Polk audio t30 one hundred watt home theater center channel speaker – hello-res audio with deep bass reaction surround single, black

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  • get superior home theater experience with immersive surround sound – offering (1) 1″ tweeter & (2) five. 25″ dynamic balance drivers, these audio system are designed to produce a herbal, properly-balanced sound with huge bass even at the lowest frequencies
  • enlarge your movie, song and gaming enjoy region this middle channel in the front of your tv and get mesmerized by using precise audio with crystal clean vocals, enough to fill any small to medium sized room
  • create a full-fledged 5. 1 home theater setup with the complete range of t-series audio system from polk with two t50 tower audio system, one t30 center channel, two t15 bookshelf audio system and a subwoofer
  • polk speakers are well matched with most domestic theater av receivers giving you many setup association alternatives – in single or multi-room with 2. Zero, 2. 1, 3. 1 systems or an immersive five. 1, 7. 1 or 9. 1 setup
  • polk’s unmatched pleasant at an affordable rate. With those fee-priced audio system, you can now revel in top class acoustics, excessive excellent creation, clean setup and a outstanding theater revel in right at home
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from the manufacturer

having constructed our reputation as ‘the speaker expert’s for greater than forty years, we take pride in our advanced sound and build fine, which capabilities many patented and award-triumphing audio innovations. For the humans of polk, building audio products isn’t always just a task—it’s a passion. And if you’re going to keep in mind one aspect, consider this: we stay through the truest precept of what audio ought to supply—outstanding sound at an low priced fee for each person.

polk t series t30 home theater and track center-channel speaker

constrained to best left and proper sound? Gain greater center ground in your home audio setup without forking over a king-sized sum with the t30 domestic theater and music center-channel speaker.

hearkening again to polk’s on the spot-classic reveal series loudspeakers—yet re-imagined for latest access-level audio fanatic—the t30 is your pass-to for a greater immersive experience whether or not you’re streaming a movie, looking the large sport, taking part in your favourite show, or being attentive to music. With one 1-inch silk dome tweeter, 5. 25-inch composite drivers, and a overall performance tuned rear firing bass port—all engineered with polk’s proprietary dynamic balance era—you get crystal-clean speak and room-filling theater sound you’ll soon understand you could’t stay without. The acoustically-inert, fixtures-grade mdf cupboard production additionally reduces resonance and distortion, offering rich, specific audio the manner it’s intended to be heard—minus the muffled noise and rattled disruption inherent in low-first-rate, lesser-than audio equipment.

after you position your t30 below your television (extraordinarily recommended), very last installation is exceptional easy and easy. Its five way binding posts additionally provide a big range of comfortable cord-hookup options. Plus, it’s designed to paintings with maximum domestic theater receivers, stereos or domestic theater processors. Whether you’re sprawled out for movie night or grooving on your favorite artist’s discography, the t30 is performance tuned for next-degree listening leisure. Extraordinary sound paired with affordability by no means sounded this high-quality!

take your house theater revel in to new heights with the t series as your mainstay setup. Whether you’re locked into that modern day movement flick or swooning over the today’s romantic-comedy, this home theater device expands the limits of what entertainment ought to sound like. What’s extra, it’s easy to setup, supports dolby and dts, and connects to maximum home theater receivers, stereos or domestic theater processors.

built for extra than your viewing satisfaction, the t collection hits the mark on awesome-sounding audio for all of the track that fills your existence. Playing host and unique pals with a stable soundtrack inside the background? The t series has you protected. Unwinding with handiest your thoughts and that favorite album? Turn up the t collection and permit the good instances roll!

glued to the tv on sport day? Victory is usually yours regardless of the final results with the t collection calling the action. Make every tackle, home run, or slam dunk pop with actual-time audio that places you on the center of each play. Those live wearing occasions that you can’t stay without get a primary upgrade in sound that never felt so alive and fascinating.

grille off

one 1-inch silk dome tweeter, two 5. 25-inch composite drivers, and a overall performance tuned rear firing bass port—all constructed with polk’s proprietary dynamic balance generation—interprets into brilliant sound for films, television and song.

grille on

to be had in a black very wellfinish with an acoustically inert, fixtures-grade mdf cupboard construction, your t30 middle-channel speaker blends seamlessly into any domestic environment no matter in which you pay attention.

back panel

the high-quality component is that your t30 center-channel speaker is easy to installation and connects to most home theater receivers, stereos or domestic theater processors.

product description

the t30 is the center channel speaker that puts its overpriced competition to disgrace. Because the center channel is the maximum crucial speaker in your house audio system, the t30 is the workhorse that offers crystal-clean communicate and room-filling theater sound. What’s greater, it’s smooth to setup, helps dolby and dts, and connects to most domestic theater receivers, stereos or home theater processors. Positioned the t30 middle channel to the test and you may pay attention how it rings true-in fee and pleasant. Built for greater than your viewing satisfaction, the t series hits the mark on remarkable-sounding audio for all of the music that fills your lifestyles. Do not agonize, we’ll pat ourselves at the returned for you.


