Theater answers 2r8g outside granite eight” rock 2 speaker set for deck pool spa yard garden, granite grey

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  • out of doors granite gray stressed out rock speaker set – rock the backyard with those outdoor passive 2-way rock audio system, long lasting and weatherproof towards rain, snow, salt, ice, pool chemical compounds and more
  • smooth to install – absolutely splice your cl3 rated cord to the speaker wire leads and hook up with your house audio receiver, bass woofers and tweeters are angled 20 ranges upward to direct sound to listeners
  • maximum great – deluxe 8 inch poly mica woofers with butyl rubber surrounds and sealed voice coils, ferro fluid cooled soft dome tweeters for clean sharp sound, 50hz-20 khz with 97db sensitivity at 8ohm, stressed out rock speakers are (h x w x d) thirteen. 5″ × 12″ × 12″ every
  • machine requirements – home audio receiver or amplifier with 10-250 watts in keeping with channel, cl3 rated sixteen gauge raw cord (not covered) for runs below 40 ft and 14 gauge cord over forty ft. Use for backyards, lawns, patios, decks, pool, spa, lawn and outdoor workplace
  • what’s within the packing containers – 2 theater answers via goldwood r8g passive rock audio system, coaching guide
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from the producer

theater solutions by means of goldwood rock audio system

theater solutions with the aid of goldwood has been designing and production home and pro audio merchandise when you consider that 1991, specializing in multimedia home systems and indoor/outside audio system.

our rock audio system will fill your outdoor deck, pool area, garden, patio, solar room or any panorama with high high-quality sound while discreetly mixing into your environment. The rocks are designed to seamlessly simulate herbal rocks to your landscape. They’re voiced for out of doors performance providing the excellent sound in outdoors environments and drivers are angled upwards within the enclosure to deliver fantastic sound when placed at ground degree.


climate resistant:

multi layer silicone sealed shelves with rust resistant steel grills cause them to weatherproof against rain, snow, ice, pool chemicals and greater.

long lasting cabinets:

these 2-way weatherproof rock audio system are manufactured the usage of excessive tech plastics, rubber and different materials that have been considerably examined for sturdiness. They may be generously silicone sealed and temperature rated for up to a hundred and forty degrees fahrenheit.

a couple of designs to suit your environment:

our signature rock speakers come in granite grey, lava or sandstone and in 4. Five”, 6. 5″ or eight” to without difficulty combine into any surroundings.


back yard decor and leisure.

sunrooms or atriums.

patios or decks.

pool or garden areas.


outside office decor.

product description

theater answers by goldwood r8g granite gray wired 2 speaker set – rock the yard with those outdoor climate resistant passive 2-way rock audio system – clean to install with any cl3 uncooked wire to your property audio receiver – long lasting and weatherproof towards rain, snow, salt, ice, pool chemical compounds and more – audio system have deluxe 8 inch poly mica woofers with butyl rubber surrounds and sealed voice coils – ferro fluid cooled soft dome tweeters for clean sharp sound – bass woofers and tweeters are angled 20 ranges upward to direct sound to listeners – frequency response is 50hz-20 khz with 97db sensitivity at 8ohm – cabinets are multi-layer composite and silicone sealed with rust resistant metallic grills – absolutely splice your cl3 rated cord to the 6 inch leads and connect with your receiver – passive wired rock speakers are (h x w x d) thirteen. Five” × 12″ × 12″ every gadget necessities – domestic audio receiver or amplifier with 10-250 watts in line with channel – cl3 rated sixteen gauge raw cord for runs underneath forty ft and 14 gauge cord over forty ft programs – back backyard décor and leisure – patios or decks – pool and lawn areas – spa settings – enterprise / workplace outside décor what is within the container – 2 passive rock audio system – preparation manual


4.5-Inch, 6.5-Inch, 8-Inch

4 reviews for Theater answers 2r8g outside granite eight” rock 2 speaker set for deck pool spa yard garden, granite grey

