Polk audio lsim 705 advanced dynamic stability & powerport technology bi-cord & bi-amp single, middle of the night mahogany

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  • superior overall performance tower speaker – functions superior superb cellular aerated polypropylene driving force fabric in all drivers—three. 25 inches midrange, 5. 25 inches midbass in addition to dual 5 inches x 7 inches cassini oval subwoofers
  • speaker inside a speaker – the heart of lsim ground status speaker features polk’s dynamic sonic engine that homes a three. 25 inches midrange driver & a 1 inches ring radiator tweeter, which gives wider dispersion, and extra power for easy easy bass
  • polk’s patented powerport technology – both woofers have their very own dedicated powerport that grants deeper bass response, minimizing any sort of distortion and giving you rich complete range sound for movies, tv and track
  • an unequalled home theater – use any blend of bookshelf & floor standing audio system with this center channel or add a pair of 705 towers & 702 f/x surround audio system to create an elegant stereo setup with the lsim collection and get immersed in lovely, steeply-priced sound
  • bold appears and super audio accuracy; made of high pleasant mdf and enclosed in rich, natural furniture grade veneer, this speaker appears stunning and takes forward polk’s dedication toward making advanced audio handy to absolutely everyone
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product description

product description

the lsim705 fills your international with its extensive, dynamic soundstage and its functionality to effects achieve genuinely awesome volume levels. The lsim705 capabilities the equal element supplement as the larger lsim707 loudspeaker, on a barely smaller scale. It includes a 5 1/four inch mid woofer of lightweight outstanding cell aerated polypropylene for smooth blending with its dual 5×7 inch cassini oval subwoofer radiators superior through polk’s patented electricity port bass venting. Its 1 inch ring radiator tweeter, a characteristic generally located best in distinctive speakers, exhibits pinpoint details for realistic imaging. Use the lsim705 in mid sized rooms wherein you need the entire on impact of the legendary polk sound.

from the producer

the remaining declaration of polk’s project, the lsim707 is like no different loudspeaker in its price range. Experience practical, transparent midrange replica, pinpoint element and the inner most bass with the lsim 707. Engineered into a sculpted, latest enclosure and completed like a stunning piece of fixtures, there is simply not anything like the lsim 707.

key features

  • polk’s distinctive dynamic sonic engine layout optimizes the midrange driver and the hoop radiator tweeter in separate indoors chambers for progressed transient reaction, superior imaging and more horizontal off-axis reaction.
  • cassini oval subwoofer, with more floor region than round drivers, dramatically enhance low-frequency reaction for deep, properly-combined bass.
  • our revolutionary overhung voice coil design augments the excursion period for subwoofer drivers, increasing their power-dealing with capabilities and improving bass response.
  • extended linear motion voice coil layout permits masses of movement in a confined area, disposing of impedance and lengthening mid- and excessive-frequency reaction.
  • light-weight, rigid forged aluminum baskets are designed for precision motor alignment with unobstructed linear motion and adequate venting.
  • a totally self-contained wireless surround-channel sound device.
  • four 2-half of” full-range drivers
  • five-1/4″ woofer
  • compact a hundred and twenty watt multichannel dsp amplifier.
  • rock solid triple enclosure multi-braced mdf cabinet
  • era

    why you have to recall this product

    this is the top of domestic audio overall performance. It’s the place where recorded sources are as it should be found out, wherein their genuine dynamic characteristics are absolutely experienced. It is the region where films reach off the screen and envelope you. That is the motive we got into this commercial enterprise in the first location: to ignite your amusement with realistic audio effect, lifelike information and deep bass thrills. Listen over 40 years of audio ardour in cutting-edge lsim series.

    technical specs

    *to ensure a valid guarantee, polk loudspeakers need to be purchased thru an authorized polk home or car loudspeaker dealer (consisting of amazon. Com). (in case you’re no longer sure a provider is “legal,” name polk at 1-800-377-7655, and ask us.) the assurance isn’t always transferrable, that means it applies most effective to the authentic patron. In case you buy your speakers from a private person, that product is taken into consideration “used” and has no manufacturing unit assurance, no matter what the vendor implies. The warranty is void if the serial variety of the speaker has been removed or defaced. When you have any questions about your assurance insurance, or you observed you want carrier, name polk customer support at 1-800-377-7655. We’re right here to help you get the most out of your new audio system!

    inside the field

  • one lsim 707 floorstanding loudspeaker
  • owner’s manual
  • on-line registration card
  • use with those merchandise

    lsim 706c center channel loudspeaker

    lsim 702fx surround loudspeakers




    Kersenhout, zwart

    8 reviews for Polk audio lsim 705 advanced dynamic stability & powerport technology bi-cord & bi-amp single, middle of the night mahogany

