Polk audio hts 10 powered subwoofer with power port generation as much as for the last home theater revel in present day sub that suits in any placing washed black walnut

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  • high efficiency sub-woofer for small to medium-sized rooms – the hts 10 capabilities a ten” the front-firing lengthy-throw woofer with polk’s proprietary dynamic stability generation designed to fill your room with immersive, three-dimensional sound in first-rate clarity
  • your exceptional guess with current appears & thunderous overall performance – the glossy rounded corners are a highlight, however this sub will absolutely take your film & song revel in up a notch with its deep rumbling bass with its in-built 200-watt amplifier (200w at height)
  • polk’s patented energy port era promises deeper bass reaction with its turbulence-smoothing diffuser that transitions air flow from the speaker into your listening vicinity minimizing any kind of distortion & delivering rich complete-variety sound everywhere
  • typical compatibility & versatility – the sub comes with lfe & stereo line level inputs. Pair it with any of polk’s signature collection 2-channel stereo audio system or create a complete domestic theater with s50 tower, s15 bookshelf & s30 center channel speakers
  • all controls at the rear panel – controls for quantity, low pass filter and section toggle for maximum bass ranges (0 to one hundred eighty diploma) are in close attain, proper on the back of the subwoofer. The front has a clean rich appearance with removable grille
  • polk’s commitment & expert craftmanship with their use of advanced era, master engineering, and innovation allows them carry out the excellent in sound structures and speakers so that you can take a seat returned, loosen up and pay attention together with your coronary heart
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from the producer

whether you’re installing a brand new set of surround or atmos audio system, including a second subwoofer for the last domestic theater experience, or just want greater center-pounding effect from your favourite song, the hts 10 delivers the powerful bass you crave with its long-throw 10” driver, patented power port generation and 200w magnificence d amplifier.

front-firing 10” driving force with our patented dynamic balance generation is klippel optimized to offer easy, clear bass, higher linearity, decrease distortion and extra durability.

the electricity port floor-firing layout smoothly transitions air float from the speaker into your listening location for deep, extended bass impact while minimizing turbulence, distortion, and port noise. At the port tuning frequency, strength port prepared subwoofers have 3db much less port noise than in addition configured subwoofers without electricity port.

integrated controls for variable volume, low skip filter out and segment (zero/180 degree) for optimum bass stages. Set energy toggle to automobile on/off or dc control (12v trigger) for fast and clean on/off electricity switching in the sub and other domestic theater system—all effortlessly on hand on the again panel.

join thru lfe (unfiltered / low pass disabled) or stereo line degree rca inputs—complements any domestic theater machine (cables now not included).

curved edges offer a sensual yet effective appearance that suits with any home decor—available in a beautiful black washed walnut finish.

product description

the polk hts 10 subwoofer is designed to deliver the last domestic theater experience and enhances the core-pounding effect from your preferred tune with powerful deep bass. Long-throw 10” driving force, patented floor-firing strength port design and a contemporary 200w magnificence d amplifier offer a smooth, clean bass reaction and limit distortion. Without difficulty handy controls for extent, low pass filter, and section correction. Join thru lfe (unfiltered / low pass disabled) or stereo line level rca inputs. Set power toggle to auto on/off for immediate and easy on/off energy switching within the sub and other home theater system. Curved edges provide a sensual but powerful appearance that blends in with any home decor.


Polk Audio HTS 10 Powered Subwoofer Bundle with Power Port Technology, 10” Woofer, Washed Black Walnut with 3m (9’ 10”) AudioQuest Greyhound Subwoofer RCA Cable, Subwoofer, Subwoofer + S15 Bookshelf Speakers

5 reviews for Polk audio hts 10 powered subwoofer with power port generation as much as for the last home theater revel in present day sub that suits in any placing washed black walnut


    This is the best sounding home theater sub I have ever bought. There is absolutely no port noise. Its not a sealed sub but it sounds like one! UPDATE!!! The sub still sounds great but the AUTO ON feature is annoying!! This is found on most of higher end subs like this one. There are a lot of receivers that control LFE Low Frequency Effect “BASS” that is sent to the sub. This feature turns the sub off or on based on the content your watching. The problem is it will not stay on watching some movies if there are a lot of quite scenes like the movie “A Quiet Place (2018” If is quite and then a explosion the sub will turn on but most of the time the sub responds to late during the scene!!! (MY SOLUTION TO FIX THIS) I use the 12 volt trigger on the sub and it keep the sub on all the time and turns off when I turn off my Marantz SR5012 7.2-channel home theater receiver. There should be a 12volt trigger out on you receiver. You will need a male to male 3.5mm 2 of TNP 3.5mm Mono Cable (6FT). You can buy on here or Best Buy or Walmart. MAKE SURE YOU TURN THE POWER SWITCH OFF ON THE SUB AFTER YOU CONNECT. YOUR SUB WILL BE SLAVED TO YOUR RECEIVER AND TURN ON OR OFF WHEN YOU RECEIVER DOES. ENJOY!!!!!!!! Read more

