Osd audio 70v industrial five. 25″ patio speaker indoor outdoor pair white ap520t

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  • 70v switch: this speaker is equipped with an “at the fly” 70v switch meeting which lets in an installer to unexpectedly transfer to the suitable 70v wattage faucet with out soldering, tapping or disassembly.
  • design: the osd audio 70v commercial pair patio speaker can be daisy-chained for lengthy distance runs. It could be set up outdoor for a domestic patio or industrial places with 30, sixteen, 8, and 4-watt taps.
  • durable: manufactured with chrome steel hardware for lengthy-lasting durability. Place under a included place for greatest weatherproof capability and accelerated sturdiness.
  • outside: the speaker is constructed to last outside with a mineral stuffed composite cupboard that may handle temperature fluctuations from –20f to 200f. Have wonderful sound satisfactory even when you’re outdoors.
  • mount: the bendy mounting bracket allows for both horizontal or vertical installation. It has a powder-covered rust-resistant grille for the first-rate safety and suits into any out of doors decor.
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product description

osd audio 5. 25″ commercial 70v out of doors patio speaker pair

those speakers are designed with aerospace grade multi-layer composite cabinetry to face up to all sorts of weather.

osd audio’s patio audio system characteristic swivel and full movement mounting brackets on maximum fashions.

the patio audio system offer easy excessive contemporary for clean excessive and coffee sound at any quantity.

a couple of sizes for anything your want. From 4″ to the larger eight” speakers for greater bass and coverage with large regions.

  • powder-coated rust-resistant grille
  • excessive nice sound
  • long lasting construction
  • weather resistant
  • best interior or outside
  • osd audio five. 25″ outdoor patio 70v speaker pair

    get ready to jam in any outside or indoor, residential, or commercial area with those five. 25″ patio speakers. These audio system are ready with an “at the fly” 70v transfer meeting which lets in an installer to rapidly switch to the appropriate 70v wattage tap without soldering, tapping or disassembly. With compact cabinetry, those audio system are top notch for outdoor spaces among three hundred and 500 rectangular ft.

  • all-climate layout withstands even harsh climates
  • without problems daisy-chain for long distance runs
  • built for all forms of climate
  • 1. How are those audio system powered?

    the ap520 patio audio system require an amplifier or reciever in order for these to paintings. And we might endorse either device which could push out at the least 60 watts of energy.

    2. Am i able to connect my telephone to them?

    these audio system are lamentably now not bluetooth and do no longer have any auxiliary ports. You may need to run your cellphone to your amplifier or receiver with a view to play song.

    three. Do i need special cable to run these?

    we strongly advocate the usage of our cl3 burial rated speaker wire. Which we provide in various gauge sizes, conductor versions, and lengths.

    4. The way to pick my patio audio system?

    in case you’re looking to fill your backyard or patio with tremendous-sounding music, the ap520 is a extremely good desire. But it does all depend upon the dimensions of your supposed listening area. We advocate spacing these audio system a most of 25 toes aside for the excellent sound pleasant and insurance. If you’ll be protecting a fairly respectable-sized place, then we advocate looking into our ap640 or ap650 patio audio system.

    osd audio


    5.25", 6.5"


    Black, White


    AP520-70V, AP525-70V, AP640-70V, AP650-70V

    8 reviews for Osd audio 70v industrial five. 25″ patio speaker indoor outdoor pair white ap520t

    1. WEC

      We are a AV contractor, the manufacturers we sell were too expensive for the customers left over budget so we kept trimming our labor until we would be doing it for practically nothing. Plus, freight, pain to order by faxing in a purchase order, wait a day for a factory sales rep to key the order. I told the government customer my issues he said? Why did you specify the brand of speakers? I said because we are dealers. He said, does Amazon have any alternatives? I looked and found these for a fraction of the price. Feedback was great, I showed the customer who then told us go ahead and order them because they wanted us to keep the profits. We ordered and installed them they were better than expected and the customer let us keep the few hundred dollars left over. It worked out well so I plan to order more. Read more

    2. Todd90230

      I have ten of these speakers in my yard so that I can have nice background music at a party or just when I work in the yard. The oldest of the pairs has been in my yard almost 4 years with no loss in audio quality. They are kind of large in size, but I have placed them on fence posts with light foliage in front so that they blend in. I have a small yard, so I could have used fewer of the speakers, but I have used more so that I can keep the volume low during a party but still have nice audio coverage everywhere in the yard. Great quality. Easy to install. All of mine are fully exposed to the weather (not under eaves) and have survived very well. Read more

    3. Billye Lajaunie

      Sound is very clear. Speakers were easy to install. We did not connect the Bluetooth. So I can’t give an opinion for the Bluetooth. Read more

    4. Paradise Computers

      I just finished installing 14 of these inside, and 3 outside. Using 2 separate daisy chained 70V 200watt amplifiers. 2 separate volume controls. I set each speaker at 16watt. They sound great. Would probably sound better with a more powerful amplifier, but still sounds great. Read more

    5. DragonLight

      Order 2 pairs of these for our shop, needed 70v speakers for background music, they work good and sound good too. Warning they are heavy though! Make sure you use a studfinder and screw them into a stud with 4 long screws, they’re to heavy to mount to drywall alone and will come off if you try! Read more


      Great sound for the price. Was looking to replace old Radio Shack speakers and these sound great. Read more

    7. Curlee California

      I had actually ordered the AP520, but I instead received the AP525 70V. Trust me when I say that it was a blessing in disguise. If you see the photo for the AP525 model, you’ll notice that the overall style and mounting bracket is different. BUY this or the 70v version! It is far, far, far more versatile because of that bracket and you nearly have endless amounts of ways that you can mount it. Had I received the other model with the simple, straight bracket, I would not have been able to put them where they ended up. They are stupid simple to install. Sound – I didn’t have high expectations to begin with, but considering the low price and well built construction, the sound is pretty good. The majority is going to depend on your receiver and whether you have any EQ options. I’d put them in the spectrum of very flat sounding (which is good), but lacking a bit in bass for my particular environment. It’s only a 5.25″ woofer in a sealed cabinet, so you are only going to have so much bass to begin with. My setup is with an SMSL SA50 amplifier that has no EQ, which is fine, but I added a Behringer FBQ800 to shape it better for my room. That’s probably overkill, but good sound doesn’t come super cheap. As soon the EQ is boosted for bass with a slight roll off in in high-mids, they liven right up without being harsh. This is not earth shaking bass we’re talking about here, but just enough to get it to cut through better. If you want BASS, add a sub. Overall, I’d buy them again without hesitation if I needed an all-weather speaker. Read more

    8. David J. Riffle

      Needed 70 volt capable speakers for a quick indoor install. 4 of these sound great running Internet radio using a Grace Digital receiver and a TOA A906 amp. Easy to install and came with the brackets needed. Very good stuff for the price. Read more

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