Osd audio 70v industrial patio speaker architectural indoor outside ap520t white pair

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  • transfer assembly: this speaker is prepared with an “on the fly” 70v switch meeting which permits an installer to swiftly switch to the correct 70v wattage faucet with out soldering, tapping or disassembly.
  • layout: the osd audio 70v patio speaker pair may be daisy-chained for lengthy distance runs. It is able to be installation for a home patio or business locations with 30, sixteen, eight and 4-watt taps.
  • mount: there are bendy mounting brackets blanketed to assist with mounting the speaker vertically or horizontally. Mount beneath a blanketed place for this 5. 25 inch speaker to be optimized.
  • out of doors: the speaker is constructed to last out of doors with a mineral filled composite cabinet which could cope with temperature fluctuations from –20f to 200f. Have amazing sound fine even whilst you’re exterior.
  • present day: a graceful current fancy look comes from the powder-coated rust-resistant grille for the speaker to ultimate whether or not it’s far used interior or outside. This fine accessory blends into the decor.
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product description

osd audio outdoor weather-resistant patio speaker pair

these speakers are designed with aerospace grade multi-layer composite cabinetry to resist all varieties of weather.

osd audio’s patio speakers characteristic swivel and complete motion mounting brackets on maximum fashions.

the patio speakers offer clean excessive contemporary for clean high and occasional sound at any volume.

a couple of sizes for anything your want. From four” to the larger 8” speakers for greater bass and insurance with larger areas.

  • powder-covered rust-resistant grille
  • excessive excellent sound
  • durable creation
  • weather resistant
  • best indoors or outdoors
  • osd audio five. 25″ outdoor patio speaker pair

    the great manner to pipe notable sound to any outside area is to put in all-weather audio system, and our ap520 out of doors patio speakers fit the bill. To be had in black and white, these present day, sleek speakers are budget friendly and offer superior sound exceptional. With compact cabinetry, those audio system are awesome for outdoor areas among three hundred and 500 square feet.

  • all-climate layout withstands even harsh climates
  • gold-plated 5-way binding put up
  • mounting brackets covered
  • 1. How are these speakers powered?

    the ap520 patio audio system require an amplifier or reciever so as for those to work. And we might endorse both tool that may push out at least 60 watts of electricity.

    2. Am i able to join my cellphone to them?

    those speakers are sadly no longer bluetooth and do no longer have any auxiliary ports. You will want to run your phone in your amplifier or receiver on the way to play track.

    three. Do i want unique cable to run these?

    we strongly recommend the usage of our cl3 burial rated speaker wire. Which we provide in diverse gauge sizes, conductor versions, and lengths.

    four. A way to pick my patio audio system?

    in case you’re trying to fill your yard or patio with exceptional-sounding music, the ap520 is a exceptional choice. However it does all depend upon the dimensions of your supposed listening area. We suggest spacing these audio system a maximum of 25 toes aside for the first-class sound best and coverage. If you may be covering a reasonably first rate-sized vicinity, then we recommend searching into our ap640 or ap650 patio speakers.

    osd audio


    5.25", 6.5", 8"


    Black, White


    AP520, AP525, AP640, AP650, AP670, AP840, AP850

    8 reviews for Osd audio 70v industrial patio speaker architectural indoor outside ap520t white pair

    1. S. Skripek

      I bought these speakers to upgrade my outdoor area. I spent a lot of time, and read a lot of reviews about different outdoor speakers and these consistently came out on top for sound quality and constuction. Well the sound quality is good, that’s the one thing to be happy about. The back panel on the speakers has a very poor fit, and the doors drop/fall off all the time. They also don’t do a very good job of keeping the wires dry and as a result there’s some corrosion forming on the wires. I did take these down for the winter, so they are summer only… but I wish the housing sealed the wiring in better. I attempted several times to contact the manufacturer about this issue with no response. Read more

