Monoprice 133829 ssw-eight powered narrow 8 inch subwoofer – black 100 watt, low profile, powerful amp, low pass, eight inch

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  • make sure this suits by way of getting into your model range.
  • slender, low profile: the monoprice ssw-8 functions a ported cupboard it is designed to supply adequate bass output from a slender, low profile enclosure. You could slide it under your favored chair or sofa, region it behind your television stand, or even mount it to your living room wall
  • eight” ported layout: the ssw-eight functions a complete-sized 8″ woofer housed in a ported, bass-reflex enclosure this is designed to maximize bass output from its slim, low profile layout. With a frequency response that extends down to 30hz, you might not have to skimp on the bass
  • effective amplifier: the ssw-eight is geared up with a a hundred-watt amplifier designed specifically for subwoofers. It features the capacity to set quantity, low bypass clear out, segment, and is ready with both line level rca jacks and speaker degree terminal inputs
  • buy with self belief: monoprice now not simplest stands behind each product we promote with a 1 12 months substitute warranty, we provide a 30-day money lower back guarantee as nicely!
  • first-rate at a honest rate: monoprice’s rugged design and rigid first-class manage requirements deliver high satisfactory products at honest prices
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from the manufacturer

  • driving force size: 8″
  • variable phase manipulate: zero° or one hundred eighty°
  • amplifier energy output: one hundred watts
  • overall harmonic distortion: < 0. Five%
  • settings: extent, low bypass filter, and segment manage
  • monoprice ssw-8 8″ a hundred watt powered narrow subwoofer

    the monoprice ssw-eight is a eight” one hundred-watt powered subwoofer that enables alleviate subwoofer placement in any room. This slender, low profile ported subwoofer can be placed beneath your preferred chair, behind your tv stand, or underneath your couch. The subwoofer includes on-wall mounting brackets, permitting you region it on the wall, in case you select. Thankfully, you may not need to skimp on bass output, as the ssw-eight has been in particular engineered to take benefit of its special enclosure

  • frequency response: 30 ~ one hundred fifty hz (-10db)
  • variable low-bypass clear out: forty ~ one hundred fifty hz @ 18db/octave
  • inputs: stereo line level (rca) and speaker degree (terminals)
  • dimensions: 21. Three” x 15. 7″ x 6. 2″ (540 x four hundred x 158 mm)
  • product description

    the monoprice ssw-8 is a 8″ 100-watt powered subwoofer that enables alleviate subwoofer placement in any room. This slender, low profile ported subwoofer can be located underneath your favored chairs, behind your tv stand, or beneath your sofa. The subwoofer consists of on-wall mounting brackets, allowing you place it on the wall, if you decide upon. Fortunately, you’ll now not have to skimp on bass output, as the ssw-8 has been especially engineered to take advantage of its distinctive enclosure.


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    7 reviews for Monoprice 133829 ssw-eight powered narrow 8 inch subwoofer – black 100 watt, low profile, powerful amp, low pass, eight inch

    1. Abstraction Man

      Monoprice makes three similar subwoofers with different sized speakers. This is a review for the Monoprice SSW-12 with the 12 inch driver. The first question everyone asks is- is it loud? Yes, it’s loud, and it produces very low frequencies. They claim a frequency response down to 20hz, and though I didn’t pull out my audio analyzer I don’t doubt it can achieve that. What does it come with? The sub, of course, wall mounting brackets (don’t try and lift the speaker by these as they’re slide on, slide off) and drilling template, a floor stand, manual, and a set of RCA to RCA cables. How’s the sound quality? Here is where it starts to show some weakness, even if you take the time to carefully tune the roll-off on the crossover. The sound quality isn’t bad, but it isn’t stellar, either. It’s a bit boomy, and not terribly precise. If you’re looking for seat rumbling SFX on movie night you’ll probably love it. If you’re looking for rump shaking bass for hip-hop you’ll probably like it. If you’re looking for tight, controlled, accurate bass for orchestral music or blues you’ll probably be a bit disappointed. I’ve heard it’s difficult to get good bass in a flat-ish, limited space sub, but I know it’s possible because Yamaha used to produce a (now, sadly, discontinued) wonderful little sub in the same price range that produced incredibly realistic bass, although it didn’t go down to 20hz. Still, because of my space limitations I was planning on keeping the Monoprice SSW-12 if it wasn’t for one annoying habit. Like most subs it’s designed to turn itself on in the presence of a signal. Unfortunately, it would turn itself on at random with a little ‘thud’ several times an hour even when the audio system was off. So, unfortunately, I decided to send it back. I’m not sure why auto on and off is such a problem for speaker designers. I’ve got a Harman Kardon sound bar that requires a ridiculous volume level to turn on, and literally turns itself off if there’s a long quiet scene in a movie. Then there’s this, which apparently turns on with the slightest electrical anomaly. I wish somebody would get it right. In summary, if you want low, low, low- lows, and you can live with them being a bit sloppy, and can also live with it reminding you it’s there two or three times an hour when your system is off, you’ll probably like it. If not, then keep looking. Read more

