Sony srs-xb12 mini bluetooth speaker loud greater bass portable wireless speaker with bluetooth -loud audio for cellphone calls- small water resistant and dustproof journey music audio system black srs-xb12/b

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  • make certain this fits by means of coming into your model quantity.
  • song that travels: small size however effective in extent to supply powerful beats anywhere you travel
  • virtual glad hour: flip your virtual happy hour birthday party right into a dance birthday celebration with more bass, and pair two for even more fun
  • perfectly transportable: use the removable carry strap to cling, deliver, or clip the speaker to your bag
  • water-resistant casing: take to the pool or seaside with out demanding approximately water destructive the speaker unit
  • absolutely dustproof: this outside pocket speaker will keep on gambling regardless of how dusty the floor
  • improve the audio: wirelessly connect 2 speakers and achieve stereo sound with speaker upload feature
  • longer battery life: birthday celebration for longer with this rechargeable speaker’s prolonged 16 hour battery life
  • compact size: measures approx. Three” in diameter and 3 five/8” in height and most effective weighs approx. Eight. 6 ounces
  • play anywhere: full variety speaker to be used at domestic, on your car, on a bike, even as trekking, and greater
  • within the container: sony srs-xb12 bluetooth transportable speaker with attached deliver strap and usb charging cable
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from the producer

xb12 greater bass transportable bluetooth speaker

revel in massive beats on the cross.

deliver your song to existence with extra bass

get things going with extra bass. A passive radiator works with the monaural speaker to enhance low-quit tones, giving bass a boost despite the compact length.

dustproof design

with an ip67 score, you can take your speaker to the path, the wooded area, the city, or anyplace you want – the xb12 will maintain on gambling, regardless of how dusty the floor.

water-proof layout

with an ip67 score, your speaker can resist being in and around water.

up to sixteen hours of battery existence

listen for longer with up to sixteen hours of battery life.

small and mild design

the xb12 is compact, wireless, and made to go with you everywhere. With the blanketed removable strap, you can hang or deliver it anywhere and preserve your track occurring the circulate.

add an extra speaker for stereo sound

virtually connect speakers wirelessly for stereo sound.

sony transportable wireless audio system





product description

shade: black experience massive beats on the go along with the srs-xb12 wi-fi speaker, featuring greater bass, an updated ip67 water resistant and dustproof design, and as much as 16 hours of battery lifestyles. Small and compact sufficient to healthy in a small bag or a cup holder, life at the pass just were given plenty more a laugh.


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5 reviews for Sony srs-xb12 mini bluetooth speaker loud greater bass portable wireless speaker with bluetooth -loud audio for cellphone calls- small water resistant and dustproof journey music audio system black srs-xb12/b

  1. Austin_Bill

    At the age of 71, I know a thing or two about music and what it should sound like coming from a speaker. I also know what it should NOT sound like. Music should sound lively and fun. The melodic and rhythmic tones should not be buried behind a sinister dark curtain that turns it into a sloppy, murky mess. I wanted a small portable speaker to toss into a travel bag. The Sony SRS-XB12 got me there, but not until after a long and exhausting journey. YouTube is a good place to audition speakers. Use headphones and keep in mind the sad state of some of the home microphones being used. A speaker this small has obvious limitations. I am amazed at the clarity of vocals and instruments, as well as the natural tones of the bass. Keep in mind that bass tones are made by plucking the strings of a bass guitar. Even synthesized bass sounds better when it comes through clearly instead of muffled. Sony’s previous model of this speaker, the XB10 has too much of that nasty, muddy sound. And here’s another important note. Even the young hipsters of today’s generation should appreciate quality when they listen to recorded noise that one might hesitate to call “music.” If a rapper is ranting about killing police or which drugs are the coolest, it probably would help his fans if they could clearly hear the lyrics. (Or maybe not). Either way, the Sony engineers nailed it on this little gem of a speaker. Whether you prefer the mellow joyfulness of Dean Martin’s “Magic Is the Moonlight” or rocking to the Ventures’ 1962 knockout rendition of Sandy Nelson’s “Let There Be Drums,” this speaker will handle it superbly. Even some of the crazy modern stuff that doesn’t make sense actually sounds lifelike and fun on this speaker! And, get this. To pair a device with Bluetooth, all you have to do is turn it on and press the power button for 3 seconds. A blue will blink and immediately pair with your device. You even get a choice of several nifty colors. Read more

