Polk audio atrium 6 outdoor audio system with bass reflex enclosure (pair, black) – all-climate durability large sound coverage pace-lock mounting machine

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  • install your atrium 6 audio system in any large or open area—by using a pool, in the patio, the sunroom, halls or workplace regions. They may deliver surprisingly top notch sound, outside or indoors, regardless of in which you set them up
  • ready with five 1/4″ dynamic stability driving force 1″ dome tweeter presents wider sound dispersion & fantastically powerful bass. At 100w, frequency reaction is as low as 60khz and powerport bass venting, cuts through loud, jarring history noises
  • these loudspeakers come with a steeply-angled baffle layout that fills expansive areas with full-variety sound that is certain to electrify! Fantastic aesthetics mixed & stunning energetic sound makes these speakers a preferred preference amongst song lovers global
  • atrium’s one-click velocity-lock mounting bracket gives clean, anti-slip one-exceeded installation – mount audio system vertically or horizontally, to deliver the first-class sound in an expansion of conditions. Surely mount the swiveling c-bracket, modify the perspective and fasten the speaker with a click
  • the speaker for all seasons – it’s rugged durability, high environmental persistence & advanced exceptional has helped polk outside speakers win the all-weather certification. They effects face up to excessive temperatures and heavy rain yr after 12 months
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from the manufacturer

5. 25″ dynamic balance long-throw mineral-filled polypropylene cone driver with butyl rubber surround pumps out surprising bass reaction from a compact layout.

1″ dynamic stability anodized aluminum dome tweeter with rubber surround and neodymium magnet for higher energy managing and smoother reaction.

easily transitions air drift from the speaker into your listening place for deep, prolonged bass effect while minimizing turbulence and distortion.

polk audio all-weather certified, atrium collection audio system exceed baseline business and navy specs for environmental patience (astm d5894-uv salt fog,

mil widespread 810 immersion, mil-std 883 method 1009. Eight for salt and corrosion.) polk all-climate certification manner atrium audio system can effects face up to the worst mom nature can dish out, whether its excessive temps or heavy rains.

speed-lock mounting, the perfect, fastest and most secure of all mounting systems.

truly mount the bracket and click on the speaker into place. Aim it and tighten it down.

broad coverage baffle design fills a big open outdoor area with big, complete-range sound.

the atrium 6 has a greater steeply-angled baffle design that maximizes vital mid- and excessive-frequency dispersion over a huge region, with out sacrificing element.

gold-plated 5-way binding posts for the most comfortable, dependable hookups.

aluminum grilles and bracket, with stainless-steel and brass hardware: no rust. Ever.

product description

a workhorse in terms of filling huge areas with the sort of big, lifelike high satisfactory sound for all your outdoor enjoyment. Atrium 6 speakers are all-climate certified and water-resistant—built to withstand the worst factors—salt-fog, uv, extreme temps or heavy rains, you call it. Aluminum grilles and bracket, with stainless steel and brass hardware approach no rust—ever. Polk’s patented dynamic balance era with five. 25″ driving force, 1″ tweeter and strength port bass venting analyzes the speaker’s whole electro-acoustic and mechanical system for progressed material choice and extra green geometry. These audio system are smooth to put in and appearance exquisite both outdoors and interior.


Black, White


Atrium 6

6 reviews for Polk audio atrium 6 outdoor audio system with bass reflex enclosure (pair, black) – all-climate durability large sound coverage pace-lock mounting machine

  1. Robert

    I absolutely love these speakers. As I grew tired of putting up temporary sound solutions for backyard parties, or using a bluetooth speaker for smaller events or while doing yard work, I decided it was time for a fixed outdoor audio install.I purchased a Yamaha 202 receiver with bluetooth for the garage. I got a pair of Yamaha 190s speakers for inside the garage, and a larger pair of Yamaha 390s for the exterior of the garage (facing the backyard). While the sound was great on both pairs, for highs and mids, neither really had a low end. They also both struggled to fill the space. The 190s were fighting to fill the garage, and the 390s were fighting to fill the backyard.I figured I’d try to fill the void on the low end with a sub. Quickly I learned that subs just don’t produce sound the same way outside. You need walls and ceilings and corners for bass to do it’s thing. …besides, I really didn’t want to have a sub outside. It’s just cleaner sticking with the mounted speakers.I returned the sub and started what amounted to a ton of research, and just about everything I found was pointing to the Polk Atrium 6s. I must admit I was hesitant going from a 6.5″ driver on the Yama 390s, down to a 5.25″ driver on the Polks, when my intention was go get more powerful sound, with more support on the low end of the spectrum.All I have to say is that I’m so glad I took a chance on these. Polk apparently knows what they’re doing. Don’t let the driver size deter you; these things really provide warm, well-rounded sound. As an added bonus I wasn’t expecting, the Polk A6s fill the yard with much more consistent sound, whether you’re directly in front of the speakers, or on the opposite side of the yard. I ended up returning the Yama 150s that I mounted inside the garage, moved the Yama 390s inside the garage (where they do sound much better), and I have my new Polks supporting the backyard.I should add that you should not expect these to sound like you have a subwoofer in your space. Don’t expect in-your-face bass. But do expect a very well rounded sound across all music genres. I’d buy these again in a heartbeat.Read more

