Polk audio monitor 60 collection ii floorstanding speaker (black, single) – bestseller for domestic audio low-cost charge 1″ tweeter, (3) five. 25″ woofers

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  • one of the satisfactory-promoting ground status audio system, this tower speaker includes a 1″ dynamic stability dome tweeter and (3) 5-1/four” dynamic stability woofers, guarantee excessive best and outstanding energy in a 3-manner design
  • wonderful sound at an low-priced charge. Enjoy clear, crisp and spacious stereo sound with wider dispersion for 3-dimensional and more real looking audio in your bed room, residing or leisure room
  • offers designated excessive frequency reaction with realistic reproduction of vocals & instruments. Powerful deep bass, better mid-range and advanced audio are positive to make your celebration and movie nights exceptional
  • create a complete and immersive home theater setup by using adding a polk cs2 center speaker & polk monitor 40 or 30 surrounds. Reveal audio system are magnetically shielded, so you can area it near your television and now not fear about distortions
  • polk’s unwavering commitment, reliability, and craftsmanship has made it one of the maximum depended on names in home audio speakers and enjoyment systems. They bring out excellent in technology, so you can sit down returned, loosen up and pay attention with your heart.
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from the manufacturer

for the reason that founding of polk in 1972, it’s been our assignment to craft excessive great, awesome sounding wireless music structures, speakers, sound bars, headsets, vehicle audio, and home theater answers that everybody can experience. For the humans of polk, designing and constructing genuine audio answers is our authentic passion.

polk speakers are designed and engineered by polk audio, inc. At our research and development centers in maryland and california.

display 60 series ii floorstanding loudspeaker

the reveal 60 series ii sports a narrow, stylish and sturdy layout for a minimum footprint in your own home theater setup. Its capabilities a 1″ dome tweeter and 3 5. 25″ drivers, supplying you with vivid, particular highs, unfailing midrange tones and more deep bass response with its severely tuned flared port. Display 60 series ii is designed with polk’s patented dynamic balance era making sure you get superb sound thru exceptional driver substances, speaker geometry and usual creation.

product description

the call display is special to polk. The original polk display series, produced inside the mid-nineteen seventies, ushered within the modern-day loudspeaker era through putting the same old for overall performance and fee. The unique monitor series is the road that made polk well-known with its simple, robust creation, clear, accurate sound, powerful bass and superior imaging all at a price that made amazing sound to be had to all people. The reborn screen series is traditional polk: a satisfactory-constructed, low priced line of excessive overall performance loudspeakers for song and domestic theater. They may be quite green, so that they may be driven without difficulty by way of unpretentious receivers, and they’re voice matched for reasonable surround sound s. The monitor collection boasts a stylish look that complements latest flat display screen generation, with wood grain finishes and modern-day titanium faces. Built for velocity, sound and value, the display series is a awesome introduction to excessive performance sound.


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3 reviews for Polk audio monitor 60 collection ii floorstanding speaker (black, single) – bestseller for domestic audio low-cost charge 1″ tweeter, (3) five. 25″ woofers

  1. gruvedaddy

    I recently purchased a pair of Monitor 60’s to replace a set of Polk T 50’s that i had gotten on a black Friday deal for $75 a pair, which was a great deal, but they didn’t quite blow me away. The same cannot be said with the Monitor 60’s. Man these babies rock! I couldn’t believe how much better they sounded as compared to the T 50’s but it does make sense as they have 3 active woofers in addition to the dome tweeter and a front firing bass port whereas the T 50’s only have 1 active woofer and 2 passive woofers with the dome tweeter and no bass port. And i got my Monitor 60’s for $99 each here on Amazon and I’d expect to pay far more for speakers that produce what these do. I have them paired with a recently modified Polk PSW111 sub (the amp crapped out after 5 years and i replaced it with a Dayton plate amp and it’s thumpin’ once again) and an Onkyo receiver. The monitor 60’s are a bit deep but the narrow profile allows them to slip right in next to the tv and they don’t crowd the room like the wide towers of years ago.I still have a set of Polk S 10’s from 1991, which still rock, but are twice as wide. So if you are deciding between the Monitor 60’s and the T 50’s it’s not even a comparison, get these 60’s! You won;t regret it. Read more