  2. Joseph M. Baltrus, Ph.D.

    OVERALL: The main selling point for this little guy is it’s portability and durability. Go to the beach or pool, you got tunes to last you all day with no fear of the battery running out or any damage to this little cutey. SOUND: It’s good for a tiny little speaker. The “xtra bass” is fools gold. You really can’t have much bass at all for a tiny little 1.81 inch speaker. This is my bathroom shower and beach speaker. Tested the “bass” out with some Bassnectar…well…it’s like the little engine that could but no, this little XB12 can’t handle the Bassnectar. (-) This is the same exact speaker as the Sony XB10 with only five minor changes: The waterproof rating got upgraded to IP67 which is negligible unless you really, really want a speaker able to be submersed underwater. The NFC pairing got removed – i.e.: bluetooth wins. The horizontal base to rest the speaker sideways is gone. They added a strap to wear or hang the speaker. Now the $38 price is $60. CONCLUSION: Buy the Sony XB10 not this version and save yourself $22 or more. Read more

  3. KJ

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Great sounding mini speaker, considering how small it is. It is loud indoors. Haven’t yet tried outdoors so not sure how it is out there. Bluetooth connectivity is a breeze. Battery life is good. The bass is good for its size. Of course it’s a small speaker so I’m not expecting it to sound like party. I’m not a bass head. I sometimes find heavy bass annoying so I was worried of the “extra bass” I almost didn’t buy this. Good thing the bass isn’t too overwhelming, it is just the right amount and to my liking. The clarity is good enough for me. If you’re not an audiophile then forget about the bad reviews coz truth is the sound isn’t terrible at all. If you try songs with high quality format you’ll appreciate it more. The only thing I don’t like about this is that there’s no option to turn off the bluetooth. Note, if battery is running low the volume automatically drops even when it’s in max so make sure you charge it first. I noticed the neg reviews about “low volume/not loud enough” are from people who just opened the box. This speaker is definitely loud for its small size. Read more

  4. Curtis A Tarwater

    I was most excited today to receive my new and improved Sony XB-12. See I have the XB-10 that I absolutely love and this is the next generation, so I made the purchase. Big mistake. The sound was horrible. It honestly sounded like I had some waxed string and two tin cans strung together. Very tinny and muted sounding. Its possible that I had one with a manufacturing defect but the only similarity to the Sony XB-10 that I have and the XB-12 is the name Sony on it. They sound nothing alike. I had the XB-12 connected for a total of 8 minutes to my phone and then boxed it back up to return. If you can find an XB-10 I would go for that one – plus it has NFC to connect quickly. Read more

  5. Sean

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Looks and feels good. Nice rubberized texture button press is good. The flap is not tight but is secure. Love that it has an aux input. Sound quality is good but not spectacular. This is a thumper not a boomer. The bass could be deeper. Highs and mids are good and when in stereo mode paired with another XB12 the overall sound is much better. Pairs quick enough. Stereo connecting takes a few seconds. Once connected it never drops or loses strength. It sounds richer with 2 of them hooked up and in stereo mode. You can do L & R TWS or dual speaker mode. The strap is kinda wonky. It’s too big gets in the way and is cumbersome to put on and off. When using the aux port dual pairing with another XB12 does not work. 🙁 These are loud enough for me but they are not loud speakers. Indoors it’s fine but seems weak outdoors. The bass drops off a little and starts to distort at high volume. Got these for $38 each and am happy with them as the sound is good overall. But I would not buy them at $60 which was the regular price. But if you do buy these get 2 of them bc they sound even better paired up. 👍 Read more

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