Pyle pair of wall mount water resistant & bluetooth 6. Five” indoor/out of doors speaker machine, with loud quantity and bass. (pair, black. Pdwr62btbk)

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  • consists of (2) speakers (lively & passive speaker gadget) marine grade waterproof construction
  • bluetooth wi-fi music streaming works with all of your favored devices digital amplifier; 8 ohm impedance
  • 6. 5 inches woofers 1. Zero inches dome tweeter complete range stereo sound gold plated speaker binding post
  • consists of power adapter & speaker connection cables rugged wall mountable design 300 watt
  • ability to daisy chain active speaker to passive speaker as stereo device indoor/outside use
  • frequency reaction: 80hz-20khz
  • stain resistant & rust evidence speaker grills
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from the manufacturer

stain resistant & rust proof speaker grills with built-in capacitor speaker safety

the pyle pair of mountable speaker systems provide excessive-powered wireless bluetooth overall performance. This water-resistant and bluetooth speaker is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

featuring rugged marine grade water resistant construction, this wall mount speaker structures are the precise preference for adding full variety stereo sound on boats, decks, patios or backyards.

black wall mount water-resistant indoor / outside speaker machine

the indoor / outdoor speaker machine includes (2) wall mount speakers; one energetic and one passive, in conjunction with a built-in virtual amplifier. Once connected, the polymer dome tweeters create crisp high frequency sound and the fortified long-throw woofers generate a few dazzling bass. Integrated bluetooth audio streaming ability permits you to attach and circulation audio from all of your favourite gadgets, speedy and effortlessly (works with iphones, androids, smartphones, drugs, laptops, computers, and so on.). You will additionally have the ability to connect extra external gadgets to your speaker system thanks to the gold-plated speaker binding post plugs.

  • electricity supply: a hundred and ten/240v
  • 6. Five”’ long throw woofers
  • 1. Zero” polymer dome tweeters
  • max power output: 300 watt
  • rms electricity output: 30 watt + 30 watt
  • cone cloth: pp mica + rubber surround
  • dimensions (l x w x h): eight. 4” x 7. 5” x 12. 1”
  • this speaker machine is tremendous for display or surround sound packages. Fantastic with the aid of the pool on the patio or in the boat.

    add instantaneous wireless streaming potential and excessive-powered water-proof audio overall performance to your house with the pyle speaker systems.

    pyle’s black bluetooth waterproof resistant wall mount speaker is custom tooled layout for high energy & deep bass response.

    product description

    the pyle pdwr62 mountable speaker structures offer high-powered wireless bluetooth overall performance — interior or out! Presenting rugged marine grade water resistant creation, they’re the perfect preference for adding complete range stereo sound on boats, decks, patios or backyards. The system consists of (2) audio system; one energetic and one passive, along side a integrated virtual amplifier. As soon as connected, the polymer dome tweeters create crisp high frequency sound and the fortified long-throw woofers generate a few amazing bass. Integrated bluetooth audio streaming capability allows you to attach and stream audio from all of your preferred gadgets, speedy and easily (works with iphones, androids, smartphones, drugs, laptops, computer systems, etc.). You will also have the ability to attach additional outside gadgets in your speaker machine way to the gold-plated speaker binding put up plugs. Superb for monitor or surround sound packages — rain or shine! Add immediate wi-fi streaming ability and high-powered waterproof audio overall performance with the pyle pdwr62 indoor/outdoor speaker structures.


    6.5'' Speaker System

    3 reviews for Pyle pair of wall mount water resistant & bluetooth 6. Five” indoor/out of doors speaker machine, with loud quantity and bass. (pair, black. Pdwr62btbk)