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4 reviews for Polk audio t30 one hundred watt home theater center channel speaker – hello-res audio with deep bass reaction surround single, black

  1. Scott

    I bought these speaker in 2017. I just rearrange my living and something seem wrong with my tower speaker. So I pulled the speakers out and found out 2 of them are fake. If you by them make sure to take the apart so make sure you have real speakers. Read more

  2. }=)

    I was so impressed with the Polk T15, that I purchased their S15 speakers shortly after at over double the price. Some online reviews said the S15 blows away the T15. Well, my definition of blow away is the difference between the T15 and fast food drive through intercoms. On that scale, I’d say the S15 was noticeably (but not significantly) better. So I leave for you to decide whether a noticeable difference is worth over 2x the price. Another way to say it is that the T15 gives you 90% the performance for under 50% of the price, which is outstanding value. Additionally, the T15 is more versatile because it is more compact and front ported (hard to find) which means it can also be positioned right up against the wall. Read more

  3. Assorted Vibrations

    $100 – Edifier R1280T -Has puncher/deeper bass -Near complete absence of airy high-frequency response -Can sound muffled -Doesn’t require a receiver $74 – Polk Audio T15 -Has much more airy highs and clarity/immediacy -Can be on the edge of too sharp -Bass really lacks punch, overall sound has some tinny quality -Probably designed for being rear speakers in a home theater system, where their higher-frequency balance would be more ideal than in a stand alone environment. For most listeners, the Edifiers are the better sounding stand-alone speakers. This is largely because it is easier to not notice an absence of high frequency than an absence of low frequency. Add the fact that you don’t need an expensive receiver to run the Edifiers and you can immediately add a Chromecast Audio to make them wirelessly enabled, and the Edifiers shine as a stand alone smart speaker system. Don’t get the Polks unless it is as rear speakers for surround sound, in which case I highly recommend them. Read more

  4. E. K. Arnold

    For the price, these are excellent speakers. They sound super-clear with accurate full-range reproduction and even a bit of bass. i got them at a sale price which made them somewhat of a no-brainer, although i considered Yamaha and Sony 3-way bookshelf speakers and the Polk tsi100 which is almost functionally the same except it has an active crossover, which these lack. However for my purposes, that didn’t matter — i am using them as surrounds in a 5.1 system, all Polk, with a Sony receiver. You could pay more for surrounds, but why? Sound quality is excellent, and they handle transitions between complex passages to more isolated ones faithfully. They also do well with both acoustic and electronic musical elements. If i had to describe the soundstage, it’s present, with clear separation between frequencies. They are maybe a little on the crisp side but not shrill, in terms of tonality, though that will also depend on what music you play through them. (EDIT: It’s been a few years now, and I’ve listened to lotta of music and movies through these speakers. As long as you know their limitations and strengths, you’ll be fine with these.) I havent done extensive testing yet, nor put them through their paces with a home theater audio source, but their performance with music raises no expectation that they wouldn’t handle typical movie audio as well. They are only rated to 50w continuous/100w peak, so that is something to consider if you are thinking of using them as mains. (EDIT: in engineering these, Polk chose to emphasize sound fidelity. These aren’t going to have bass like a 3-way speaker. They have a max. volume rating which may preclude use as mains in larger rooms. But they are under $100 for a pair and sound fantastic for what they are.) I would say they are perfect as surrounds in a 5.1 system, which places lower power demands on rear speakers so the wattage rating doesn’t matter. But i could see going with 4 of these in a home theater set-up, or 4 plus a subwoofer, for a small room. The freq. response only goes down to 60khz, so you are not going to get deep bass from these. But you will hear some bass, which sounds surprisingly clean on sound selections where low-end is isolated and “ripples” through all channels. I personally chose the Monitor 60s as my mains because I listen to a lot of music. But honestly, those might be overkill in some regards because it doesn’t take a lot of volume to fill the room they are in, which is maybe 10×10 or 12×12. Anyway, the M60s sound great paired with the T15s and PSW10 and could easily work as a main system in a larger, living room space. i would also have no reservations about swapping the T15s with my Yamaha surrounds on the main system, except they are just a bit larger and bulkier. They do have a keyhole opening on the back if you want to wall-mount or secure them. The cabinet itself is very well-made and these look impressive without grilles. Overall, very pleased with my purchase, so far they have performed flawlessly and are exactly what i expected. if you want bigger bass from a bookshelf speaker, your options become at least2x-3x more expensive, but will also be limited by physical space. For example, the Yamaha 3-way advertised as a bookshelf speaker packs a largeish woofer into a midsize cabinet, where it can potentially overpower the treble and mids. maybe that’s an option for mains if you dont have room or budget for a subwoofer and/or floor-standing speakers, but also probably overkill for surrounds in a 5.1 setup. The T15s, on the other hand, aren’t trying to give you floor-speaker performance in a smaller package, but they do compare favorably with more expensive 2-way bookshelf speakers. At this price point, they are something of an engineering/design marvel, and as long as you have realistic expectations, they will meet or exceed those expectations. Read more

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