Polk audio blackstone tl1 speaker middle channel with time lens technology length, high overall performance, effective hello-gloss blackstone end create your private home entertainment gadget

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  • creates a soundstage corresponding to any big gadget. Features two (2) 2. 5″ drivers, a zero. Five” silk dome tweeter & injection molded cones. The aperiodic-tuned rear port offers bass extension and boosts the audio on a shelf or installed towards the wall
  • precise curved shape based on “time lens era” – it’s far mainly designed to align the acoustic facilities of the tweeter and mid-bass in the identical plane, decreasing diffraction & distortions, and making sure the right sounds reach you on the equal time.
  • build your personal 5. 1, 6. 1, 7. 1 domestic theater gadget – according to you room length & requirements, create an immersive surround sound system with the aid of adding four to eight satellite tv for pc audio system and a subwoofer of your choice to this center channel
  • easy to attach and perform – no matter the way you pick to set it up, the middle channel easily connects to a receiver, just like every other speaker
  • polk’s unequalled pleasant at a fantastically low price. With this price-priced middle channel, you may now experience premium audio, professional engineering, strong creation, and a amazing theater experience proper at domestic
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polk audio blackstone tl1 speaker center channel with time lens generation size, excessive performance, powerful bass

now, expert surround-sound excitement is less complicated and more reachable than ever earlier than. The tl1600 is a whole home theater device, with four tl1 audio system, a tl1 middle speaker and a professionally-matched tl1600 powered subwoofer. The tl1600 is everything you want to get began, and it packs the accrued wallop of polk’s 30 years of award-prevailing compact speaker understanding.

  • an aperiodic-tuned rear-firing bass port combines the extension of a ported enclosure with the smoother low-end of an acoustic suspension enclosure, controlling port air flow for the kind of massive bass reaction, and best speaker-subwoofer mixing, you’d in no way expect from a loudspeaker you may keep within the palm of your hand.
  • the silk dome tweeter gives you a conventional, clear, exact polk overall performance, with pinpoint imaging and smooth highs which can be never tiring.
  • the specific curved enclosure design employs non-parallel surfaces to strengthen the acoustically inert enclosure and deliver less audible colour from inner surface resonances.
  • product description

    the tl1 middle channel speaker brings clear communicate and dynamic special effects to television, movies and on-screen movement in an extremely-compact layout. The silk dome tweeter and mid-range drivers coupled with time lens generation supply clean highs, superior audio detail and pinpoint imaging. Polk’s proprietary, patented dynamic balance generation tunes out distortion-causing driver and system resonances. It also functions a energy port this is designed for larger, extra green, deep bass effect, and enables better blending with a subwoofer. The unit’s hi-gloss “blackstone” end fits modern day most fashionable flat-panel tvs and furniture. Built-in keyhole slots and threaded inserts makes for smooth mounting of the speaker.



    7 reviews for Polk audio blackstone tl1 speaker middle channel with time lens technology length, high overall performance, effective hello-gloss blackstone end create your private home entertainment gadget

    1. wind

      Center channel speakers as a group do not sound very good. Audioholics pitted a 2500 dollar super delux center channel against a lowly 100 dollar book shelf speaker and the book shelf bettered that expensive competion and smoked cheaper (500 dollar) ones. The problem is that the three speaker design which is meant to spread the sound across a wide listening area also muddies and distorts the sound and it takes a heap of cash to remediate this problem. So that brings us to this Polk center channel. It has all the problems inherent in the breed, yet it really not a bad center channel. It does clarify movie dialogs but does it at a cost. It has a rather strident midrange which helps with dialog but destroys the surround sound effect. I found the trade-off unacceptable and bought a pair of bookshelf speakers, one of which is now performing as my center channel. Works for me. Read more

    2. Lee W

      I frequently buy stuff expecting the absolute least from them, only to not even reach that low bar. Reviews were uniformly good on this centre speaker, but that doesn’t always count for much on here. Purchased it at a low sale price, and expected to be disappointed as I was swapping out a great sounding speaker that was unfortunately just too bulky for its position on a mantel. Pleasantly surprised doesn’t even begin to describe it. This speaker is tiny, and yet provides a properly rich sound. Bass, mids, and highs are all very well represented. It’s a warm and full sound, never boomy, never tinny, never muddy. I don’t appear to have sacrificed a thing in terms of sound quality in moving down to something comfortably a third of the size of my other speaker. Looks pleasant and unassuming enough, without any faddish bling, or instantly dated design touches. Speaker terminals are recessed so your connections don’t get in the way of sitting or hanging it flush to a wall. Difficult to know what more to say. I have it as part of a 7.2 set-up in a large room and it never gets lost competing with the other speakers. A really capable performer in a small package, at a daft price. Read more

