Theater answers sub8s 250 watt surround sound hd domestic theater slender powered energetic subwoofer (black)

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  • narrow home theater powered subwoofer – wellknown rca inputs without difficulty connect with your house theater receivers committed subwoofer output. Shop strength with the introduced sign sensing car on/off feature, slender four. Seventy five” top fits underneath or in the back of maximum furnishings
  • 250 watts top energy – integrated excessive performance power amplifier, 35 – one hundred fifty hz at 8ohm with 24db per octave crossover, automobile on/off and zero – one hundred eighty degree phase control switches, advantage and 40 – 150 hz crossover control knobs
  • eight inch down firing woofer – high efficiency low frequency woofer with high stress pva treated cone, backside slotted port, bass reflex cabinet design with vibration absorbing ft, excessive pleasant mdf with added internal bracing and black ash end
  • device requirements – general us 110v grounded wall plug, any home theater receiver with twin or unmarried rca devoted subwoofer passive output, domestic receiver or stereo with raw cord outputs. Use for domestic theater and surround sound structures
  • what is inside the box – theater answers via sub8s powered subwoofer, 6 foot twin rca cable, rca “y” adapter, stand mounts, wall mount with hardware, coaching guide – standing sub with feet length is (h x w x d) four. 75″ × 25″ × 16″ – now not lfe compatible
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from the manufacturer

theater solutions sub8s 250 watt surround sound hd home theater slim powered active subwoofer

  • slim 4. 75″ height layout suits beneath maximum fixtures
  • 250 watts height energy
  • frequency reaction: 35hz-150hz
  • 24db per octave crossover
  • impedance: eight ohm
  • constructed in virtual force excessive performance amplifier
  • product description

    this theater solutions through goldwood powered ground subwoofer is newly designed for clients who demand more powerful bass for his or her home theater experience. High first-class, lush bass and a complete bodied sound at an affordable fee. This speaker is perfect playing movies or mega bass rap music. Made with only the very best satisfactory, moisture resistant materials to deliver unsurpassed sound in any listening surroundings. State-of-the-art layout and measurement equipment, along with laptop assisted layout software program were used to layout this powered subwoofer to attain an optimized balance and interface among components to offer better first-class overall performance and longer life. This narrow versatile sub comes with stands to set up in any place, a mounting bracket to connect to a wall or the slim four 3/four” height can slide beneath maximum furnishings. The mainly constructed in cupboard amplifier has high stage left/proper spring terminal inputs. The 24db in step with octave crossover is constantly variable from 50-150hz. This powered sub additionally has a integrated automobile close off. If two mins is going by means of and sub does not acquire a sign it switches to face-through mode to preserve electricity. Quantity and crossover frequency dials round out the unique capabilities in this fantastic powerful subwoofer. The eight inch lengthy throw bass woofer has a frequency response of 35-150 hz +/- 2db. The port layout clean’s air flowing in and out of the cabinet, reducing turbulence and port noise. The ports additionally boom linearity, lowers distortion, reduces 5th order harmonic distortion and gives an extended output as excessive as 2-3db. A black timber finish, cabinet feet, a hundred and fifteen ac cord, blanketed rca cables, rca “y” adapter, stand mounts and putting mount with mounting screws spherical out this subwoofers exquisite information.


    8-Inch Slim, 10-Inch, 12-Inch

    7 reviews for Theater answers sub8s 250 watt surround sound hd domestic theater slender powered energetic subwoofer (black)

    1. Kevin Buckingham

      This is a great sub for the money. For the people who left a bad review on this sub it’s probably because they do not have the knowledge on home audio. I’ll give you 3 tips on how to make this sub sound great. 1 take the speaker out of the box and fill the box with polyfill. do not over fill the box and make sure you put it in loose. you can get a bag at any WalMart for around $3.00. step 2 this is a bottom firing bottom ported sub so of placing on carpet you need to cut a piece of wood and place it under the sub or the carpet will absorb the sound and it wont sound near as nice, which is why I think some people left bad reviews on this sub. step 3 make sure the sub is placed in a corner. you can do this with any down firing sub to improve sound. Please see photo that’s attached and notice the wood I placed under the sub. I painted mine black so you don’t notice it as much. I hope this helps some of you that are thinking of buying this sub. This is a great sub for the money, you just have to know what your doing to get the right sound out of it and this includes any down firing sub. Read more