  2. Chuck

    I did a complete overhaul of my main audio system. From “Ancient” to Onkyo RZ series. From “Paper” to Polk Audio S20, S30, S15 (as rear for now), and HTS 10 All the devices connected into the Onkyo. I can only tell you: WOW. Whatever Polk did, they should keep doing it! The bass / LFE is great. Crisp and clean. Literally a “moving” experience when you watch “Tron: Legacy”. In the blink of an eye, switch to orchestral, solo piano, favorite band or vocalist. Again, wow. To hear the clean fret work as the artist is playing the guitar as if in front of you.. and that ‘tap’ from the drummer coming out clean and crisp from the HTS 10. I am **beyond** pleased. Technical review portion: Polk published specs are REAL. All the pieces I have exceed them. Read more

  3. todayamerican

    This is a beautiful speaker, larger than the PSW10, way better sound than that sub, but has some of the same issues with boomy sound. I would still have kept it if it were smaller as the sound was still very, very nice. This should suffice for most people wanting to get the maximum bang for their buck. The Klipsch R-100SW 10″ Subwoofer is $40 more at this time and much smaller and sounds way better than this speaker. It is not boomy. While the Polk speakers are warmer than the Klipsch, the overall Klipsch sound is better for sure. The Klipsch is also nowhere as good looking as this speaker with the grills on. I would get this Polk if I am putting the speaker in a place where it may wear down quicker and not in the primary location. At louder volumes the Klipsch is way more precise while not losing the warmth like the Bose acoustimass. More details about the Klipsch speaker in its review. This is the best budget sub of its size on Amazon. I did all the research. You will not regret this if you did not have a much higher end speaker before. I like the warmth of this speaker even with the slight boominess over the acoustimass which sounds stark and cold in comparison. Great speaker for music. For home theater the boominess could be an issue because of the noise. Read more

  4. TKP

    Like some other reviewers, the main issue with this subwoofer is the lack of a power on switch. The only options are auto on or powered off. The other option is a 12-volt trigger to turn the subwoofer on and off with the receiver. However, my receiver is a Sony STR-DN1080 that does not support or have a connection for a 12 volt trigger. My receiver manual specifically says that any subwoofer auto on should be turned off. However, this subwoofer does not afford the option of simply powering on the unit. Therefore with the subwoofer set to auto on the only way it switches out of its sleep mode is if I crawl behind the tv, flip the switch from auto on to off and then back to auto. Not going to do that. Once on the subwoofer sounds ok (not nearly as good as I had hoped though). If I leave the switch to off I never get any sound to come out of the subwoofer so that switch is just a power off switch and not disabling auto on like my previous sony subwoofer. I spent hours last night playing with settings on my receiver to see if I could get this to work correctly yet no matter what I have done is if the subwoofer goes into hybernation (LED on back goes red) then the only way it will recognize the receiver is on is if I toggle the switch on the back. I have made sure all of my speakers are setup as small on my receiver, set the fronts and center to a crossover of 80 and my surrounds at 110, connected via LFE and still the same thing. I will be hooking back up my 15 year old Sony subwoofer that sounds fairly close to as good as this unit and allows me to disable auto power on mode. I thought a brand new subwoofer would take my home theatre up a notch but sadly this fell way short of expectations. EDIT: I think my review may be a little unfair even though it didn’t work out for my situation. While I am still very disappointed with this unit it is primarily because of the “auto on” or just off issue that doesn’t work with my receiver, the unit does possess very, very powerful bass that can be awesome when watching an action movie. It did blow my old subwoofer out of the water with power and room shaking bass. My wife felt the house shake completely on the other side of the house when I was watching a movie. For my 16×12 home theatre room this subwoofer seemed a little too powerful that impacted my perception of sound quality. To be fair if I didn’t have the issue with only “auto on” or off I would have kept this subwoofer and worked with dialing it in so the whole house didn’t shake. The really big disappointment was the auto on not working in my setup. I sent back the HTS 10 and got the Polk Audio DSW Pro 440 (8 inch instead of a 10 inch). The HTS 10 inch subwoofer was enormous. This subwoofer was about the same size as my old subwoofer. This clearly doesn’t have the same power as the HTS 10 but has an “on” feature and also the “auto on” feature on this subwoofer works with my receiver. The 440 sounds good but isn’t nearly as powerful as the HTS 10 (cannot expect it to be as powerful, just pointing it out). I am happy with the 440 but I did have to turn up the subwoorer volume to 30 (out of 40) and it still shakes my theatre room but not the entire house 🙂 Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    I bought this as part of a project to replace my 20 year old RCA 5.1 home theater system in a box setup. Im not a audiophile and I purchased this basically to watch 5.1 movies, I was watch Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 in the opening battle scene where the giant alien was killed it sounded like it landed on my house when it fell, thats exactly the sound I was looking for. Pioneer VSX-LX 102 Elite Polk Monitor 30 bi-amped front Polk S35 center Polk S15 rear Read more

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