Moukey bookshelf speakers one hundred watts top power domestic theater passive audio system – 2. 0 near field audio audio system, 5-inch timber enclosure stereo audio system

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  • premium sound excellent: moukey bookshelf audio system feature 1 inch treble unit (1) and five inch bass unit (1), so they’re capable of produce clean treble at higher frequencies and effective bass at lower frequencies. And the built-in crossover within the audio system will split up audio indicators and send them to drivers designed for unique frequency ranges to improve your listening experience
  • advanced domestic theater amusement: moukey passive bookshelf speakers are like minded with maximum domestic theater receivers, stereos and home theater processors, giving you lots of setup association options. Use these bookshelf audio system as the front, left-proper setup, surrounds, as rear audio system, also with 2. 0, 2. 1, 3. 1 structures or an immersive five. 1, 7. 1 or nine. 1 setup
  • wall-mountable design: we provide an unbiased hook on the lower back aspect of every speaker. You could without problems hang them at the wall if you like and feature more space on your desk
  • hand made timber packing containers: the bookshelf speakers use hand-made wood bins with shape accurate to at least one cm to attain better sound great
  • counseled use: a strength amplifier is needed to match with those passive audio system( we suggest moukey bluetooth strength amplifier machine). Please don’t exceed the maximum enter energy (50w for each speaker) and impedance ( 6 ohms for every speaker)

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product description

moukey m20-1 bookshelf speakers are versatile, bringing amazing listening experience in a traditional design. Stimulated by moukey’s typical instant reveal speaker series we remodel them for audio fanatics. Providing a 1-inch silk dome tweeter, a five-inch powerful low-frequency unit, and an adjustable front-end bass port, those audio system can provide higher treble, open midrange, and sudden bass reaction. Aside from the handcrafted wood container, its shrewd crossover helps take care of audio indicators and put off low noise and interference from inferior audio system.

the m20-1 bookshelf speakers are designed to supply a much wider variety of dispersed sound, irrespective of in which they’re located. You may even use them as front or rear audio system in your house audio settings. Their 5-way binding posts offer various secure options of wiring. Whether you’re on the sofa or for your room, m20-1 bookshelf speakers are capable to offer you with a good experience.

please discuss with the diagram of placement for better usage revel in of m20-1. In step with our tests, right here is the pleasant placement.

the rear panel of m20-1 may be hanged up, that’s convenient if you want to hold speakers in required positions. (due to exceptional usage eventualities, please deliver your personal screws and gear, and ask certified man or woman to put in.)

m20-1 can construct a easy karaoke machine with a microphone and a power amplifier (each aren’t included. You could visit moukey keep to purchase or consult our team of workers.) then you’ll get more circle of relatives amusement.

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15.94, x, 10.24, x, 12.8, inches

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June, 19, 2020

7 reviews for Moukey bookshelf speakers one hundred watts top power domestic theater passive audio system – 2. 0 near field audio audio system, 5-inch timber enclosure stereo audio system

  1. WD Willis

    I needed reference speakers for my studio, and I definitely made the right choice with these. They are a great size, and sound excellent. The materials used in their construction is top notch, and as a whole they came out really well. I like that they have wall mounts, but I am not likely to ever use it, I like that it is there. I like the connection flexibility of either raw wires or banana plugs. My amp has RCA ours, but I have RCA to banana plug cables so connection was no problem. These speakers sounds really great. My recordings are nice and punchy, with very low basses and singing highs. They handle 50watts at 4 ohms, and get plenty loud enough to fill a room. While I am Using them as studio monitors, they would make excellent home theater speakers as well. I can see them being fantastic as surround speakers. Read more

  2. Ronald K. Spell Jr.

    These little speakers sound so much better than I could have possibly imagined. For the price, I didn’t set my hopes very high, they were bought as Christmas presents for my kids, along with the Moukey karaoke amp and mic, and the sound is far beyond my expectations. Just turning the bass up a little, they started sounding pretty good, so I cranked it up just to see when they started distorting and with it all the way up, they didn’t miss a lick. A little boomy an hollow all the way up, but very very little distortion. The highs were very crisp. Only issue I had, which is not enough to deduct a star imo, is when I was screwing down the terminals to plug in the banana clips one terminal was loose, easy fix, and that was it.. would highly recommend these for those on a budget but still desire quality sound. Now I’m not saying there going to blow away a $1500 set of high end speakers, but they will out preform speakers that cost several times more. Read more

