Micca covo-s compact 2-manner bookshelf audio system

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  • patented concentric driver design gives you commonplace acoustical center point and keeps coherency via crossover vicinity
  • 3-inch wool paper cone woofer with waveguide cone design for stepped forward tweeter dispersion
  • 0. Seventy five-inch pei dome tweeter for crystal clean treble and correct imaging
  • ported enclosure can provide extended bass response with low distortion
  • 6db/octave crossover at 3. 2khz makes for a easy transition between the woofer and the tweeter

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3 reviews for Micca covo-s compact 2-manner bookshelf audio system

  1. W.

    These little speakers are amazing! Im not using them as stand alone speakers but for the 4 height channels of my 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound system. For such inexpensive speakers these do the trick. Being the height channels they dont play as much audio as regular speakers so I cant comment on their sound quality too much, but after positioning these according to Dolby’s specification (per their website) and calibrating them with the Audyssey RoomEQ in my Denon AVR-4300H reciever they blend perfectly with my other Onkyo speakers (which aren’t high end audiophile speakers, i know) and create a super immersive Atmos setup. Also, these DO come with threaded mounting holes as you can see in my pictures. Attaching the wires was also a little tricky. All you do is unscrew the plastic caps which expose a hole that you stick the wires through, and the just tighten the screws down again. If youre curious about my mounting brackets theyre just L-brackets, and then the metal pieces i used to extend from the wall are wall mounted shelving tracks. Then i attached the tracks to the brackets and the speaker holders to the track with nuts, washers, and bolts. I did have to drill through the slits in the tracks to make them wide enough for the bolts to fit through. ———————————————————— UPDATE 6/29/19 These speakers are still phenomenal! They create such an immersive experience with Atmos. These are by far the best speakers to use when entering the immersive audio world. The reflective atmos speaker just dont perform as well, and in-ceiling speakers are a project I, and many others cant/wont tackle. I do see myself upgrading in the future to SVS prime elevations when I upgrade my front speakers from Polk T-Series to Polk Signature Series or possibly SVS. ———————————————————— Update Feb. 2021 Still going strong! Don’t see myself upgrading these as they work extremely well for my setup. Read more

