Sonos out of doors speakers- pair of architectural audio system by means of sonance for outdoor listening

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  • the architectural speakers by using sonance for outdoor listening. Get targeted sound in your backyard or on your patio with sonos outdoor by way of sonance. Energy these wired speakers with amp to enjoy the entire sonos revel in.
  • these speakers are engineered to resist humidity, water, salt spray, warmness, uv rays, and freezing temperatures. The sonos amp has been designed to power up to three pairs of sonos architectural audio system on a single sonos amp
  • with a shared commitment to advanced sound and brilliant design, sonos and sonance have partnered on a collection of passive architectural speakers optimized for sonos amp.
  • bundle content: 2 each of outside audio system, speaker grilles, fastmount brackets, wiring terminal covers, and (1) set up manual
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from the producer

what does it imply that those audio system are optimized for sonos amp?

whilst connected, the sonos amp will robotically come across and adjust the sound to be excellent for that speaker. This additionally manner the indoor models (in-wall and in-ceiling) are the handiest passive audio system to help sonos’ trueplay tuning.

will all three audio system aid trueplay?

no, best the in-wall and in-ceiling audio system will support trueplay. The out of doors speakers will no longer, since the outside surroundings is not favorable to trueplay.

what number of pairs of speakers may be hooked up together on a unmarried sonos amp?

the sonos amp has been designed to power up to 3 pairs of sonos architectural speakers on a unmarried sonos amp.

can i use these audio system with amplifiers apart from the sonos amp?

the sonos architectural audio system will work with most amplifiers. But, you may now not be capable of take advantage of the trueplay room tuning abilities with any amplifier apart from sonos amp.

can sonos architectural speakers be mounted outdoors?

simplest the sonos outside through sonance model is rated for out of doors use. The in-wall and in-celling fashions are not rated for outdoor use and need to most effective be established interior.

product description

the architectural audio system for listening out of doors the house.


Pair of Speakers, Speakers + In-Ceiling Speakers, Speakers + Sound Bar

8 reviews for Sonos out of doors speakers- pair of architectural audio system by means of sonance for outdoor listening

  1. Stotty999

    Let me start by saying… I love Sonos and I have tons of their speakers… But I was mis-sold the outdoor speakers by Sonos’ advertisements and information about the speakers and the new amp. I installed the amp and the pair of speakers in my yard, 1 on my deck (that I want to have quieter) and 1 by the pool – that I want to have loud, as it is covering a large space and people aren’t trying to chat in the pool 😉 I realized that the speakers can not be controlled separately, so I have to mess around with the balance to make one side quieter and the other louder… which is not ideal, but workable. I called Sonos customer service and they informed me – with what I already had figured out – that you can not have the speakers as separates, that you can do with all the other wireless speakers I own ;( I asked… what would happen if I connected 2 more pairs of speakers to the amp, like it is advertised on the website (it makes a big thing of this) and they were the in-ceiling and in-wall speakers they advertise as being able to connect to the amp and I installed them (obviously) inside. How would I be able to control the volume? As I you wouldn’t want it blasting outside by the pool and inside… one would need to be lowered or increased in volume… right?!?!?! Well, this can’t be done and would be useless. Their solution… buy another amp or 2 at $599 each and stack them or… get the old Sonos: Connect and buy a huge amp you’d have for surround sound and mess with the zones ;( Which is ridiculous. So, don’t be fooled by the false advertising and be aware the amp and speakers have limited functions – why anyone would hook up 3 pairs and want them all at the same volume at the same time in different areas is baffling to me and I can’t believe that the Sonos developers wouldn’t pick-up on this. Really dissapointed with these speakers and with Sonos’ customer service. Read more

  2. Bruce C. Roch Jr.

    I purchased a set of outdoor speakers and I had them professionally installed. One speaker did not work. After testing the AMP, speakers wires and replacing the speaker with a older speaker; we deduced that the speaker was defective. I explained all of this to the online help after holding for one hour and they would not let me exchange them until I went through a series of never ending diagnostics. The partial list of which included removing the installed speaker and get the serial number, attaching an AA batteries to the speaker cable. I gave up after the battery idea. I will remove them and return them — and them buy a new pair. BTW, I own about 30 Sonos speakers and this is how I am treated. Read more

  3. Brittany Albertson

    Great item. Just wasn’t aware you can’t use it without the Sonos amp which is another $600. Read more

  4. Reviewer “Lee”

    I just replaced a set of very old Paradigm outdoor speakers with the new Sonos. I changed over from a large receiver set up to the Sonos amp and 5.1 indoor system a few months ago and really like it. I decided to give the outdoor speakers a try. I can say they sound awesome, really nice bass response from a speaker this size and very clear. The mounting system is great, such a clean install. I would definitely recommend these if you have a Sonos system and wires for outside. As others have stated you cannot change the volume if you have 2 sets of speakers, not sure why anyone would think you could the amp only has one wired output. Read more

  5. TROY

    OMG!!! Paired these with the Sonos Black Amp and the Sonos Sub!! I am the guy that has went through every combination, from Polk SDI 8’s to Definitive Technology 6500’s!! There is no comparison!!! Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but you will not be disappointed! Crystal Clear and loud. All the low end you’ll want and crisp and clean high’s. Thanks Sonos!!!! Definitely a game changer for outdoor audio. Hands down and Hats off! 10 stars!!!! 🤩🤩🤩 Read more

  6. Patrick Whalen

    I come from the old school – wired speakers – massive woofers, sweet tweeters and mellow midranges. My first set of speakers were 3′ tall and weighed nearly 100 lbs. each. That was in 1981. I had an impressive set up. Now, Sonos. It takes a while to get your get your head around the fact that there is NO LONGER a central location of an amplifier etc. Each speaker is powered by 110 VAC wall mains, so wires (of a different kind) are still present even-though this is wireless. It is wireless in the sense that all feeds of sound come in wirelessly. Everything, meaning all your music choices, come via a mobile device. I love this set up….expensive to cover the entire house, but easy to set up and the response time is nearly immediate. You can get a thing from Sonos where you can hook up a turntable and your old stuff. But I gave all that stuff away. I can have each speaker play something unique – a different music source feed. Crazy flexible. Much love. Not really made for the outside, but I did buy some weather protection bags that hold the smaller speakers. I hung those outside under an eave. So far so good. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    One of the best outdoor sounding speakers I have heard. I have had custom rock speakers and expensive outdoors. These top them all. Airplay lets me stream my music to the speakers using the Sonos amp. Highly recommend these. They have clearly thought of the details. The wire is inserted through the speaker and then sealed. You could leave these in your landscaping without worry however mounted them on my pool house walls. Read more

  8. Alayna M.

    Yes pricey but you get what you pay for. I installed these myself in little time and the sound is ridiculous. Sounds like you have a sub hidden somewhere. Amazing and glad I waited for these and didn’t go with the Bose I was originally planning on! Read more

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