  3. Pablo Chavez

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I’m using these speakers along with the Moukey Preamp and Mini Amplifier for vinyl listening. I like that the speakers can be wall hanged. The sound quality is fair, music fills my bedroom nicely the bass is surprisingly good. overall these are great for indoor small to medium spaces. A top contender for entry level bookshelf speakers. P.S. these are passive speakers meaning at minimum they need to connected to an Amplifier. Like a mentioned, I’m using these primarily for vinyl listening. However the Moukey amplifier can also play FM radio and connect to bluetooth. The FM radio works alright. The Bluetooth connects without problem but there is a humming when playing at low volumes. Idk if the humming happens because of the Amplifier or because of the speakers. Read more

  4. Papa Javo

    I purchased these speakers after some positive reviews online, and wanted to replace a pair of vintage 201 Bose that sounded terrible with my Pyle Bluetooth amplifier with an external equalizer.. While my setup is for a Dell 23” all in one desktop, I received these well packaged speakers, set them up and wow the sound is club like and amazing! The soundstage these speakers provide is outstanding for the price of these babies! Watching movies and my playoff games, these speakers round out the mids and highs needed with my 10” Sony sub! Extremely happy with my choice and didn’t have to bust my budget! Read more

  5. Mr Breeze

    These little speakers sound pretty good for there size chunky bass crisp highs very pleased overall, served there purpose replacing a large set on an old school Kenwood amp. Read more

  6. fauxgt4

    Previously we had tower speakers but a re-arranging of the loving room required a smaller speaker. Found these intending them just to be interim speakers until we find something better, but we have been happy with them we may not even replace. While they aren’t remotely near the higher end speakers, he price reflects that. For the price- they seem excellent. Read more

  7. JIN J.

    First of all, this is a really good speaerk. I am an amateur musician who has a single album. Recently, my monitor speaker, Eris E5 is broken. I do not want to buy the same speaker. Eris E5 design is a little ugly for me 🙂 I decided to buy a passive speaker and mini amplifier. I want to budget one. Although there was no review about Moukey bookshelf on the YOUTUBE, I read reviews fully on Amazon and bought it. My setup is this. Presonus studio 2/4 audio interface (budget one but really good Digital to Analog out) => U200BT TPA3116 mini amp (only around $30 on Amazon) => Moukey bookshelf. I want to compare this speaker with Eris E5 ($125 as one speaker) High : I surprised because this moukey had really a good high. The vocal is really good and natural. And I could listen to the reverb tail on the music. I think that I didn’t listen to it on Eris E5. The sound stage is really good. So wide for me. Every vocal layer and instrument is divided into the sound stage properly. Wow! So, it is very good to listen to music. I think that this speaker proper and enough for my home recording purpose. Low : Although high is too good to be true, low is a little disappointing for me. Eris E5 is a win for this point. As you know, the bass part is really important for the music. I think that Moukey speaker’s bass nuance has limitations. A little awkward. The bass kick of the drum is normal But, the problem is the bass guitar line. I could listen the bass part fully, but it is not impressive for me. Fortunately, my amp U200BT has bass control. So, I tuned my bass part. But, as you know, if the speaker is not good for the bass, it is not good for bass adjustment. However, when I boost up the bass by 20 percent, it is balanced and better for me. I think that the bass woofer will work better after a while because I write this review in three hours after my set up. 🙂 My conclusion is this. This is a really good speaker. I can not believe this is just $65 a pair. I saved a lot of money for my monitor speaker. As you know, there is a thousand passive speakers and amp at the various price range. People are always wandering in the ocean. However, I found this speaker. It has limitations on the bass part. But actually, I satisfied. 🙂 Thank you for this good speaker. Read more

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