Polk audio owm3 wall and bookshelf audio system maximum excessive-overall performance versatile loudspeaker

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  • polk owm3 are long lasting, excessive performance speakers, prepared with a four. 5″ mid/woofer, 1″ tweeter, unique dynamic stability & capacitive coupling technology (cct) that produces specific audio, making your film & tune nights wonderful
  • engineered with excellent, polk’s compact multi-application speaker offers deeper bass with minimum distortions even at severe quantity levels. No more muffled sounds anymore, simply herbal likelike surround sound filling your room
  • 7 particular placement alternatives – the wonderful curved layout lets in you to choose among 7 orientations – horizontal, vertical, corner, angular, shelf, pinnacle or mount them on a wall. Take your select!
  • versatility in utility as well – in your bedroom, as surrounds for domestic theater or plug them in your laptop for an immersive gaming revel in. Film, tune or play, one room or greater – we’ve were given it all included!
  • polk’s unwavering dedication, reliability, and craftsmanship has made it one of the most trusted names in domestic audio. They carry out the first-rate in sound systems, so you can sit lower back, loosen up and pay attention together with your coronary heart
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  • dynamic stability composite cone drivers
  • capacitive coupling generation (cct) to enhance and smooth bass reaction
  • flexible high overall performance sound, everywhere in your property

    use the compact, high overall performance owm3 to bolster your multi-sector home sound gadget. It is able to be an on-wall surround speaker for a compact home theater machine in a small to mid-sized room. It may be part of a computer stereo setup for excessive gaming or pc-primarily based video packages. The owm3 goes nearly everywhere a speaker can move and does almost anything a speaker can do. That’s how flexible the owm3 is.

    product description

    use the compact, high-performance owm3 to strengthen your multi-area domestic sound gadget. It could be an on-wall surround speaker for a compact home theater gadget in a small to mid-sized room. It is able to be part of a computing device stereo setup for excessive gaming or computer-based totally video packages. Equipped with a dynamic stability driving force and high-overall performance tweeter, and capacitive coupling generation the speaker limits distortion and provides extended dynamic variety and superior deep bass response for clean, designated musicality. The owm3 goes practically everywhere a speaker can move and does almost whatever a speaker can do. It offers extra flexible mounting alternatives than every other loudspeaker, with a modular, removable, transfer-around base and integrated keyhole slots.


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    7 reviews for Polk audio owm3 wall and bookshelf audio system maximum excessive-overall performance versatile loudspeaker

    1. Packohotdogs

      I’m using these as ceiling atoms speakers… they handles 100w RMS no prob… and sound great in this role… Read more

    2. T. Fiorelli

      First off, Im a Polk Audio advocate. Been please with everything Ive purchased from them til now. Nothing wrong with the sound quality, clean high’s ,good mids, lows almost none existent but they are surround and not meant to be used as mains or without a sub. My biggest complaint and why Im sending them right back is the color. These are not white! Not even close. I would call it an off-white that sat in a smokers house for 10 years to get that color. What a waste of a great product idea and executed poorly by quality control. Buy the black ones unless off white/spoiled milk tan is what your lookong for Read more

    3. Steve Lexa

      Am drunk…but would recommend. Using it for my surrounds in my 5.1 setup (Klipsch front sound stage) and they’re solid. You know this is true because I’m drunk but still care enough to use proper grammar. *read this next part as Tony the Tiger (TTT)* Grrrrrreeeat mountability! *end TTT voice.* But for serious, I’m pretty darn happy with these. Absolutely worth the price. Get ‘em at $99 l, though. Read more

    4. Doug C.

      Got these to complete an Atmos setup in my home theater space. I wasn’t ready to do in ceiling speakers just yet, and this provides a great viable option to avoid that. The mounting options and ease of hookup are great, and they provide a nice overhead sound with the rest of my setup. Going to buy another pair and mount behind the listening position in anticipation of getting an 11.2 receiver. Read more

    5. Another Amazon customer

      I did a ton of research before buying these speaker and I was on the fence between these speakers, the OWM5’s, The Boston Acoustic Soundware 5.5″ and the Polk Atrium 5’s. I’m currently using them as a Surround left and right in a 7.1 set up. The positives 1. Multi directional mounting. The speakers definitely delivered on this feature and I have mine mounted at a 45 degree angle butting up against the ceiling and the wall. You do not need any special mounting hardware for this, just a couple of screws and some dry wall anchors.These are great for any room that has tricky mounting options. What cost them a star: 1. They are much bigger than I expected them to be, both in the height and the width. I was expecting them to be closer to the 4.5″ wide that is mentioned on the cone size, but it is closer to 7″ wide if I had to guess. They are also much taller than I expected them to be. What the real kicker for me is when I mounted them at the 45 degree angle, they look as wide as they are tall, essentially making them look like a square speaker. 2. The sound: Overall the speakers are nice and loud. They provide excellent richness, but my wife and I agree that they sound “tinny.” I have not added a sub to our system yet and imagine this will fill in the gaps. BTW this is our first true surround sound system and know absolutely nothing about speakers. This was just our honest feedback. Overall I’m happy with the speakers and they are perfect for our needs, just a few observations and hope they help others with their decision. Read more

    6. V. Jamali

      This review is based on these being used for Surround use only (ATMOS fronts specifically). These work AMAZINGLY as my front 2 atmos speakers. I get a definite improvement with atmos blurays compared to before. I can feel the scenes overhead rather than from my speakers. For $100 you can’t beat these as improvised atmos speakers. Give them a shot. As for more details continue reading… My system is a 5.1.2 system where I used HTD level 3’s for the fronts and the Infinity primus p163 for the 2 surrounds, a rythmik LV12R for my sub, and I added a pair of the OWM3 as my 5.1.(2) ATMOS speakers tilted just slightly on top of my speakers so the sound reflects off my roof in front of my ears more or less. I had 0 expectations before setting up just due to these not being atmos speakers and the install being improvised at best. I set crossovers to 200htz which let’s my better more expensive front do most the heavy lifting and just the atmos sounds are pushed through these. They work well and i’m sure it would sound ever better if my reciever would allow 2 more rear atmos speakers but that is my limit and i’m satisfied where i’m at. Read more

    7. RafS

      Apartment living has lots of limitations when trying to get a nice surround sound system going but these are just plain awesome. I purchased four, two to use as front height speakers and two for surround sound. They are paired with a Polk CS10 center speaker, couple of Infinity P153 bookshelves and a 10 inch sub. Started with a Onkyo HTIB three years ago and the difference in sound is like night and day. I told myself that I’ll wait to connect everything during the upcoming holiday weekend but once I got them, I couldn’t wait and withing an hour and a half, my neighbors were hating me. The sound coming out of these speakers is just plain awesome. I’m far from being an audiophile but a can tell what sounds good to my ears and these definitely do. Mounting them was a breeze even though I messed up my first one which will be corrected this weekend. Overall, I would highly recommend these for a small room and where mounting options are limited. Read more

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