  2. Audio Nut

    What a pleasant surprise these speakers were. Let me be clear…these are tiny speakers, not the best choice for mains or in a big room; they aren’t capable of producing extreme volumes or heavy bass. Don’t expect them to sound like big speakers, they aren’t meant to. They have small 3″ concentric (meaning, the tweeter is in the center of the woofer) drivers, in tiny little cabinets. The cabinets measure roughly 4″ X 5″, to give you an idea. But they sound much, much larger, and produce a very pleasant and balanced tone. The highs are clear, the midrange clean and clear, and they actually have a little bass!! I am listening to music over them without a sub, and it’s actually quite pleasant. Add a small sub, cross it around 100-120 hz, and you have a seriously rocking mini-system. Applications: Office or desk speakers, bedroom, and for anyone who is not interested in all-out home theater, but wants a dramatic improvement over their TV speakers (be advised that an amp will be required to drive them), or even as surround speakers so long as it’s not too big of a room. These are compact and attractive, and they sound far better than any other “cube” speakers I’ve heard. I have read that many here have bought the Pyle cube speakers, and weren’t happy with them because of their tinny sound and utter lack of bass. These are in a whole different category! These are rear ported, so remember to keep them several inches off the wall for best bass response. By far the best speaker in this category that I’ve heard. This company continues to produce excellent speakers at budget prices. 5 stars for this cube / mini speaker category. Good listening! —————————————————————————— –Update– I had a little time to play today, so for grins and giggles, I connected these through a small, 6″ sub I have. This really fills in the bottom end, and together, they sound like a much larger system. I have it crossed at about 100 hz, and it blends seamlessly. I thought it would sound better at a higher crossover, but it gets a little muddy when set any higher. These speakers seem to be quite strong down to the 90 hz rating, maybe even a bit lower. I also noticed that with the high-pass filter of the sub inline; the speakers can play much louder without distortion. No doubt due to limiting the woofer excursion. I’m playing these in my basement workshop at the moment, and getting some surprising volume out of them. This would be a fine office or bedroom setup where space it at a premium. Even for a 2:1 TV setup instead of using a crappy sound bar. The Dayton 8″ sub would be a great match for these; together they would give you a dandy sounding small system for around $110. —————————————————————————— –Update 2-7-15– I had some time to play again today, and I was curious how these would do on the dandy Lepai 2020 amp. They actually play very well on it. It drives them about as hard as they want, with plenty of mid-bass response from them. Music was full and warm with enough bass to make it pleasant to listen too. Of course, you’ll need a sub if you want rumble; but these sound nice by themselves so long as you aren’t a bass monger. I was pretty surprised at how much volume the Lepai could get from these. These speakers and the Lepai amp would be the ultimate cheap office setup. Much better than most computer speakers. And as already mentioned; you can add a small sub if you want more boom. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Well, 2.5 years later and I bought another pair of these. We’ve gotten into the Alexa thing, and purchased a couple of Echo Dots to use in the house. Wifey wanted a stand-alone audio system in the family room where she could play music from the Dot but have something else on the TV screen at the same time (can’t really do that when switching everything through a home theater receiver), but she didn’t want yet another pair of big speakers in the room (I don’t understand her issue; I only have two tower speakers, a large center channel speaker, 2 12″ subs and 4 ceiling speakers in there 🙂 ). So I used a pair of these that are small enough to be unobtrusive, and hid a low-profile sub behind the TV cabinet. System is crossed at 100 hz, just above the 90hz lower rating of the speakers. . It sounds great! The COVO’s produce the highs and mids cleanly and the sub pics up the bottom end. And wifey likes it. Happy wife = Happy life. Again…these will never match the sound of larger speakers; you can’t change the laws of physics. But add a sub and set the system up properly, and they will come very close to mimicking the sound of larger speakers. These are by far the best speakers of this size that I’ve found. Just for fun…I recently picked up a Bose base module and the five “Jewel Cube” (the ones with a top and bottom speaker that swivel) speakers that come with it at a thrift store. These COVO’s beat the Bose Jewel Cube speakers so badly, there’s no real comparison. They have better highs and lows, and a much warmer sound. And they cost far less if buying new. Good Listening! Read more

  3. Q Johnson

    As a very satisfied owner of the Micca M42x bookshelf speakers, I knew I had to have the COVO-S’s, even though I didn’t have a particular plan for them at the time. The idea of making my own boombox has always been in the back of my mind, but a lack of power tools had quashed that idea. Still, the COVOs were the right size and sounded great right out of the box, so I set out to find a box that would act as an enclosure with a minimum of modification. No wooden boxes I found online fit my needs, and I was about to give up when I spotted a wire mesh storage basket at my local container outlet. The width of the basket matched the height of the COVOs almost exactly so I picked one up. Turns out the basket was perfect; not only does it give the boombox a nice industrial look (see photo), but it allowed me to attach a sheet metal platform, plastic feet and a jack input to it, without drilling (just insert a nail into an existing hole and wiggle a bit to widen it). The amp is an old Sonic Impact battery powered unit that I velcro’ed to the piece of sheet metal which I bolted to the base of the basket (nothing adhesive sticks well to the mesh). A newer version of the amp is available on Amazon from Parts Express (Dayton Audio DTA-1 Class T Digital AC/DC Amplifier). The stereo input jack fit easily on top and I can attach a battery-powered MP3 player or Bluetooth receiver to it. The handle is a cheap luggage replacement I found on Amazon, and I bolted four plastic bumpers to the underside to keep the metal from scratching whatever surface it’s sitting on. So far the speakers are very secure being wedged into the basket without screws, although the speaker covers do tend to pop off (maybe some more velcro there). We’ve taken the boombox to the beach several times; it works and sounds great. Not a ton of volume and a bare minimum of bass but for private listening it sounds fantastic. Read more

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