  2. Jonathan Hjelm

    Excellent speakers at an outstanding price. I am not sure if I’d pay twice as much as I did for these speakers (paid $300 for the pair), but I do think it is impossible to beat the sound and value of these Monitor 70 speakers. After a lot of research and reading a lot of online reviews, I decided to take a leap and buy these, and I can honestly say that I have absolutely no regrets. Let’s face it, anytime you purchase speakers without hearing them in the store is a giant leap of faith. These speakers produce a very natural and superbly balanced sound for the price point they compete in; which is to say that these speakers are a big notch above entry-level budget speakers. I added these monitors to a 5.1 set up – replacing the front channel speakers – so that I could listen to music in plain stereo. These are Bi-Amped to my Yamaha Advantage receiver. The bi-amping did make a substantial sound difference, especially with opening up the high-end frequency range. So far (after 3 years), here is the report card I give them: 1) Sound imaging and detail reproduction: B+ 2) Clarity: A- 3) Highs: B+/A- 4) Midrange: A- 5) Sensitivity: A- 6) Construction, Fit, and finish= B. Let’s be real… if you are looking for audiophile high gloss piano finish furniture you will pay a lot more. But these monitors look just fine to me and I am very satisfied with their construction and quality. I will note, that while these monitors do have the bare minimum amount of internal insulation and bracing, but in 3 years I have never noticed or heard any sort of sound resonance, distortion, or vibration – which kind of defies logic. 7) Bass: B+. I say this because I have a separate RSL subwoofer and my home theater set-up and it just sounds better with the sub in play than without it. In a pure stereo 2.0 mode, the bass these monitors produce is bright, clean, and solid, but just a bit underwhelming without the sub engaged. The bass on these speakers lacks the solid impact that you come to expect from a separate sub, especially when watching movies (hence a B grade). But when the sub is engaged for either music or home theater, these speakers deliver sound reproduction nicely. When listening to music in the stereo configuration (with the subwoofer turned off) and these speakers deliver a very natural, balanced, and blended sound with plenty of bass to satisfy. Doubtless, there are few speakers that can deliver authoritative low-frequency effects in home theater mode, which is why I think these pair perfectly with a sub for that situation. All-in-all, these speakers are a fantastic value for the quality of true hi-fi stereo sound that they deliver. At this price point ($300 for the pair), I think these might be the very best floor standing speakers you can buy. It is worthy to note that these are really budget speakers that acoustically punch well above their price point making them a surprising value for any listener. Since I purchased these speakers in 2017, I have been absolutely delighted with their sound and feel that you might have to pay two or three times more to find a better set of speakers anywhere. So if you are looking to break into better speakers on a budget, these are definitely worth your consideration. All the best! Read more

  3. Kyle Brey

    Let me start by saying there are ZERO cons to these monterous “bookshelf” speakers. Zero. Not only in it’s current price range, but in it’s original 349 price range either. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better sounding SET of speakers for under 500 dollars. With that said, they need POWER to make them sing. I’m running a Pioneer Elite VSX-LX301 and have the front monitor 40s bi-amped, also I have m40s for rears too. Excellent setup. I was running them single amped with an older Sony 710 receiver and they sounded just OK. Then I bi amped them with the sony and they lit up. Once I upgraded to the better AVR they now absolutely SING! The highs are bright at +3db Treble (old amp and single amped they were slightly muffled at +6 treble) but never Klipsch style fatiguing. The bass could leave one wanting more, but in my experience there is no other 5in woofer that sounds as deep and punchy, I’d even go so far as to say theres no 6.5in woofer that impacts like these do. They need room to breath. They are DEEP, almost 17in deep with grills on. They’re rear ported so you need at LEAST a foot from the wall for them to really shine. Or closer to the wall, with the port centered in a corner. It gives a nice bass boost in corner placement. The Bass. When I first auditioned them in bi-amp on my Pioneer, I went to turn off the sub during a Dire Staits song only to find that I’d never turned the sub on. Wow. These speakers are “hi res” without the shiny label. They have the same Hz rating on high end as hi res labeled speakers do, without the gimmicky pricing. Music – they shine. They’re crisp and impactful without being fatiguing. I’ve noticed nuances before not heard. (I’ve owned everything from bose to infinity to B&W) Movies/TV – these sound so good in the fronts that I need to now upgrade my center speaker to keep up with them. My center is +4db and my fronts are -2db (Polk T30 and older Boson acoustics both are hard pressed to keep up) The M40s in the rear are equally impressive. I have them set to -1 on rear channels and they still give me emerson I’ve not heard before. TLDR = if you have the power to throw at these, they will NOT disappoint. They sound as good, if not better, than my Monitor 50 sii did, and in a smaller package. If you’re considering these, buy them. Buy them now. The Polk Monitor line is considered entry level, but these 40s, as well as the 70s prove that design is far more important than inflated prices. Side note, I also auditioned the “legendary” ELAC B6.2 and was unimpressed with them. Follow your ears, not the ears of reviewers who are paid to talk up little known speaker companies. You’ll thank me later. Read more

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