Svs pb-a thousand subwoofer (black ash) – 10-inch driving force, three hundred-watts rms, ported cupboard

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  • excessive-tour 10-inch driving force produces ground-shaking output and subterranean low frequency extension with out sacrificing element and accuracy.
  • 300 watts rms, 700+ watts top strength sledge sta-300d dsp amplifier keeps particular motive force manipulate and accurate frequency reaction at all playback tiers for accurate frequency response even at reference tiers.
  • weight: 46 lbs.; dimensions (inches): 18. 9 (h) x 15 (w) x 19. 4 (d)
  • rigidly braced, sonically inert and custom tuned ported cupboard for pure, distortion-free bass in any respect pressure tiers.
  • “i don’t need to come up with any flowery verbiage or smart analogies to sum up the pb-a thousand. Its overall performance speaks for itself… The satisfactory thrill trip i have gotten from a sub-$500 sub” – sound & imaginative and prescient
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from the producer

pb-one thousand: deep bass that does not require deep pockets.

your movies and track have in no way sounded better. The pb-a thousand develops more clean, tight low cease than aggressive subwoofers oftentimes the price. Never boomy or muddy, your hdtv and dvds are extra like the film theater than you may believe. Mp3’s and cd’s are fuller and richer; speedy, deep lows carry extra existence to the celebration. And gaming sound effects blow you away. Over again, excessive high-quality components, skillful engineering and years of palms-on studies and layout come together in actual svs-fashion. The pb-a thousand is the epitome of your money wisely spent.

genuine to the svs philosophy, the pb-1000 has been carefully engineered and designed; meticulous attention is given to how every component will enhance the listening enjoy. The sledge sta-300d is no exception. With digital bass management, and bendy set up, it is completely armed to integrate together with your equipment and room characteristics.

with svs, compact and less expensive doesn’t imply compromising on performance. The ten inches driving force within the pb-1000 pumps out hundreds of deep and powerful bass with low distortion, for smooth and accurate overall performance on tune and movies.

with an attractive top class black ash end and black cloth grille, the pb-one thousand has the styling to suit its top notch overall performance. With dimensions beneath 18. Five inches on all facets, the compact pb-a thousand is particularly clean to combine into any dwelling area.

product description

hitting beneath the edge of human hearing, down to 19hz and lower the pb-a thousand subwoofer offers fantastically deep, handy and authoritative home theater bass, with control and musicality, for below $500.


Black Ash

7 reviews for Svs pb-a thousand subwoofer (black ash) – 10-inch driving force, three hundred-watts rms, ported cupboard

  1. triumphant-d

    Wow! This subwoofer is all I ever wanted and needed for my home theater/music needs. I thought $500 was a ridiculous price but apparently it is worth it. It has incredible performance. It gives that good, punchy, sound pressurizing bass. And it goes low as promised (19Hz). I’m hearing things in my media I never could with my old subs. However a few adjustments need to be made. You cannot rely on your AVR’s Room Calibration EQ alone. You will need to make tweaks afterwards. Don’t leave your sub’s gain knob at twelve o’clock after Room EQ. It is important to use the gain knob to unleash the power of this sub. Ignore the subwoofer level set by Room EQ and set the subwoofer level to -5 on AVR and only use the gain knob on the back of the sub to adjust the volume to your liking. It is also recommended to add an extra 4 feet to the subwoofer distance after room EQ. Read more

  2. Michael

    Perfect in every way for my space. This is the 3rd sub I’ve owned. HSU, Infinity Primus now SVS. Infinity was a 12″ the others are 10″ and the quality of bass from the 10s is alarmingly better than the 12″. The secret to a great sub has more to do with bass clarity, and speration from biggest explosions to deepest Reggae. We are so used to rumbling bass that we think it’s normal. It’s not. The sub is equally good for music and movies. It’s bass fast…machine gun fire so clear you can hear each round, fast bass hit in music are equally deep, clear and separate. You can’t hear it before you buy because they are an internet company. I’ve listened to as many subs in stores as I could find and I can tell you that NOTHING that I came across in a store is as good as this. I’ve owned HSU 10″ sub knew that SVS is as good if not better. They did not sell 10″ subs anymore so I immediately went to SVS and got one. Worth every penny. Read more

