Polk audio atrium 8 sdi flagship outside all-weather speaker (white) – use as unmarried unit or stereo pair powerful bass & vast sound insurance

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  • our flagship functions a 6. Five” dual voice coil dynamic stability aerated polypropylene cone, 1″ anodized aluminum dome tweeters and a completely unique patented single/dual enter transfer – use as unmarried excessive-overall performance speaker or as l/r pair
  • high energy (125w x 2) & low frequency reaction (45khz) helps block all historical past noises so you can peacefully concentrate on your favored music, indoor or out of doors
  • set up in any large or open space—by means of a pool, within the patio, the sunroom, halls or office areas – to supply pretty exceptional sound. Powerport era directs the airflow downwards so that you listen a realistic sound apparently near you
  • one-click on pace-lock mounting bracket offers smooth, anti-slip one-passed installation – mount speakers vertically or horizontally, to supply the exceptional sound. Simply mount the swiveling c-bracket, alter the attitude and fasten the speaker with a click on
  • the speaker for all seasons – rugged durability, high environmental staying power and advanced best has earned these loudspeakers the all-climate certification which will effortlessly withstand severe temperatures and heavy rain 12 months after yr
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  • are those original audio system?
  • query: are those authentic speakers? Answer: no, there were audio system lengthy before these existed. By way of nwpdx on march 29, 2021 failed to get solutions. See greater answers (3) fall apart all solutions

  • why does this want a battery??
  • it does not want or receive a battery, the speakers are wired, together with from a receiver or amp. I simply noticed the battery spec on amazon, it’s incorrect. (i don’t rely upon specs listed on amazon, go to the manufacturer’s internet website. And that i just just checked my speaker person guide, nothing approximately a battery.) i simply observed (three/4/21) a sale on these, for $149, through the “polk audio keep” on amazon. Those are excellent audio system, and that is a excellent charge (if it’s truly a brand new object from polk, and not a five-minute bait to get you excited and in the buying mode for after it disappears — i advocate analyzing sale information on amazon carefully for hidden lumps of coal). See much less

  • my backyard is 75’ x 80 what number of audio system do you propose is the atrium eight higher than the 6, what amplifier is usually recommended
  • question: my backyard is seventy five’ x 80 how many speakers do you advocate is the atrium eight better than the 6, what amplifier is suggested answer: i have 2 atrium 8’s and 2 atrium four’s in my backyard hooker as much as a pioneer amp/faraway and a/b speaker switch. ‘ via butch raugh on september 24, 2020 didn’t get answers. See extra solutions (3) crumble all solutions

  • is that this a single speaker or a couple of speakers?
  • query: is this a single speaker or a couple of audio system? Answer: this is for a single speaker. By way of international extensive stereo supplier on march 24, 2016 did not get answers. See greater answers (four) disintegrate all answers


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    Speaker, Speaker + Speakers w/ Bass Reflex Enclosure, Speaker + Speakers w/ Powerful Bass

    3 reviews for Polk audio atrium 8 sdi flagship outside all-weather speaker (white) – use as unmarried unit or stereo pair powerful bass & vast sound insurance

    1. Me

      OK, I am 64 years old and have been into electronic/stereo/music/studio stuff my whole life. I bought an Atrium 8 and installed it under my roof today. It is all mounted up and I go to tighten down the speaker wire on one of the red poles; gave it a good twist when tightening and “BANG” it freaking snapped off – what the??? I AM NOT SUPERMAN. See the pic. NO WRENCHES OR PLIERS – JUST MY RIGHT HAND. Amazon Prime is awesome as usual with a quick replacement coming in just a couple days. THANKS AMAZON. But being “into electronics” for decades, I thought I’d help POLK’s QA and report this issue and send them a pic first hand. Well the tech rep basically TOLD me it “could never happen”. Really he did not believe me. But why would I lie??? Nothing for me to gain or lose. Was really trying to HELP Polk. Rep wasn’t interested in a pic or lot number or serial number………. and was almost laughing at me. Whatever dude. I rigged up an alligator clip to the busted post just to check out the sound. P H E N O M I N A L. W O W. THE BEST OUTDOOR SPEAKER I HAVE EVER HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deserves a 5+ rating but I am giving Polk Company an overall 1 due to comments like “can’t happen”, “nothing we can do”, “anything else”, etc……. I just find that peculiar. Still highly recommend these – you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED (unless a pole breaks off :). Bottom line advice: go easy when tightening the wires to the poles. Dave 04/01/2019 (no fooling here – this is 100% serious). Read more

    2. Anek M

      Bought two of these for our patio next to the pool. I really want to like these speakers but no matter how I adjust my eq the bass is terrible. I been a fan of Polk for over 15 years. Polk has their signature highs and great sound. Wish it was their more recent update of tweeter. Polk has that high pitch SSSSS sound. Until recent years Polk finally fix the Sssss sound with their newer tweeters. Since the Polk atrium 8 released almost 10 years ago the Sssss sound still remains. The mids are good and on par with any other 6.5” speakers. But the low bass is the issue. With a cheap amp like the popular Yamaha S202 reciever, smallest increase in bass there’s a really bad bass distortion coming out of the rear bass port. Sounds worse when bass is increase higher. I’m using a Behringer EQ and didn’t bother messing with it much since the bass was terrible. The Yamaha advertises 100rms but definitely wasn’t. I end up picking a Cambridge audio SR20, it’s closer to real 100rms per channel. Speakers are rated for 125rms so finding a good amp power to match is a bit difficult. The bass definitely sounds a lot better and speakers can handle low end frequency even at +12db with no distortion. Bass is better but still don’t sound good and I don’t think I can live with the sound. It’s putting out a tight bass I believe it’s mainly due to the small enclosure. All that power and small enclosure just makes it sound like a cheap speaker. Increasing low end on my EQ just makes the bass tighter. Not the sound I was looking for. For an outdoor setup I’m trying to build something without adding a subwoofer. I come to conclusion that this speakers are good for mids and highs. Low end will require a subwoofer. Is there an outdoor speaker that puts out all around great sounding bass, mids, and highs? Yes. I ended up with my 2nd choice, the Klipsch aw-650. At the time of purchase the Klipsch was $100 more. The bass on the Klipsch is a night and day difference from the Polk. It’s eye opening or should I say ear opening. Head over to Klipsch to get my detailed review. For price the Polk is good but if you want bass you will need to add a subwoofer. Outdoor subwoofers are not cheap. If you’re going to be stuck with speakers for a long time I would not recommend Polk atrium 8 for an outdoor setup. Read more

    3. P.F

      I spent hours, way too many hours researching outdoor speakers for my deck/yard. I have a pretty large deck with a large lawn located right off the deck. I have a 2 acre property but only utilize about 1 acre worth of lawn space. I decided to go with these after reading endless amounts of reviews. These sound very clear, crisp and premium, although I do with they had a little more bass. The bass would be my only complaint but all around when I crank these guys up you can hear them basically anywhere on my property, although you may go deaf standing on my porch. I bought a Yamaha receiver, with an Amazon Echo Input device so I can stream music off the speakers from anywhere, I don’t need to be connected to the wifi, the receiver, I simply just needed the Echo Input to connect the receiver to my other audio devices in the house and I can play whatever I want through the Alexa app. Its a fantastic set up and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in multi room audio. Read more

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