Moukey four+2+1″ three-manner powered bluetooth five. Zero bookshelf speakers, 2. 0 stereo lively near discipline studio monitors, wood enclosure, 50w rms ma20-1

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  • three-manner frequency: it is composed of 4+2+1 three audio system, chargeable for deducing each detail of the 20-20000hz frequency band. The high frequency of this bookshelf speakers is vivid but no longer harsh, and the information are nicely processed; the center frequency highlights the human voice and restores the real voice of the singer; the low frequency element is strong and effective, and full of surprise.
  • bluetooth five. 0: efficient and solid wireless transmission, easy to connect with gadgets with bluetooth wireless transmission era, experience absolutely efficient, superb wireless tune.
  • auxiliary enter and output-with three. 5mm headphone output, you may connect your headphones for listening to track. Rca enter characteristic, receiving rca or three. 5mm audio indicators from other gadgets. Tap the extent knob to switch among aux, rca mode (purple mild) or bluetooth mode (blue mild).
  • remote control: modify extent, track order and mute off features whenever you want. The bass and treble controls are placed on the facet of the primary speaker.
  • wooden build shape – huge utility: the pursuit of sound exceptional healing, this product is product of pure wooden, suitable for a selection of use situations, which include domestic, recording studio, private studio, pc, sound fine manufacturing, etc.

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product description

moukey three-way active bookshelf audio system – bluetooth five. 0

moukey ma20-1 is a 3-manner stereo active bluetooth 5. 0 bookshelf speakers based on multiple scenes which includes home, observe, bedroom, and recording studio.

the most marvelous feathers of the ma20-1 audio system is the reliable overall performance, whether within the complete manufacturing method, cupboard layout, or audio first-rate, more than one checks and studies are achieved.

moukey chooses the first-rate 4+2+1 software to interpret the three frequency bands of high, middle, and occasional respectively. And bookshelf audio system keep the real sound of the song.

the bluetooth 5. 0 function and a compact-sized remote manage are ready, making it viable to replace songs and enjoy entertainment freely even in a complex environment.

which will cowl the wide frequency range of 20-20khz, our energetic bluetooth bookshelf speakers research room took a long term to analyze and convey the three-way mode, in order that the active bookshelf speakers have a hifi-stage listening enjoy.

the high-grade wooden creates a thick cabinet in order that the speakers have higher performance beneath exclusive sound stages.

the detachable grille can not handiest shield the loudspeaker however additionally enhance the complete container, which is extra suitable for the home style.

Package Dimensions

17.2, x, 13.8, x, 7.7, inches

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14.74, pounds





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November, 13, 2020

5 reviews for Moukey four+2+1″ three-manner powered bluetooth five. Zero bookshelf speakers, 2. 0 stereo lively near discipline studio monitors, wood enclosure, 50w rms ma20-1

  1. TEB

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. These speakers were the perfect size to fit on my record stand with my record player. The sound is fantastic for my living room space too. The speakers have some basic EQ settings for Treble and Bass. I like them with with the Treble at +4 and Bass at +6 for my listening preference. These connected without issue using the Red and White RCA plugs from my record player (which has a built in phono preamp so there’s no need for an additional amplifier before the speaker). I was also able to easily pair these speakers via Bluetooth with my iPhone and stream from Apple Music. I had no issues with Bluetooth connectivity dropping at all while playing. The included remote control with these speaker also worked as expected; allowing me to control the volume and skip songs without needing to touch the speakers directly or change songs on my phone. I also think the aesthetics of the speakers look good. I prefer them with the covers on for my home, but they look really good with covers off too. Overall, I’m really happy with them at this price point; they exceed my expectations for sound quality and work well with the audio input devices that I wanted to use them for. Read more