  3. Eugene M

    Incredible bass for $500, sounds like it’s way more expensive. I actually have this paired with a BIC f12 sub in my home theater, and the other 5 channels are some really good Polk speakers. The f12 is the big boy up in the front left of the room, and the SVS is behind our seating, filling the back of the room with rich bass and rumbling our seats like there’s an earthquake. It’s an incredible experience. I know most audio people will say not to mix speaker brands, but once I got the levels balanced everything works together in perfect harmony and I cannot even remotely tell that there are two different brands of subs in the room. With the SVS added in, the audio portion of my home theater is just a little over $2000, and honestly sounds like so much more. The SVS was the missing piece. Read more

  4. Kyle John Thorson

    I bought this sub as a much-needed upgrade from my polk psw108 that i got a few years ago. I have been upgrading my sound system slowly and it was high time to get a good subwoofer. I did a lot of research and many people pointed to the SVS subs. I do a mix of movie watching and music listening with my sound system. The first thing I did after hooking the sub up and calibrating it was listen to some music. I tried a few bass-filled songs. They sounded great on this sub! They were nice and clear and filled the room well. Not muddy at all. After listening to music I decided to run a subwoofer test. This test ran a bunch of frequencies through the sub to test its response. When it started playing it felt like someone was grabbing my head and shaking it. This sub can hit low and hit it hard. I haven’t had much chance to watch any loud action movies with it yet, but I have no doubt it should be able to handle it. I definitely like the sub so far, and will most likely order a second one in time. EDIT: I bought a second subwoofer, and it sounds fantastic! It’s kinda funny because at one point I updated the firmware in my receiver and it messed up my settings without me realizing it until I tried to watch movie and the sub sounded awful. So in my attempt to determine the problem I turned my subs way up and all the windows in my house shook. These subs are fantastic and definitely worth it. Read more

  5. KR

    Superb value. I originally purchased one to replace an aged and torn 10″ Paradigm subwoofer. Within a month I purchased a second PB1000 for behind the main seating area in my 16′ x 20′ room. Together I get uniform, room shaking bass from both movies and music, that is detailed and relatively transparent – not over bearing at all. Fantastic customer service (from SVS), they look good, and come well packaged. Highly recommend at least one PB1000; go for two! I’m sure the PB2000 is equally as impressive for larger rooms/budgets. Read more

  6. Wayward Light

    I had tried the SB-1000, but was a bit underwhelmed by its lack of intensity. After getting this one, I couldn’t be more pleased. The ported design makes a HUGE difference. If you like to “feel” the LFE in your home theater, you won’t be disappointed. Speaking of “huge,” this thing is pretty big. Check the specs to make sure its physical size won’t dominate your room. Could be a SAF issue. (Spousal Acceptance Factor). If you’re looking for a great sub without breaking the bank, look no further. Read more

  7. Kelsey

    Bought this as the last piece for my Atmos 7.1.4 setup, mainly for movies. First purchased a Definitive Technology ProSub 1000 to compliment my Def Tech CS9060, SR9040s, and DT6.5R ceilings —- hooked it up and it was blown (with an AVR 6500H). The thing rattled and was clipping like crazy. Enter SVS PB-1000. No clipping whatsoever even at full volume (I now have it set at 30%, LFE controlled by the AVR @ 120Hz). Smooth response, not boomy, and low enough to feel it in your chest. If you’re on the fence about what sub company to go with, there’s no hesitation. If money is a constraint, I bought mine “Like New” from IQ HOME ENTERTAINMENT (authorized dealer) — the box was factory sealed and was in BRAND NEW condition. Still expensive but worth every penny. Another reason to go with SVS – their 5 year warranty. The box is rather large, so make sure you have the room for it before ordering. My theatre room is approx 19×11. Read more

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