Miatone out of doors portable bluetooth wireless speaker water-proof – gray

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  • make sure this suits by way of entering your model wide variety.
  • 【immersive sound】offering miatone specific audio processing, the sound quality of boombox bluetooth speaker is drastically better throughout the entire frequency variety from twin precision acoustic stereo drivers. It handles crisp treble and mid frequencies excellently without substantive crackle at max quantity. The usage of dsp generation, twin advanced subwoofers and aluminum passive radiators on every ends raise deep and accurate bass it is actual on your music. No exaggeration and distortion.
  • 【tws characteristic】you may pair 2 bluetooth speakers for a total of 32 watts surround sound. The mixed output generates full stereo, actual-to-existence sound.
  • 【rugged cylinder – formed housing】mesh fabric offers enough grip to run with this transportable speaker on your palms with out fear about losing a grip. Each ends have rubberized suggestions with a purpose to save you slippage while stood up and absorb capacity damage and softly cushion the speaker after massive falls. So this speaker is best for out of doors sports activities, consisting of skiing, golfing, biking, hiking & camping etc.
  • 【bluetooth v4. 2 range trying out】if the wireless speaker is around a nook and a wall within the way, it starts cutting in and out approximately 33 ft away. So that you can use this speaker along with your smartphone to play pandora and left the speaker outdoor and the phone inner within 33 feet. Variety is first rate at about one hundred ft in a immediately manner without any obstacle and wall. So that you can region your speaker up to one hundred unobstructed ft away from your echo dot or echo, or different bluetooth tool.
  • 【robot voice reminder】there’s a english accent robotic girl voice reminder announcing electricity on and stale, bluetooth paired and battery low.
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product description

clean to apply

hook up with your iphone, smartphone and pill fast

· connect in only some seconds over bluetooth to your iphone, smartphone, and pill

· play from chromebooks, windows 7-8 structures, tvs and non-bluetooth devices the use of the included 3. 5mm audio cable connected to boombox aux-in jack

· play wirelessly over bluetooth up to 30 unobstructed feet far from your phone or tablet

· rechargeable battery prices the usage of the protected micro usb cable, related to a usb wall charger (now not protected) or out of your laptop or laptop

* battery play time varies and can be less than 12 hours for some of motives inclusive of the listening volume (the louder the extent, the shorter the play time), the tool, bluetooth connection, and song style and tune supply. The 12 hours changed into decided with a totally charged boombox set at approximately 2/three of the most extent.


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3 reviews for Miatone out of doors portable bluetooth wireless speaker water-proof – gray

  1. JM

    Bought to listen to music to while I cook. The speaker’s starting noise is pleasant, and so is the female voice that says “bluetooth mode on” and “power on/off.” She might be British? Australian? Not sure. It’s more intelligible than the usual Chinese accent, although my various bluetooth devices with that accent have sort of become endearing. Pros – Cute pink color – Sound quality is good! I’m no audiophile, but I’m certain this will do well for parties, the pool, skiing, picnics, etc. It definitely has the volume to fill a room. I gave it a 4 because while it’s good, I don’t think it’s anything outrageously good either. – It turns itself off after a while if you aren’t playing anything! Cons – I’m as much a fan of cylinders as any other person, but…I’m kind of scared this will roll away if I place it on a grade? I don’t like the idea of $50 rolling away from me?? There’s a thick cord emerging from the strip of buttons that could be a feasible impediment, but I don’t think it’ll really stop anything. That’s the biggest con. Unknowns – I’ll update this as I use it for feedback on wear and tear, and to see if the pink color gets dirty. – Haven’t tested whether it’s actually water resistant yet, but I also don’t really want to deliberately expose it to water, you know? But maybe I’ll do it after I’ve used it for a long time. Overall, solid choice if you want to pay a little extra for peace of mind. Read more

  2. Jadiel

    I am still currently looking for the best portable (7.5″ x 3″ x3″) speaker out there. However I don’t believe the perfect speaker to exist. This one comes very close though. The sound from this speaker is real good, especially at higher volumes. It’s not HiFi but it’s up there. It could definitely hold it’s own against a soundlink mini 2 in sound quality. I put it up against the soundcore boost and it’s has less bass but it’s clearer. My ears sometimes would hurt if I had the boost near me. I also put it against the Tribit Max Sound plus and the Miatone definitely sounds better. This is at full volume on both speakers and 70% volume on the phone for both. Now, to the drawbacks. For me though, they don’t bother me as much seeing as the price is kind of low. The battery doesn’t last long. On 50% volume I get around 5 hours which is not much. Maybe I got a defective one. On the bright side it does charge very quickly. The other thing is that the Bluetooth doesn’t go through the walls very well. Again, these don’t bother me as much because for a long time I’ve been looking for quality sounding music from a speaker this size. The only good quality music I normally find is from something the size of a charge 4 or a sony srs-xb31. It’s definitely better than a flip 4 which is basically the same size in sound quality. Miatone if you read this please, please keep making speakers this well and improve on battery life. I don’t mind paying 100 bucks if you can make the battery last longer and improving the Bluetooth. The sound is just so good. Read more

  3. Review Otter

    Impressive sound quality from this cylindrical ‘Boombox’. Just a few impression from few days so far: 1st the 16w drivers are quite loud. It does not suffer from lack of volume certainly. The speakers are located at both ends and in the center, the front of the speaker is actually in the front mesh. I had no problem listening to my music while away from the living room. The battery certainly lasted at least 8-9 hours over the three day period I had this boombox used for hours at a time. I used it at around 50%volume, so I definitely can say it lasts as long as it claims. 500mAh. As I turned it on I was greeted by English accent robotic female voice, which I find new among BT speakers. The construction is definitely rigid and there are design ques from other bt speakers. Both ends have rubberized tips that will prevent slippage when stood up. Mesh fabric provides enough grip to run with this thing in my hands without worry about losing a grip. It has a cylindrical design though, so if it rolls down the hill… well it is definitely designed for that task. Having a short mesh string to the unit will help prevent such occurrence from happening though. I think I will definitely use it with a nice link hooked on it for carrying it outside. My only pet peeve with this unit is what I find common amongst all four of bluetooth speakers; after about 30 min. Of playing music the English lady will say “power off” in a loud noise so it caught me by surprise. I should see if I can disable that. Turning it off will prevent the sound of course. Overall I think it’s a definitely a good purchase given the price point, similar products from JBL and UE commands a higher price but frankly I couldn’t care less about branding with these type of gadgets. Lastly the audio… I tested by using it as a soundbar by placing it in front of the TV to see how it feels. 8 feet away from the speaker the sound was full and wide. Conversations were easily heard and the mid / high separation is definitely better than what other BT speakers have. I can’t see how many speakers are oriented facing forward but it definitely has a good mid / low separation, thanks to dedicated speakers on both ends that provides the lows. The characteristic of the sound is slightly geared towards the low end, typical of BT speakers, with crisp bass without buzzing. Volume can get really loud with this unit so I tested at around 70% volume. In all it sounds pretty amazing given its size, the speaker has a smart design language that intended to maximize the shape of the body to put tweeters as big as it can be managed to squeeze in. Finished with a rugged structure I can see this thing seeing a lot of use in the outdoors for a long time. I do see that if I have two of these I can make use of its wireless stereo capability but can’t speak on that function as I only bought one unit. Read more

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