  2. De Lazzari’s

    I order this pair of Moukey active speakers because I wanted a consumer level pair of bookshelf speaker to contrast my prosumer studio monitor M-Audio StudioPhile BX5a. I was quite impress with them. Let start with the pro. Ergonomics: the design is fantastic. The control volume and eq on the side are a pleasure to use. No more reaching behind the speakers to adjust the volume and eq. The mechanism to select different input took me some time to figure it out (who is reading manuals? Certainly not me) That system woul’d be my first choice but I can live with it. The remote control is a nice add on. Sound: The sound is impressive, I was expecting something with lower performances but I was surprised. Those speakers have a nice crisp sound, very articulate. I can hear a lot of details in the mid and mid hi frequency that I cannot hear with the M-Audio. The sound is refined and lively. The M-Audio are more h honky and mid push but not in a nice way. The M-Audio sounds cheaper and less hi-fi. That was quite a surprise for me I didn’t expect that. There are few cons that I’ve experienced: Bass response: Obviously is not really fair to compare a 5 inch 2 way speaker with a 4 inch 3 way speaker however the bass response of the 4 inch is less prominent that is to be expected, the bass response is limited but not lacking, perfectly acceptable for nearfield. For the price you can easily add a small subwoofer and have a much superior system that any other 3 way system. I personally experienced an issue during shipping, the first pair arrived damaged but Amazon was very prompt on substitute the first pair with a new one. Thank you Amazon and Moukey! Overall I am really satisfied with the speakers … did I mentioned that those speakers have a bluetooth build it? So convenient to play music direct from you phone… Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Love these speakers for cranking out tunes while working out or hanging in my basement! They are plenty loud and have some good power. The Bluetooth is great and makes it easy to connect and play music very quickly. Some good eq optioms for treble and bass as I tried to show in the video but not sure if it will do the audio justice. I recommend these speakers, they are very solid for the price and have some quality features. Read more