    1. my2centsworth

      I was pretty excited about finally getting to use these for a backyard family movie night, but they were a huge disappointment! The sound was very weak and there’s no way to beef it up. The first time we tried to use them, I assumed the poor sound quality was because of the ultra thin piece of speaker wire that was included with them. So I bought some nice heavy gauge wire and couldn’t wait to try it again but the beefy wire made no difference whatsoever. I couldn’t even imagine how that was possible from a “300 watt” pair of speakers. They certainly FEEL very sturdy; after all, they’re big and heavy. But they’re really just way overbuilt for the minimal sound they produce. We tried everything to make sure there wasn’t a bad connection, and while handling them, I discovered that they are NOT 300 watts – not even close. They’re a mere 30 (thirty) watts. That made a lot more sense and was much more consistent with the very weak sound. We imagined that watching a family movie in the backyard would be a lot of fun for everyone. We figured there’d be plenty of sound for those of us who were looking forward to the movie, even if some of the kids would rather play with their friends we had over. But the only way we could hear anything was if the kids were absolutely quiet, and having to micro-manage a ‘family fun night’ was neither fun nor relaxing – just very disappointing. Part of me feels like the “300 watt” description surely must’ve been a typo, but everything else about these speakers – the price, the size, the weight, even the reviews – is about what you’d expect from speakers with a lot more power than 30 measly watts. 30 watts is nothing to get excited about so it’s hard to understand all the rave reviews, unless a LOT of people aren’t aware of what 300 watts should sound like. Nobody should have had to strain to hear the movie – and that was AFTER we eliminated any other sound that we felt was competing for ‘earspace’ – our AC, the kids playing at all, any conversation among the adults. It was just very disappointing, especially because I have no use for speakers of this caliber, so they’re just going to take up space until I find a home for them. Whatever the case, I’M not keeping them. Pyle Pair of Wall Mount Waterproof & Bluetooth 6.5” Indoor/Outdoor Speaker System, with Loud Volume and Bass. (Pair, Black. PDWR62BTBK) Read more

    2. aJayM

      The Bluetooth portion died within a week. Direct connection worked, but the whole point was to use Bluetooth. No reply from Pyle, but the seller replaced it promptly. Unfortunately the similar problem occurred with the replacement as well. It is a pain to pack this big speaker for yet another replacement, so I decided to keep it and fix it myself and found a number of problems (and false statements): 1. It does not have advertised 300 watt output. That is kind of difficult with its 12v 2A power supply (24 watts). 2. It is not marine grade waterproof as claimed. Sure, the plastic is waterproof but I would imagine most people will assume the whole unit is waterproof. It may be weatherproof when mounted with grill-side down, but otherwise water can pour right in via the bass reflex port. You can see this when the grill is popped out. The electronic circuit board is completely exposed inside. Definitely do not use a garden hose to wash it. 3. It seems to be acting as a Bluetooth car audio, not as a loudspeaker. It is even requesting phone book access even though it cannot make a phone call. This means it works with smartphones, but devices expecting a plain loudspeaker cannot handle it. Some devices pairs fine but no sound comes out. Then disconnect/reconnecting a few times seems to disable the module because even smartphone no longer can see it. So, it looks there is a Bluetooth configuration issue at the factory and/or there is a memory corruption causing failure after some usage. It may work fine if only using a smartphone, but it does not work with non-smartphones (at least not after a while). I wound up replacing its Bluetooth module with a Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Amplifier Board. Now it works with all of my Bluetooth source. Note: If you do go this route, the power leads inside the speaker is color coded wrong. The red wire is actually negative. Read more

    3. Will

      Well, I bought two sets and have used them for approx 2 mos now. They are built decently, a bit large for the sound they produce. The bass is def not something you can feel. If you enjoy deep bass forget about it. They’re pretty decent otherwise. The price has increased since I purchased. I decided to write a review since I just got off the phone with amazon tech who had to offer to return the item since the return period was past due (2 mos). One set just up and stopped connecting to blue tooth. Turns on but neither one of our phones connect. So, in conclusion. The $89 was worth the purchase given the convenience of blue tooth and weatherproofing. But with the price increase it appears they are trying to compete with more quality products in which I’d have say they do not fit in that arena. When you get a bargain you tend to accept the consequences of your choice. When it costs more you expect more. UPDATE: My replacement set stopped working. The amp speaker still works but the other stopped. I tested it well and it’s dead. So you’re taking a chance with these speakers. My original set still works, but that’s 1 of 3. 🙁 Read more

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