    1. sandy moser

      Way over rated, Speakers Rated at 300 watts have Para sound pre amp and 2250 amp rated at 275 watt per channel at 8 ohms at half volume the speaker became distorted muffled sound, and are staying that way, Maybe it was AC/DC fault (LOL) Amazon was kind enough three months later to give a 4/5 of original price refund. I did not buy the protection plan. Hats of to amazon. Used the refund to buy Martin Logan. Even when the speakers were not distorted the sound was sub par. For $3000.00 it was a complete disappointment. Up date , At 62 years old , have always wanted better sound quality for listen enjoyment over the years, I know there good reviews on these speakers , That is one main reason I purchased. My Review now is shop around there is much better than Polk Audio sound and supportRead more

    2. Rick T

      Arrived destroyed in the boxes. They are too heavy to be shipped in the Polk boxes alone in my opinion, but that is how they were shipped by this seller. Both boxes showed signs of freight damage. Once i opened the boxes it only got worse. The stirefoam supports inside the boxes were all broken when I opened it and the base of one of the speakers was completely broken off. Even the tube inside one of the bass ports was broken off from the speaker cabinet. These must have been dropped and kicked all the way here. They seem like fine speakers but buy them in a store not here. What was supposed to be a fun moment trying out my new speakers ended up as a headache and a letdown.Read more

    3. Jason K

      Awesome speakers..Hopefully sellers see how thin the Polk boxes are and double box..My first pair came in and one was split on top..Horrible disrespect to such high quality speakers..Klipsh boxes are much sturdier for example..These 705s completely destroy anything I’ve heard prior..I returned the Klipsh towers I just bought..I had the RP 8000’s.Not even close..I thought it would be but no way..The fullness and musical abilities are on another level..Do not under power! Your gonna need an AVR like a Denon 4500 or similar if you don’t external amplify..I have a Denon 4700 and it makes them scream.They will be tight sounding and a little underwhelming until they loosen up and it’s like a full blown concert in your house.I have the towers paired with Polk LSIM 706 center channel and a pair of SVS subs.Read more

    4. A. Hall

      I finally upgraded from a Polk system that I bought 20+ years ago. Back then I bought them for about half price, due to Polk’s new model coming out and have enjoyed them the entire time.When I decided to upgrade I did a lot of research and then finally caved when I saw the price drop on this previous flagship series. The LSiM 705 towers started at $2000ea, dropped to $1500ea for years (with an occasional sale) and I picked them up for $750ea, due to Polk’s new model that came out (notice a pattern?). Still expensive, but I’m glad I made the purchase. I’m also running the LSiM 706c center channel, which is equally amazing!I picked up a Crown XLi1500 power amp at the same time to help run the two left and right towers (many people suggested extra power for these), but it really wasn’t needed paired with my Denon X4400h AVR, which gives plenty of power. I’ll still use the Crown (since I have it) to ease the potential burden on the Denon, but yeah, if you have a decent AVR you won’t need additional power.I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with these speakers, especially at this price. I’m presently running a 5.2.4 setup, all Polk except the duel Subs, which are Klipsch R-1220SW. Shipped fast and packaged well. Couldn’t be happier! Highly recommended!Read more

    5. Dregoric

      Finally I got these beautiful speakers! Delivery was very fast! Only 2 days. Good job Amazon. Packaging is very good as well, good protection and easy to open.Speakers itself have a nice finish! They look awesome! As my wife said this is now the best part of our furniture :)The only minor negative think is what happened in the first day when I start listening them. The small piece with Polk Audio brand name which you see at the bottom of the front panel has fallen apart. Not enough glue probably. Should not see such things in the expensive speakers, but could happen some time. Not a big deal for me.Sound quality is excellent! I was blown away by the bass and stereo image! It’s something you need to here yourself! I have another pair of Klipsh RP280 speakers, so I have compared Polk and Klipsch and this is like white and black.Polk 705 is my favorite speakers now for the stereo music and Klipsch working for the home cinema.Good job Polk Audio!Read more


      Not only are these Polk speakers beautiful to look at they ( the fit and finish is unparalleled ) the sound is simply amazing. You can spend three times the amount for speakers but why on earth would you? They came extremely well packed with no damage. A plug and play speaker that sound great right out of the box and from what i understand after the break in period they keep sounding better and better. I just couldn’t be more pleased with these Polk speakers.have the most amazing sound from any floor standing spk i have ever heard. You can spend three times the amount on other speakers but why on earth would you want to.Read more

    7. A. Jayaprasad

      There are the speakers I have wanted for a long time. They sound so great. I don’t want to restate the reviews and features. However I hear a lot of clarity with my reference music! The Lsim is hugely underrated ! I am amazed going to these and realize what I have been missing for years ! I had the Polk RTi and then klipsch 7.1. Just replaced the front and center and the transformation is remarkable! Highly recommend these speakers or the Lsim 707 if you have the room for it.Read more

    8. Harry Horton

      These speakers are outstanding for mid-sized to fairly large rooms, not harsh to the ears, with no listening fatigue, I would recommend to anyone who wants great a home theatre/music experience at a great price. They work well with or without a sub woofer, depending on room size. One note of pause for some, these speakers do need at least 60 watts or more to be driven nicely.Read more

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