speaker and it was louder, meaning more efficient with less power, and had superior highs and mids. Where the Niles speaker had a slight edge was bass reproduction. The Niles was tighter and deeper even though it was a 6 and not an 8. Most, probably won’t notice the difference in bass quality. More, knowing bass is usually the weakness of a less expensive speaker, I cheated by buying the 8 over the 6. Also, I adjusted the bass, crossover and internal eq settings on my amp and now, the bass is just as good as the Niles rock speaker! At $200 cheaper per speaker these definitely blow the Niles 6.5 rock speakers away! Durability is unknown right now but at $50 per speaker who cares!!! DO NOT OVER POWER THESE SPEAKERS!!! The manufacturer may rate them for 200 watts but 100 Watts at about 80% up is about it. Read more

  5. West Texas

    They sound fine, but aren’t for audiophiles. I have a couple pairs of 4 1/2 inch and these don’t seem to sound any better. It’s nice that, after painting them to match the rock work in my garden, they blend in better than an ordinary outdoor speaker. If you want a pair then just get the cheaper smaller ones. I’m just glad I got them through the warehouse at a much cheaper price. Read more

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