  2. D. Anderson

    After 5 years, my 251s had failed due to extreme weather conditions. I replaced with the Atrium 6 units and found these vastly superior, especially considering the cost. I have the speakers mounted on a large deck about 50′ apart, and have about 5 acres in the back yard. Observations as follows:Sound quality: Much better highs and lows than the 251s. You’ll need to break in the speakers for 4-6 hours (to loosen up the voice coils) and once you do that, you’ll find much better range than the 251s. Clearer sound, much less muddy than the Bose unitsArea coverage: The Bose units do disburse sound well, as they are essentially cross firing, so for small spaces you’ll have good coverage. However, at say 100’+ straight out, the Atriums extend the sound much better and are a lot clearer.Installation: The Atrium gets the nod here, as the brackets very well designed for single hand installation. These are fairly heavy speakers, so this is really a nice factor when working off a ladder. The only thing I’d fault is it’s not possible to use straight banana plugs as the housing does not have enough room to insert these in.Warrantee: Bose does provide 5 years against 2 years for the Atriums. But if worried, get the extended warrantee package and you’ll still be money ahead of the 251sPower required: I have a big back yard (no neighbors) and like my jazz pretty loud, but even so a 50W/channel amp provides plenty of power. Pretty similar output compared with the 251s, but again a lot cleaner. Note-these are 6 ohm speakers, so be careful if you plan to run 2 sets of these in parallel.It the money was equal, the Atriums would be a better choice than the 251s. In reality, the 251s are a lot more expensive so this is really a no brainer choice. Wish I would have seen these 5 years ago before I got the 251s!Read more

  3. Sumaansi

    I bought this because of the reviews and because I had been a long-time Polk and Definitive loyalist. When I went to mount this, the “speed-lock mounting system” turned out to be defective, as one end kept rotating freely without tightening. Instead of returning it immediately, I called Polk tech support, and that’s when the frustrations began to mount. I spoke to a guy Kim, who gave me a reference # on 5/20/19 for an order he put in to replace the speaker, but I was suspicious when I never got a confirming e-mail. Sure enough, when I did not get the part, I called on 5/31/19 and no one knew anything about it. I asked Greg to have a supervisor call me; he said he would – never got a call. Will just try to return to Amazon at this point. Very disappointing!Read more

  4. Ronald J. Martinkus

    I LOVE POLK…..and these also sound great. Easy install. I had first gotten the Atrium 5, and returned it. The Atrium 6 has much better bass (big sound difference)…..and also note: while it does not say in the amazon description, it says on the owners manual – the Atrium 6 (and larger Atrium) – have a back port for 3db greater bass response. And it does. The Atrium 5 did not…..So, if you like deeper sound – purchase the Atrium 6. Great for late night jazz. ….also, i got a good deal off the open box WAREHOUSE DEALS with amazon.Read more

  5. Wes Hartman

    Large outdoor area coverage is great! I bought outdoor 14 gauage buriable wire, 4×4 deck posts and bored through them each way for a seamless look. Then i buried the posts and cemented them. I have 4 of these atrium 6 speakers with an underpowered receiver and they still sound great!Read more

  6. MikeS

    As another reviewer mentioned, don’t plan on using banana plugs with these. Pictured is a dual banana plug (a canonical Genrad 274-MB, which defined the genre). They need to make the recess larger, or angle the binding posts more.Not really an issue if permanently mounted, just use spade lugs, or even clamp the wire. But if you want to move them around, that’s much more difficult than simply using a dual banana plug.Dinged one star for poor design.Read more

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