Polk audio psw505 12″ powered subwoofer – deep bass impact & distortion-free sound, as much as 460 watts, clean integration with home theater systems , black

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  • heart-thumping song with deep, effective bass – polk’s 12-inch dynamic balance woofer sounds better due to the fact it’s far built better. Make your films, tune & sports activities enjoy exciting
  • correct sound reproductions – be it delicate, melodious string track or strong blasts and booms from bombs and bullets, this subwoofer picks the subtleties among extraordinary forms of sound effectively and reproduces them with absolute perfection
  • driven by way of great 460-watt strength, the psw505 offers excessive performance impactful sound with none distortion. At the same time as it blends with any speaker, it really works fine with polk’s signature series speakers. Particularly endorsed for your own home theater.
  • versatile & fully loaded – the the front grille is detachable, and the back has a magnetically shielded lfe-enter for noisy signal aversion, line- & speaker-level inputs and outputs, and a segment toggle switch designed for walking a couple of subwoofers
  • smooth to combine with existing structures: hook up this sub to the receiver and improve your song sound instantly. Functions constantly variable 60-one hundred twenty hz crossover and 25-one hundred twenty five hz frequency reaction
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from the producer

polk audio

in 1972 trade was anywhere. In our look. In our mindset. In our music. It became an technology while the live show developed into a milestone, promoting out stadiums and galvanizing a new era with a mindblower of a soundtrack. Our founders got down to seize the surprise of the live concert experience and bring it home. At some stage in the decades for the reason that, we’ve persevered making audio system to raise all aspects of sound—in movies, television and music—to provide you with the ultimate listening revel in it’s usually on hand.

improves sound great…

… By minimizing resonance

superior evaluation of a speaker’s whole electroacoustic and mechanical machine that helps within the choice of higher substances and greater efficient geometry to construct extra realistic-sounding loudspeakers.

renders surround sound…

… From one region

a era that cancels out all damaging go channel interference within the speaker to hold an expansive soundstage and wide stereo image, while improving the general 3-dimensional sound experience.

broadens soundstage…

… For smaller speakers

produces a extensive, enveloping soundstage that’s tuned specially for minimum cabinet length.

controls dialogue quantity degree

isolate and regulate the voice channel level to reproduce clean, crisp dialogue and never omit a unmarried word of your favourite movie, television display or carrying occasion with this patented generation.


PSW505, PSW505 w/ Speaker, PSW505 w/ Subwoofer Cable

3 reviews for Polk audio psw505 12″ powered subwoofer – deep bass impact & distortion-free sound, as much as 460 watts, clean integration with home theater systems , black

  1. Phobus

    I purchased this Polk sub woofer (psw505) 3 years ago – it was on sale around Black Friday (or around that time) for $179.00.. I had it hooked up to a Yamaha amplifier. I rarely used it – maybe 20 times in a year for an hour or so at a time. So last night I powered it up and within a minute or so I notice the bass was out. After troubleshooting the obvious, I notice there was no green light power indicator – no led – I switched the switch to auto and the led turns red, So i begin researching thinking this was an easy fix – no such luck. The symptoms are the same others have reported – the back panel (which is the amplifier) failed. This is a very common failure on Polk sub woofers. If you do decide to buy, don’t purchase with the expectation of it lasting long. Funny enough, I bought the Polk psw 505 to replace a cheap (but sounded decent) KLH sub woofer – that KLH sub woofer was used more and I had it for over 10 years without any problems. I sold it. So to sum this review up – Polk’s sub woofers amplifiers (Chinese) can expect to fail after a couple of years. The warranty for the amp is 3 years. The replacement AMP part will cost you the same price of a new sub woofer. So with consideration to this, You’d be wise to find a different brand or if you do buy, don’t pay full price. If you do like i did – it will cost you $60.00 a year to use then discard to the land fill. I won’t be considering any Polk Sub woofers in the future. Once bitten, twice shy. When Black Friday rolls around again in about 4 months I’ll keep my Amazon eye out for a different brand on sale. Well friend I’ll close with – that’s my “Sound Advice” to you, spend your money wisely.Read more

