Osd audio 400w ported cylinder cabinetry home theater subwoofer, nero tubebass-10

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  • osd audio’s nero tune bass 10 is an smooth and low-cost way to feature intestine-wrenching bass to domestic theaters, media rooms and gaming areas
  • this compact but powerful down-firing subwoofer hides in corners or in the back of furnishings and is only sizeable when you crank up the extent and revel in the low frequency sound on your dwelling room, home theater or gaming place
  • adding bass on your area, even if your area is small, is less difficult than you ever concept with our nero-tubebass 10 cylinder subwoofer
  • 400w of energy handing fills up big, medium and small areas
  • includes a ten” down-firing motive force for gut-wrenching, low-frequency sound effects
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product description

optimum speaker design is engaged inside the design, engineering, and distribution of awesome domestic and business audio products. Our products range in complexity from easy in-ceiling audio system to whole residence audio systems – all with beautiful styling and excessive-stop sound pleasant. Our u. S.-based research, improvement, and design group is supported with the aid of a network of contemporary acoustical, mechanical, and electrical engineers. Together, we create products that combine the modern generation without problems of use for a fine sound revel in.

we need you to have alternatives, and with multiple size levels from unmarried 8”, dual 8”, and as much as 12”, we have the proper length subwoofer on your needs.

some customers could instead listen than see their subwoofer, which is why we offer sub alternatives from a discreet trimless in-wall to effective ground status designs.

experience deep, easy, low bass to supply intense sensory satisfaction to your property theater, media room, or 2 channel stereo gadget.

our subs offer efficient excessive-energy handling for choicest sound output. Enhance otherwise skinny-sounding speaker setups with spine-tingling bass notes.

  • segment, crossover, and volume control
  • fills in lfe lacking from your private home theater or audio device
  • like minded with any type of loudspeaker and a/v receiver
  • osd audio 10″ ported cylinder cabinertry 400w

    the specific subwoofer gives massive box sound in a area-green, cylinder-fashioned enclosure for deep, stable bass. Our nero-tubebass10 is a down-firing subwoofer via layout and coupled with the cylindrical design allows extraordinarily low distortion and clean deep bass.

  • space-green, cylinder-formed enclosure
  • decoupled with feet so not in direct contact with the ground
  • 10” down-firing driver serves up distortion-unfastened bass
  • size_name

    Dual 8" DSP, Slim 8" DSP, 10", 10" Cylinder, 12"

    5 reviews for Osd audio 400w ported cylinder cabinetry home theater subwoofer, nero tubebass-10

    1. Amazon Customer

      The good: 1. Great packaging. 2. Acceptable sound quality but not even close to another brand sub-woofer I have that was 10% more. The bad: 1. The seam on one edge has a split about 1-1.5″ long. Poor quality control? Or was this used as a demo? 2. The unit comes with four legs on the side with the speaker and controls. But, the plug is on that same side, and it is deeper than the legs. So, you cannot set the unit with the speaker facing down without it wobbling. It settles on three legs and the plug. You must stand it on its side or the plug will be setting on the surface. This is basic design and quality control. If you miss this, what else did you miss? So, I spend the next week listening to determine if the sound is decent. Returning with Amazon is a hassle so I will probably keep this if the sound is half way decent. But, I would warn you: these oversights are so basic that you just have to wonder who is in charge of this group. How do you ship a unit with an obvious defect in the structure? And, how does a product with such a basic design flaw (the deep plug/short legs) even get approved to go to market? Read more

    2. Steve E.

      Pros: – Slim design fits anywhere. Perfect for my small bedroom. – Inputs and controls are well laid out, better than some of the other budget brands making this same kind of sub. – Fills out a 5.1 surround system nicely. It’s not super powerful bass, but it provides decent weight and certain low frequencies it does a really good job with (I’d say in the 60 – 100hz range). Cons: – Distortion at medium-high levels of bass. Really don’t think this is actually a 200W sub. – Suffers from port chuffing – that “whump” sound you get when a subwoofer can’t quite reproduce a low frequency and it almost sounds like the woofer cone is slapping against the enclosure. Other thoughts: Why would you need L/R (stereo) RCA input when the LFE channel in surround sound is mono? It sounds identical just plugging one half of a stereo RCA cable in. If you’re using this with a normal surround receiver, you only need mono-mono. No need to overspend on fancy male to dual male RCA cables. I have one, but there is no sound improvement vs. single RCA. Summary: a space saving sub that gets the job done in modest surround sound setups, but has some difficulty with really low frequencies (50Hz and under) and medium to high output. Get ready to hear rattling and distortion any time the bass gets too energetic in movies and music. But if you keep it toned down, and your room is small-ish, it will do the job just fine. Read more

    3. Matt

      I have this hooked up to my older Pioneer receiver and the sound quality truly belies its diminutive nature. the passive radiator does a lot to enhance the sound presence of this 8″ woofer and having multiple options for sound input is a saving grace. While the coax connection for the subwoofer did not want to play nice with my receiver, having the speaker cable in/out was exactly what the system needed to work the exact way I wanted it to. The auto on/off feature is a great addition, and the adjustments are simple and straightforward to get exact sound you’d like without too many adjustments in the receiver EQ required. Definitely a worthwhile addition to any home theater without room for a massive sub. Read more

    4. JC

      I bought 2 subs to replace my Definitive Technology procinema 600 subwoofer. The OSD cabinet finish is perfect and matches my other speakers ( procinema 600 with Dolby atmos front speakers and I added 5 additional tweeters for extra high frequency for detail) for both movies and music.. They take time to break-in. They sound very clear and you do feel the bass depending on what is playing. Keep in mind these are 8inch subs they work perfectly for my set up as it is a small room. Will buy other OSD products. They also play excellent with music. I just installed the Dayton DSP-LF (subwoofer Digital Sound Processor Low Frequency) works with the Iwoofer app. I am now totally impressed on the capabilities of these subs. Also note OSD do sell an upgraded version of theses subs with dual passive radiators ( Black Series Triple 8)and includes the same DSP inside the sub controlled by Iwoofer. app. Read more

    5. Terronaut

      I bought this OSD Audio Nero Dual X8 to add to a secondary, 2 channel audio system that’s in a front room of my house and it really did the trick. I have multiple audio systems, several 12″ subs, tube amps, etc. so didn’t expect adding an 8″ sub in the front room was going to be earth shaking – but that wasn’t my goal either. The system is a “Zone 2” to my larger audio system and is only a two-channel system to watch occasional TV and play music throughout the house via Zone 2 from the main system. I have a decent amp and two bookshelf speakers in this front room and really wanted to just “bump” the LFE signal a bit for TV and low-level music when I’m at my dining table and to fill the house with more even sound. I have multiple 12″ subs in my main audio room, so I knew I wasn’t going to get chest thumping low end from an 8″ sub – but this little Nero really filled the gap well where I needed it! I hooked it up, adjusted the crossover, set my AVR/AMP accordingly – AND used an SPL meter to dial all three speakers in (including the Nero) and frankly it sounds really nice. I play music at fairly low levels in this front room but when I step into my office (an adjacent room) I can still sense the bass frequencies well. I do wish this little bugger had an actual LFE input and crossover by-pass (which I could have sworn it had when I looked at it on Amazon the first time) but all in all it works well when set up properly and for the price point I suppose it is what it is. The over-all build quality is good, and it has an exceptionally small footprint which may be attractive to you if you have a small living space. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for a 5.1+surround system and for movie watching (always go bigger if you can) but if you listen at low levels in a small room then maybe it’d work well for you there. Read more

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