Making a song wood t25 passive 2 manner bookshelf speakers with preinstalled wall mount bracket- 4 inch woofer and silk dome tweeter- receiver or amplifier had to perform- 60 watts(beech wooden-pair)

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  • essential: making a song timber t25 is a passive speaker which needs to be used with an amplifier or receiver. Speaker cables covered.
  • 【conventional wooden enclosure】 elegant design speakers made with audio grade mdf timber to reduce cabinet resonance, providing pre-installed wall mount brackets for smooth home theater setup – ideal for both the front principal or domestic theater surround speakers.
  • 【four” bass drivers】4 inch full range bass driving force for nicely balanced natural sound and powerful deep bass. 6 ohm impedance.
  • 【silk dome tweeters】high pleasant 0. Seventy five” (three/four inch) silk dome tweeters provide correct high frequency response and reproduces treble in every detail.
  • 【singing wooden gain】america’s leading audio emblem primarily based in california, 24 months assurance and easy to reach after-sales customer service team continually be with you when you are in need. We guarantee high exceptional elements and hard work assurance carrier for two years with lifetime technical guide.
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product description

excessive great classic wood end serves as a remarkable compliment to any domestic decor.

well matched with most av receivers, amplifiers and hi fi device.

fills your small to medium room with herbal realistic audio overall performance.

t25 bookshelf audio system are wall mountable and may be used as the front, left-right setup, surrounds or as rear speakers.


Beech Wood, Black

7 reviews for Making a song wood t25 passive 2 manner bookshelf speakers with preinstalled wall mount bracket- 4 inch woofer and silk dome tweeter- receiver or amplifier had to perform- 60 watts(beech wooden-pair)

  1. Dominick

    These speakers are excellent for small spaces. I live in a 500 square foot tiny home (aka mobile home, lol) and these babies fill up the room and then some. Just WOW! And did I mention how sexy they look, nice wood grain (almost got the black) that goes so well with my wood grain vintage furniture. These speakers have a few bonus item that most don’t have either, first off free speaker wire, not a lot of it but just enough, just plug them in and you are off. Then next little bonus is they have included metal wall bracket mounted on the back of the speakers so if you are thinking of hanging on the walls it is one less thing to go out and buy. I can not express how much I am digging these babies. Do yourself a favor and save some cash if you are living in an apartment or tiny home, you will not be disappointed. Read more

  2. Smarquezjr

    These little speakers sound great. Decent lows, pleasant mids without an overpowered high end. Couple them with a low wattage amp/receiver and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They’re rated at 30 watts max per speaker. A max 50 watt per channel boost should be fine. I’m using them for a small media setup in the bedroom and they do a great job. Read more

  3. Alonda

    For a set of bookshelf speakers under $60 they are a great value. Bindind posts for speaker connections -> sweet! Nicely done MDF enclosures – > sweet! A couple of things tho.. The grill covers are not sonically transparent, there is a noticeable reduction in the upper frequencies when they are on. This can be good however, if they seem bright to you leave them on. I noticed a small amount of resonance with some tracks that had a lot of percussion ( accelerating the break in which took about 24 hours of playing the bassiest music I could think of at a relatively high volume) I removed the 4″ speaker to see what was going on inside and I noticed there was no batting inside. I had some laying around from a previous project so I cut a 16″x16″ square and stuffed it in there taking care not to block the rear facing port. Seems to have helped the internal reflections. I would definitely buy these again if I needed some cheapo bookshelf speakers. I am using a class D micro amp(2 Channel Stereo Audio Class D Amplifier Mini Hi-Fi Professional Digital Amp for Home Speakers 50W x 2 – V1.0G) with these speakers and a poppulse super pro DAC 707 through the spdif connection on the tv. Read more

  4. Luke Powers

    Really decent sound for the price. The mids are lacking a bit, and there is a sharp resonance. But as another reviewer said, removing the woofer and adding some padding to the sides/top/bottom (just not in front of the port) seems to help a ton. Tweeter is very detailed and smooth. Overall I feel it’ll be a great 2-way speaker for my mountain-bike cave. It really has good bass response for what it is, but if you need kick-you-in-the-chest bass (and no judgment if you do!!) you’ll need to add a sub. Read more

  5. J. Green

    I bought these for a small, bookshelf system. They are fed by a cheap, Chinese made amplifier that plays MP3 files on a Micro SD card. With a 4 inch main speaker, I didn’t expect much bass, but they actually sound quite pleasant. At high volume levels, the sound becomes harsh. I can’t say if this is the speakers, or amp. Either way, using them to play background music , they work quite well. The look is acceptable, and fits in with the surrounding decor. In terms of value for money spent, I would say they are a bargain. By the way, what is “Sheerness”? Read more

  6. Doc’s Radio Den

    I have many quality speakers with high SPL sensitivity. I bought these based on reviews and for a class A tube Pre into a Class AB output I designed. I evaluate various modules , boards , and tube hybrids. The same day the Singing Wood T25 speakers arrived , so did the Rockville Blue tube 4 tube , wood end cap version of the Rockville Blue tube as I wanted to compare it to the iNFi IF-AD05 tube hybrid with two tube pre and AB final output. With that said , I figured what the heck, I will mate them up ( Rockville to the singing Wood’s.) At first I said “eeeks dry and bad !” After 48 hours of low volume them some mid volume keeping my foot off the throttle as the Rockville could possibly damage the Singing Wood voice coils. After that 48 hours between the Singing Wood speaker and Amp, I found a whole different sound stage. I am very pleased with these small speakers at near field use. The BAD : as many stated they sound much better with the grills off. No doubt at all. Who at Singing Wood designed this grill ? Wow ! There is so much plastic webbing behind the cloth grill itself it’s unbelievable and a big choke point in so many ways. I put cotton balls between the plastic web and grill cloth for separation , then used my Lindstrum flush cutters and removed a large amount of the plastic webbing while maintaining structural integrity. That amount of plastic crosshatch / web is just Crazy Singing Wood folks. They are not sexy without the grill , so now I am very pleased that sound can freely pass through the grill cloth without cross hatched music choking way overdone plastic grill frame. All in all for the price they are pretty darn to really good sounding speakers at the price point. They will eventually be perfect on the shelf above my machine shops main bench with the amplifier I designed. As know because they sound good on the Rockville amp, they may not sound good behind another given amp. Not a problem at all as I have many Amps I have put together that I can try them with for my machine shop shelf system. Not bad at all Singing Wood. Thanks ! Read more

  7. rsdno

    I love these speakers ,I couldnt afford anything expensive but once I heard Singing Woods Passive T25 speakers ,I am so glad I have them ,I bought a $40 Pyle Amplifier and these Speakers which are great small bookshelf speakers ,I never expected these to sound so good they may not be Bose 901 speakers I had in late 60s but their quality and sound are blowing me away Thank You rsdno Read more

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