    2. MI User

      OK, you can’t expect too much from a low-profile sub like this. But just for reference, a ported enclosure should give about a 3db gain vs a sealed enclosure, all other things being equal. That’s equivalent to using an amplifier of twice the power in watts. Anyhow, I bought two of these and they don’t equal the single sealed velodyne 12″ unit I am replacing (at 1/4 the total power of these two subs – 80 watts, BTW). At four times the power, double the woofers, plus a bass reflex design, these things should be at least the equal of my velodyne in terms of loudness, but they’re not even close. Nor do they respond nearly as low, frequency-wise, despite their claims otherwise. These things are mid-bass machines. I literally get louder and lower frequency output from my front main speakers, which sort of defeats the purpose. anything below about 35Hz, while it does play, it’s so quiet that it disappears into the room. if I try to turn up the gain enough to hear low frequencies, they just distort so badly that the music or movie track is no longer heard. No bueno guys – try harder. you need more power (or a more sensitive driver) and a longer port on your bass reflex design. Read more

    3. Joha5603

      The red and white audio cables are longer than the nubbins that the unit is supposed to rest on so the entire unit ends up resting on the kinked up 45 degree angle of the red & white cables and NOT the nubbins! Doh! It seems like a potential fire hazard, or if nothing else a great way to wear out those cables. The nubbins need to be larger or the cables should be somewhere else, like along the back. Read more

    4. ILikeCookies

      I first bought the 10inch after reading a lot of reviews on audiophile forums. The 10inch is amazing. very smooth and not “boomy,” but it overpowered the room. Switched to the 8inch. Very impressed. Also amazing and just right for a 12ft away distance. Good natural bass with very smooth sound. Not cheap or hollow sounding at all. Very impressed. Much better than the ELAC, definitive tech, klipsch and Sony I tried for much higher cost. Bonus is it is wall mountable behind tv cabinet. Very good design. Read more

    5. Smileys fan

      using the speaker frequency response tests on Utube, I get some low freq. at 34 hz , levels off from 45 – 65 hz, peaks at 80 – 100, no real ‘ low freq. output below 40 which is modern movie soundtrack bang and boom. low E on electric bass is I think 42hz so this model is better for that. I expect a bit better after a dozen hrs of playing but it is what it is. My ‘bookshelf’ KEF Q 350’s go 10 hz lower that is the initial low vol. level buzz is at 24 hz, 40 hz is near mid level. Read more

    6. RW

      I purchased this item from the Amazon Warehouse and it was supposed to have a few dings but actually had major damage. The product itself is quite good, however. Keep in mind this at the time of this writing is the largest of these flat subs and although low, it’s footprint is quite large. Ensure your measurements work. The sound is large and it will do its job commensurate to its price or probably 40% more. There are no miracles in this price range but it digs reasonably deep and produces convincing bass for movies. Music adds heft although not as much punch. Great product overall and value, but don’t expect the highest sonic quality and you will be satisfied. Read more

    7. Larzsinn

      So, let’s be realistic. This is a 200 dollar low profile sub. This is not going to shake things off the wall. (That’s what my HSU VTF-15H is for, best home theater sub for the money.) I have a set of M-Audio 2.1 powered speakers for my computer setup and it was lacking on the low end. This sub helps fill in the void and it does so without taking up a lot of real estate. (Currently set up vertically, using the stands provided.) Acoustically, it’s not perfect, but I still have some adjustments to make and give the speaker a bit more burn-in time. I really wanted the Monoprice THX 10″ sub, but just couldn’t justify the additional 300 bucks for the existing setup. As of now, I’m pleased with the sound and will be happier as I build my eq profiles. I would recommend this for anyone who has a small setup. Read more

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