    2. D. Austin

      This is an updated review. I originally gave it 4 stars (see below) not now need to give it only 2 stars. I bought this and loved it, but a little under a year the auto on/off functionality began acting weird and it would flicker on and off during a song. I could easily “fix” this by just leaving it on and then buying a power bar for it to manually turn it off and on, but I really wanted one that worked. Alas, the manufacturer provides no warranty. They state you must go to Amazon. Amazon doesn’t provide a warranty. Amazon was kind enough to replace it for me, however. Unfortunately, the replacement that came suffers from the ‘rattling’ issue that some report. The issue is that there are some components on the circuit board that rattle when vibrated which, of course, is pretty much the only thing a subwoofer is for. So while I was getting good bass, I was also getting a constant rattle. As such, this one is going back to and I’m going to have to shop for a better product. I still like this product, it’s just not a consistently built product, it appears. They need to tweak the design a bit. Original review: I bought this to enhance my bookshelf speaker setup. I have my bookshelf speakers hooked up to the A speakers on my receiver, and I’m using the B speaker output to connect this subwoofer. This is not a thunderous sub. You’re probably not going to want it for your loud home theater to enhance explosions. However, even at moderate levels, I find this ’rounds out’ my stereo system quite nicely. Read more

    3. Kentucky’s Big Kahuna

      I replaced a 17 year old Bose home theater, after the main amps died, with a cheap LG unit. It was sufficient except for that beautiful, deep bass the Bose would thrill me with. I decided to add this powered sub but had to use the original sub wire (20 Guage) due to the proprietary plugs on the LG. What a wonderful improvement! This sub packs plenty of punch for my TV watching and movies. Great performance for the price. Read more

    4. Chewbaggins

      I’m not an audiophile, I’m just a guy who likes home theater sound when watching my blu-rays. I’m sure somebody who’s really into sound could probably find problems with this but for an average person like me I think this subwoofer is great. Connecting it to my AV Receiver could not have been easier; simply plug it in. The slim profile is great and it fit behind my entertainment center perfectly. I was worried about the sound from such a small unit but it sounds just as good as my old bulky subwoofer. I’m extremely happy with it. Read more

    5. L. Carlson

      This thing is awesome!!! It must require some type of break in period because when I first hooked it up I was kind of disappointed because I had it turned up just about all the way. But by the end of the 4th or 5th movie I had to get up a couple of times and dial it back. By the time all was said and done, I’m running it just below half power and this thing rocks the house. Literally… I’ve had it for several months and I’ve had no issues with how it performs. It also shuts itself off within about three minutes and turns back on as soon as it senses a signal. Read more

    6. J. H.

      I was looking for a subwoofer that would fit in a small space for a system in a small room. My system operates in 2.1 mode so this wasn’t purchased for home theater purposes, although I do watch moves on the system. I bought the sub to re-enforce the bass of my old DCM TF-250 speakers. This it does nicely. I’ve been using it for over three weeks now. Overall I am very pleased with this sub – the 8″ version. I won’t quote specs here…they’re in the item description. The sub is thin enough to fit under most sofas, fit behind entertainment centers, or stand in front of an open wall and not be the elephant in the room. Nice amplifier features…auto on/off, volume and cross-over controls. Did I mention the price? Very affordable for a quick system tune-up. From a purely subjective viewpoint, bass is now deeper without being boomy or overwhelming. There is also more punch to the music or soundtrack. My amp will actively analyze the room acoustics and tailor the audio channels for what it feels is the optimum sound response for the room. That said, even without that tool, the sub controls themselves will allow one to optimize the sound experience. Everyone’s ear is different, rooms are different, so YMMV. If you feel you’re being shorted on the bass end of your system and you’re on a budget, give this little sub a try. Read more

    7. Livinnsc

      Great value at twice the price. I love the ability to get it off the floor. The 2 to 1 RCA connector is Dollar store quality at best. Wouldn’t stop humming due to loose contacts. Great subwoofer but I have to downgrade my rating to four stars because I had to replace the cable and right angle RCA connectors. Read more

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