  4. Blister64

    Long story short… Skip buying a soundbar for your TV and grab these bookshelf speakers! Before going any further, I have years of experience with many different types of speaker setups, including DIY builds I’ve done, several home theater systems I’ve bought, and currently do reviews for some major speakers/amplifier companies on YouTube. I’ve heard a variety of setups and know how certain tracks and movies should sound. And yes, while sound is very subjective, I can recognize when a speakers is garbage or not. All this to say, this is not my first experience with a set of bookshelf speakers or my first “upgrade” for a TV. Take that how you will, hopefully my experience with these will be helpful in your purchase decision. — It’s pretty amazing what you can get for under $100 these days… I wanted to grab something for our bedroom TV that would allow us to have better sound when watching shows late at night and give us a good setup for listening to music getting ready throughout the morning. Going into it, I knew I didn’t want a sound bar. In my opinion, they have limited setup (can only be placed directly below TV), poor stereo separation, and tiny speakers to keep the slim design, meaning less bass (unless you get a separate subwoofer). So, after looking at a few different options, and knowing I didn’t need anything expensive for the limited use we needed them for, I came across the Moukey 3 way Bookshelf speakers… Looks: These have a decent wood veneer finish on the sides and a plastic top made to look like aluminum. Honestly, not a bad color combo and would match most decors around our home. With the silver grill on, they are pretty inconspicuous. Take it off, and you have some aggressive looking black drivers. I prefer to see the drivers on most speakers, and this is no exception. The driver/port layout is a bit odd… but they’ve crammed a lot into a small package. Overall, the looks do it for me. Controls/Connectivity: The control panel is located on the outside of the right channel speaker. You’ll find a Treble, Bass, and Volume knob which also acts as the selector between sources (Bluetooth or AUX). Pretty basic, but you do have the ability to dial in the speakers a bit, which you’ll need to do. More on that in a bit. I wish the volume increased in smaller increments, though I’m used to having adjustments down to the 1/2 decibel. There’s a small credit card remote that will adjust the volume and source as well. It’s nothing special, but does the job. On the back, you have inputs for stereo RCA and 3.5mm. And for some reason a headphone out… Would like to have had an optical spdif in as well, but I have adapters if I need to use it. The amplifier is in the right channel only, so you’ll have speaker terminals on the back of each speaker that you’ll need to connect to get the signal to the left channel. All the wiring is included, as well as RCA cables and a 3.5mm to RCA cable if you need to connect the signal through that route. Also, probably the most common use people will use, is the Bluetooth connectivity. It’s easy to setup, has had great range with my Note10 phone, and just works. No complaints there. Overall, for the price range, connectivity has plenty of options and works well. Sound: Ah the sound… That’s what you’re here for right? Well lets just start this out with the understanding that these are UNDER $100! I’ve bought HDMI cables more expensive than this speaker package… The value factor is waaaay up there on this one. As long as they sound good, that is… Well, they take a little tweaking, but I’ve been pretty happy with the sound overall. If you don’t tough the Treble and Bass knobs, you’ll probably be disappointed. They really need a boost in both ranges. Each go from -6 to +6. I found the bass sounded more full around the +3 mark for me, maybe a tad more. These will start sounding pretty muddy if you crank the Bass knob all the way up, so you’ll have to find your happy place when you start listening to them. The mids/highs will sound pretty flat unless you turn the Treble up. My preference was about +4 on the knob. This gave me a decent sound when listening to music tracks I know very well. Voices were clear, bass was decent (down to about the 40 Hz range), and the sound was laid back. Don’t expect room shaking bass. 4 inch drivers aren’t going to do that. You will get a decent little thump comparable to it’s size, and pretty good bass definition down to the 40-50 Hz range. Rap/techno/house music won’t thump like with a subwoofer. But it’s honorable, for the size/price. Mids are still a little flat, but overall these were enjoyable to throw on some music to listen to while testing. These won’t drive you out of the room volume wise, but they will get loud enough to fill a smaller space with accurate sound. Bedroom, office, small TV room… These fit the bill great for that sort of space. Watching TV shows is much more enjoyable that using TV speakers in every aspect. Better left/right channel separation, clearer voices, better soundtracks, and a clearer/louder option. Plus you have another advantage over a soundbar with placement flexibility and better stereo separation. Biggest down side is the remote… There is no way to control the sound with your TV using the AUX input. You will either need to use the side volume knob or add another remote to your collection to keep track of with the provided remote. Final thoughts: There are many options out there to upgrade your experience with music and TV/movies. There are many options that are under $100, like this one. The problem becomes determining which are crap, and which are not. Bottom line, this is a good set of bookshelf speakers that will improve your music and movie experience without breaking the bank. I’ve had sub-$100 soundbars (with subwoofers) that sound like a cell phone taped to the bottom of your TV. Absolute trash. The Moukey 4+2+1 bookshelf speakers have a fantastic sound with decent bass that’s easy to connect to with multiple devices. And I’m not sure if I said this yet, but… STEREO SEPARATION!!! You don’t get this with tiny soundbars!! That makes these much more flexible as far as placement, better sound quality, and expands their usage. Can’t use a soundbar for a stereo setup in an office or listening area… Like the title says, ditch the soundbar, go with bookshelf speakers. For under $100, the Moukey 4+2+1 are killer. The Bad: Nothing is perfect… Here are the biggest complaints I had from the above review. -The controller. Small, cheap credit card style that you will most likely lose due to it’s size. But hey, guess it at least came with one… -Volume adjustments. Seems like there is a hefty jump between volumes when adjusting, would like a smaller increment. -Would have liked an optical input. Most modern TV’s have optical out, you’ll need an adapter if that’s your only option for external speakers. -No way to adjust volume using the TV remote. You’ll need that little credit card remote or adjust it from the side of the speaker Again, please don’t waste money on a cheapo soundbar… Give these a try and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Read more

  5. Scott Bates

    I am very impressed at these speakers! I wasn’t expecting something in this price range to offer such high quality music playback. The bass is tight and has a full presence in a small package. Pairing it via bluetooth to my phone was easy. This feature is awesome if you have a streaming music subscription. The included RCA cables make it easy to hook it up to other stereo components as well. Love these speakers! Read more

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