  1. Audio Nut

    Let me preface by revealing I’m an audiophile. I’m very particular and demanding about my speakers. I’m putting the finishing touches on a back yard project, and needed speakers to go by the firepit. Frankly, these are not what I wanted, I had my eyes on some Klipsch Reference Series rock speakers because I have their outdoor speakers under my eves and they are amazing. But my project is badly over budget and the Klipsch are four times the price, so I had to settle for less at this time. I received these on time as usual, then unboxed them and played in my basement for about four days. When I first started playing them I was not happy at all. Very hollow sounding with thumpy bass. But I know most speakers need some breaking in, so I let them play awhile. After a few hours of play time they smoothed out and I decided I could live with them. The look is OK. They are not concrete, they are made of some plastic material. But they look OK and will blend fine with the concrete they sit on. They’re not bad looking by any means. I installed them outside tonight, Let me be clear, these are not high end speakers, but for the money they sound pretty good. The bass doesn’t go low (I didn’t expect it too), but it produces a satisfying thump. They are a bit shrill in the midrange, but I was able to fix most of that with some EQ settings. Bottom line…once I broke them in and did some corrections through the EQ; they sound very decent. Now coming from me, that’s pretty good. Most people would be very happy with the sound. The real question now is whether or not they will hold up. I’ll try to report back after a season to let you know. If you have plenty of money to spend, you can certainly do better. If you’re on a budget like I was this time, you’ll probably be very satisfied with these. Read more

  2. Ronald

    I live in Central Florida, where it rains HARD, every day during the summer months. I have these in the backyard, near my pool. Their sound quality (alone) lacks decent bass, but in conjunction with two other speakers that I have under the patio cover, the overall sound is very nice. (my other speakers put out alot of bass) They have performed perfectly, even in a harsh down pour, for nearly a year now, and look even better after “ageing” in the harsh sunlight. They are NOT bluetooth capable, so you will have to run wire to each speaker.(I ran pvc conduit and pulled wire to each location) On a side note, when I first purchased these, one had a “flaw” and didn’t work properly, but the seller was very quick in sending a replacement. Good customer support! NOW, if you want to use these, and want bluetooth capability, just make sure the “receiver” amp you are using has a bluetooth receiver built in, and then you can use a tablet, or smartphone to play music over your yard. The unit I am using is a Pyle receiver, and has been operating outside for about a year, as well (under cover, and out of the direct rain, of course) I recommend this product as well, due solely to my own personal experience with it) But it has withstood the humidity, and dust of my patio. Read more

  3. SRS

    I did a bunch of research for outdoor speakers. The Amazon reviewers loved these. Many major speaker magazines had the same thoughts. They are ok so long as you plan on listening to them at a low volume. Anything higher than back ground sound will do one of two things in my experience. 1. You will blow the woofer in the speaker. My right is trashed. 2. The speaker won’t keep up. Kinda like listening to your kids fisher price player. Just like my left. Guess I expected more than these were capable. Not saying don’t buy them but I won’t be replacing them with the same ones. Read more

  4. Missa

    I like to consider myself an audiophile but am far from a sound tech and don’t claim to be. I have a decent size yard and have been setting up a multi zone sound system for entertaining. I currently have 6 zones setup. My thinking was being able to keep the volume of music low at night and still being able to hear it no matter where in the yard you go. Like most I was on a budget and could not afford the cream of the crop speakers and other equipment to accomplish this. Although the thought did cross my mind as I knew I would be disappointed if I didn’t. After weeks and weeks of research I purchased some very reasonably priced out door kicker speakers for 5 of my 6 zones (10 speakers). To my amazement I was very satisfied. It’s obvious they were not cream of the crop, but for the money, WOW! I was very impressed and satisfied for these relatively cheap outdoor speakers. For my 6th zone which is my fire pit area of the yard, the entire area, walls, walking and seating is all stone so I wanted some rock speakers. Again after weeks of research on rock speakers and not spending an arm and a leg I rolled the dice with these. ******Before I give my opinion on these speakers please know that the majority of people will be pleased with these speakers. For the price, these speakers are okay. On looks, they don’t look like real rocks and stand out (hopefully over time they will blend in better). The balance of sound (highs, mids and lows) does not seem right with these speakers. They also sound a bit hollow with a touch of tin sounding. I’m sure if you had an EQ you could adjust them and make them sounds much better, but I do not have that ability. As for volume, I do not crank it concert loud but I do give it some juice during the day and they have no trouble letting themselves be known that they are turned on. Sadly for me when I have all 6 zones rocking, these stand out like a sore thumb. But again, most people can’t tell the difference and I am able to control each zones volume separately so I can turn these down a little to help them blend. When I talk to most people about this, they look at me like I’m nuts and think they sound fine. If you are on a budget or just want some background music that most all will enjoy these are for you. If you are in that class of “sound snobs” and can afford another couple/few hundred, I would suggest looking for another set as these will disappoint you. Read more

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