Osd three” panorama in floor 60w speaker, outdoor weather resistant, ls3 bronze (pair)

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  • outside: the osd audio in-floor landscape outside lawn speaker pair seamlessly blends in with your ornamental home landscape. The function sealed enclosures with build-in wires that make them completely weatherproof.
  • weather resistant: the ls3-pe can handle temperature fluctuations from -20f to 200f at some point of changing seasons. Rated ip66, iit is designed to resist all-climate consisting of water, splashing, and rain.
  • power: this high powered speaker has the ability to kick out 60 watts and has a frequency response of 150hz – 20khz to surround a yard, porch or deck space along with your preferred track.
  • sound high-quality: every speaker comes with an included power-baffle meeting to supply powerful sound where you work, play and spend time with pals and family outdoors.
  • design: the ls3 audio system function a supersonic design and included drive/baffle assembly filling big backyards or patios with surround sound and full, strong bass while including smooth and present day touches on your outside area.
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product description

the audio ls3-pe landscape outside speaker gadget from outdoor speaker depot includes a sleek pair of black speakers that supplement any outdoor panorama. The superior sound exceptional makes this a sophisticated preference for outside enjoyable at home or eating place, bar, vineyard or inn venues with out of doors venues. Every speaker comes with an integrated drive-baffle meeting for max sound satisfactory. Those are all-climate audio system with built-in stands, integrated wiring and sealed enclosures to guard inside components from the elements.


2.5", 3", 5.25", 6.5"


Pendant w/ Landscape Kit

8 reviews for Osd three” panorama in floor 60w speaker, outdoor weather resistant, ls3 bronze (pair)

  1. Jeffrey

    This is one of those good / bad reviews. First the bad. The base mounts on both speakers was broken. The box seemed to be intact so I’m assuming these were not a return from someone who over-tighten the screws. I’m going with over tighten at the factory. I was on a schedule to finish getting the backyard ready for a party…. so rather than returning the speakers, got the super glue out, and repaired the problem. Now the good new. The speaker sounds great. I purchased these to be inconspicuous, which they are. The rest of the speakers in the yard are 8″, and these little 3″ speakers hold their own in balance with the larger speakers. All in all worth the money. Read more

  2. Robert

    Pros: Sound great , easy to install, convenient easily removeable connector for speaker inputs Cons: outer material could be a little better at resisting scratches I added these speakers to my existing outdoor entertainment center. I was already using the JAMO 8 x satellite speakers with Jamo JDA500 amp + in ground subwoofer , 70 volt setup. Speakers were roughly 8-10 feet surrounding my pool. Set up is running through a dedicated Onkyo receiver. I wanted to add more speakers in the backyard, which requires an additional amplifier daisy chained to the current amp. Jamo appears to be out of business, so I went on the hunt for an amplifier and nice outdoor grade speakers. I came across these. The OSD Audio Forca 5.25″ speakers are in a rather large housing, but that is to be expected for an enclosed speaker setup like this. I purchased the additional mounting kit to mount the speakers to masonry. Install was simple, and made even easier with the ability to daisy chain speakers with the connectors. The rear of the speaker can be removed to change the speaker setting to 30watt, 15 watt, 7.5watt (in 70 volt mode) , or 8 ohm setting. I am using a Monoprice 120 watt amplifier to drive 4 speakers on the 15 watt setting. Overall, great speakers at a great price. Hopefully they withstand the test of time Read more

  3. Jay D.

    This will be the 3rd summer for these speakers being put on 2 different hillsides around my pool. They sound great and seem durable other than the adjustment mechanism to tilt the speaker up or down on the stake. One broke on me last year. I fixed it with a regular nut, bolt and washer. This year the same one broke again. Now I have a friggin hose clamp holding it to the stake. Still, these are awesome and I’d recommend them. I have them running on 100 ft of extension cord to an old Yamaha RXV377, an Infinity sub and 2 old 12″ I have set as rear channels inside the garage. I’d like to buy just one and use it as a center channel on the hillside in the middle of the other 2, but looks like they only come in pairs. Read more

  4. Dennis

    I long for the day more of these LS2s are available on Amazon! These speakers have the clarity and fullness of a premium set of satellites. If you are looking for an attractive soffit or gaden speaker, this is the one! Read more

  5. Esteban

    Ive had these little speakers for over a year now, powerd by sony receiver. They sound very clear and clean. I have 6 pairs of them through my yard and everywhere you, there clean audio. I have them next to landscape lights and they just kinda disappear untill you hear them. I would definitely recommend these speakers. My yard is about 65’x90′ with a pretty loud waterfall and they’re still amazing. Get yourself a pair….or two. You wont be disappointed. Read more

  6. John Lambert

    Only dislike is the wire connectors are those mini screwdriver style and I had thicker gauge wire.. Wish it was banana clip like stereo Read more

  7. Sean Gorham

    Don’t purchase these speakers if you are looking to hear sound throughout your whole yard, unless you yard happens to be 10×10. I gave them 2 stars because I’m at least they were packaged well and do play sound. However, they will need an independent volume knob for each speaker. For some reason, they are not audible at the same level as other speakers run from the same amp. Read more

  8. Rob B

    Sound quality is perfect. Looks like regular landscape lights. Read more

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