    3. Bruce

      I purchased a new QLED TV and needed to replace my older and larger Polk Audio center channel speaker because it was blocking the lower part of the TV picture. The TL1 was the perfect size not to block the view of my TV. I was hesitant about ordering the TL1 because it had smaller speakers than my older speaker. The TL1 did not disappoint. This speaker gets plenty loud enough and competes with my larger center channel speaker. Very happy with my purchase. Read more

    4. Kevin O

      A lot of bang for the buck. Because of my setup I was limited on center channel options that came at the height I needed to not block my TV. This one fell in the height range and price range I desired. I’m so glad I bought it, this thing packs a lot of punch for something so small. Read more

    5. John P.

      I personally really like Polk speakers – and I also own a pair of Monitor 70s which really sound awesome (especially for the price). That being said – as most already know, the center channel is one of your most important speakers in a surround sound/home theater setup. Unfortunately, like most people, I have a limited amount of space in my TV stand – so finding a center channel that has a smaller profile AND great sound has been a challenge. Enter this nice-looking Polk center channel. This speaker was exactly what I was looking for – low profile, typical high quality Polk build, attractive design and (hopefully) balanced, yet powerful sound. So, aesthetically, as I mentioned – this is one of the nicer looking center channel speakers out there with no bulkiness. Without the grill it looks really slick, and with the grill on it disappears into your home decor – really nice. What I have found with extended use – is unfortunately, at slightly higher volumes, and with certain TV and movie sound mixes – the sounds become a bit distorted at certain pitches and it has gotten a bit irritating. Now mind you – this center channel is not unique in this issue – my previous Energy Take Classic center channel was having the same issue with mostly the same shows (The Boys on Amazon Prime is one example). That being said – for most other applications, this has worked pretty flawlessly. I’ve had no similar issues when listening to music – and MOST TV shows sound great. Dialog comes through nice and clear – and paired with my Polk Monitor 70s and Polk PSW10 subwoofer – the sound field is excellent for the most part with those exceptions. I’m likely going to make some room in my TV stand and swap with the Polk CS1 Series ii center channel to better match my speakers – but that’s a BIG speaker compared to this one. Bottom line – if you’re looking for an attractive, easy to fit center channel that has good (but not necessarily fantastic) sound for most every day use – this is a really good and very affordable option. It will fit in MOST setups, and I’m a fan of any speaker connections that allow for banana clips (I hate spring clips) – so the connections are great. If you like to blast movies or have a larger room and you sit further away from the speaker and need to turn up the volume – it may have some distortion issues. Overall – great space efficient design, sleek modern look, great price and decent but not exceptional sound. Think about your room setup, budget and sound needs – as I said, this will be more than enough for most people for movie an music watching at mid to low sound levels. Worth a look. Read more

    6. sapper819

      I have an older Sony 5.1 surround system with small cube speakers. I upgraded the front speakers with home made DML speakers (check out Dayton DML drivers at Parts Express) but I am a little hard of hearing and had the center channel cube turned all the way up. This caused me to always be turning the sound up and down as the explosions etc. were way loud if I turned it up to hear the voices. This speaker totally eliminated that problem. Excellent balance and response, volume is even across the sound stage. I can’t say enough good about this center speaker. I am now looking at upgrading the rear speakers to Polk Audio. Read more

    7. Inform

      Purchased the TL1 center channel because we were have difficulty hearing dialog clearly. I was also looking for a speaker that was small enough to fit in my entertainment center. I have a Denon 4K receiver, and I won’t lie it took me about an hour to dial in the center channel the way I wanted it to sound, and it has impressed me for its size. I just wish that I knew that Polk also made a TL2 and TL3 that are slightly larger (more expensive), I would have spent the extra money. Not disappointed though.. Great center channel. Read more

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