    2. vwbasshead

      These are a really strong value for outdoor speakers hitting what I think is a sweet spot in price. There’s a lot of really cheap and really expensive outdoor speakers on the market, I think these hit a good mid point and deliver quality for the money. The woofers are sealed, not ported, so out of the box they have less bass than some other designs, but with a little EQ (bass boost) they can sound significantly better than their ported counterparts. Top end is clear but not harsh thanks to the soft dome tweeter. I mounted them under an eave by my patio and the brackets were easy to use. Complaints: * spring-loaded terminals are tiny, would much rather have something that accepts banana plugs or speakon * tweeter waveguide is setup for horizontal dispersion, but I have to mount them on their side which messed that up a bit, wish it was round or adjustable. Overall, super happy for the money spent. having them always there and hooked up to an amp and airport express means I can just walk outside and cast music from my phone on demand. no more charging portable speakers or lugging equipment outside. Read more

    3. AG810nm

      Probably my only compliant is that I can’t use my Sewell Direct SW-29863-12 Deadbolt Banana Plugs. The plugs on the speakers have a solid bottom stopping the banana plugs from seating. That makes it so that I have to use the cable screws. I much prefer to use banana plugs instead of the cable screws. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound. I hooked them up to an old Kenwood receiver and wow. Much better sound than I was expecting. The speakers are also bigger than I thought (yes, I know the dimensions were listed, but seeing the speakers is different than reading the dimensions) but that won’t matter. I am going to install the speakers on the side of the garden shed. I am really looking forward to having real sound instead of using the little bluetooth speaker that I had. Read more

    4. M. Payne

      I have installed outdoor speakers before (15+ years ago) & they have not changed much. These are outdoor patio/porch speaker – NOT waterproof – underwater or bury in the snow speakers. Their frequency response – meaning the range of sound they will reproduce is decent for a small speaker 90 – 20k. Not earthquake bass nor timpani treble – basic decent sound. I think their best use would be for under-eave placement and background music outside. Their impedance is 8-ohms – an industry standard for most amplifiers. There are straight speakers requiring an amp or pre-amp connection. Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      Installed the speakers 2 years ago in the early spring in my gazebo. Good full sounding bass for an outdoor speaker. However, the next spring one of the speakers developed a flutter at a lower end frequency. Customer support was courteous and offered some suggestions but I was out of the warranty so nothing much they could do. I took the speaker apart, and noticed some holes around the cone. It sounded like something was loose in there. I had to make a small slit to get it out. A stink bug had crawled in there. The wire mesh over the front of the speaker had come slightly loose, and I guess he crawled in there to hunker down for the winter. After I got him out, the flutter was gone. Speakers still sound great. Read more

    6. ahornATX

      I cracked up when we were out by the pool. Our neighbor was over and we were testing them out. The wife came running into the backyard after checking the mail and said “TURN IT DOWN, THE MAILBOX IS VIBRATING”. Obviously she was exaggerating a little but these things are NICE even with my small Pyle receiver. One of those lil bitty ones, not full size Read more

    7. jmgadget

      One of my best purchases on Amazon. I installed these speakers under the eaves of my pool house and they don’t get direct rain or snow but my eaves are not deep so face of speaker is slightly exposed. They have been installed for 3 years now and haven’t been removed during the winter. I did take the screen covers off last year to spray paint white because they had discolored some from what looked like rust. The quality of the sound is perfect for where I have them. I’m sitting 40 ft away and the sound is very good for an outdoor speaker. I’m driving them with a car stereo unit plugged into a 12volt adapter. Very happy! Read more

    8. Gabriel I.

      Great looking outdoor speakers, good quality sound, with decent amount of bass and good stereo image. My only complains are about the binding posts: they wont accept 12 awg wires that I use for long runs around the yard. The binding posts housing cover is weak, falls off, however it can be placed in any position to prevent water infiltration to the wires and posts. Read more

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