  2. Edwin M.

    I purchased this sub to use in my home gym. After hooking it up to my system all was fine, it sounded good and I was looking forward to dialing it in. Unfortunately by the third time I turned my system on the sub was dead. No power light, nothing. It is plugged into a Monster power strip and all other equipment is working fine. I called Polk customer service to resolve the issue at 5:15pm (they close at 6 EST). After a very long hold I was connected to a product specialist who didn’t ask me a single question about the unit, only if I had removed the amp to check the fuse. I told her I didn’t (I was worried about voiding a warranty). She told me I first had to do that in order to troubleshoot and that I could call back if that wasn’t the issue. I hung up and took out a screwdriver and removed the 10 screws holding in the amp. After a lengthy looksy there was not a fuse in sight. NOTHING. I then called back and sat on hold for another very long time at which I was hung up on before I spoke to anyone. When I tried calling back I got a message that the call center was closed (it was now 6:05). So not only was I rushed off the phone the first time but they then hung up on me the second time so they could punch out. Talk about fuming. I could never imagine buying another Polk product with that level of dedication….Read more

  3. F35

    For those who are in a budget on a sub $200 price range for a 12 in. subwoofer with 300W RMS and frequency range of 23hz-160hz , this is the best bang for your $$$. Why? It gets the job done. I know some people out there will tell you to pay a few more 100’s of $$$ for a better subwoofer. I had a 150 lb SVS subwoofer in the past and they are excellent subwoofers but sold it and opted for a smaller size subwoofer. I can tell you though that this subwoofer can out perform any high end subwoofer $$$ for $$$ in a number of aspects – size of enclosure, weight of enclosure and can match performance of high end subwoofers at lower volumes or db. There is only one positive outcome I can think of in a high end subwoofer versus this subwoofer and that is high SPL(sound pressure level) or high decibels at lower frequency range specially in the low 20hz. I know high end subwoofer can go below 20hz but that is below a human ear can hear so it is out of the question. If your budget for a subwoofer is $400, don’t buy a klipsch, SVS and etc., buy 2 of these. If your subwoofer budget is $600, buy 3 of these. If your budget is $800, buy 4 of these. 2 subwoofers of this brand and specs is better than 1 high end subwoofer. 4 subwoofers of this brand and specs is better that 2 high end subwoofers. You are buying more subwoofers not to make it louder but to improve the listening pleasure of lower frequencies on every listening area of the room so that anywhere you go in the room, you hear the same kind of bass. If you are looking for performance or loudness of the subwoofer, then you are looking at the wrong review and product.Does this subwoofer go down to the low 20hz? Yes, it surely does. But at a lower db or lower SPL. The question is, how much SPL do you need when watching a movie or listening to music? For 90-95% of the people, not much. Most of the problem we have and I was one of them before, is not calibrating the subwoofer to work and blend with the rest of the system or other speakers. Money should be focused more on upgrading the heart of the home theater or audio system. That is acquiring a higher end receiver that has room correction software like the Audyssey room calibration software builtin in the receiver. I have tried the bronze, silver Audyssey in the past and now the Audyssey platinum. What a big difference in sound quality and clarity with the Audyssey Platinum.Settings: Your subwoofer should not rattle, shake or vibrate things around you when it hits low frequencies. If it does, you’ve set the subwoofer’s volume too high. This cannot be achieve without any room correction software unless you can do the manual calibration yourself and you need to have test tones at certain frequency and a db meter. Subwoofer’s loudness should be set at 75 db. A good test for this is watching the intro of “The Transformer’s Age of Extinction”. There are a good number of scenario’s where you will really hear the very low frequencies. When you set your subwoofer to not rattle or shake your surrounding’s, then you have a perfect system. I will guaranty you that you will hear clear and clean solid bass and will compliment other speakers improving clarity at a wide range of frequencies from low to high. With the Audyssey Platinum, you do have lots of controls for subwoofer corrections and settings. My current set up is 7.4.4. Two of my subs are these polk subwoofer. My only negative comment to this product is the small feet. I wished polk put a 1″ rubber foot to minimize rattling and vibration. Other than that, I am a very happy with my purchase.Bottom line, spend more on a higher end receiver and spend less for the subwoofers. To buy a higher end receiver at a discounted price, buy a used one or do what I did. Buy a demo unit from Best Buy. You will get the same manufacturers warranty like new ones plus you get 0% financing for 24 months. Time to time, check their Magnolia section for their demo units.Read more

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