Klipsch spl-150sw 15 inch powered subwoofer, ebony

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  • bass reflex via unique front firing internal flare port for placement flexibility
  • excessive performance class d amplifier with 400w rms and 800w top
  • well suited with klipsch wa 2 wireless kit
  • top class scratch resistant finish in ebony
  • surprise soaking up rubber ft, metal grille posts and a woven material grille for a top class appearance and experience
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from the producer

klipsch spl subs

excessive efficiency magnificence d amplifier

the built-in, high-efficiency amplifier features an analog preamp layout, which keeps the authentic signal direction for cleaner, genuine-to-supply reproduction. The class d output stage ensures most efficiency for max output, detail, and low-frequency energy.

spun copper cerametallic woofers

cerametallic woofers are exceptionally mild and extremely rigid, presenting a remarkable low-frequency response with minimum cone breakup and distortion for higher, cleanser output the usage of much less amplifier power.

woofer anatomy

uncooked strength

klipsch cerametallic cones are disheveled to a dual-layer, copper-wound voice coil for incredible conductivity. Reference greatest woofers are housed in a non-resonating, stamped-steel basket that’s secured to a big magnet motor for top notch efficiency and occasional distortion, and matched to our horn-loaded tweeters for best acoustic execution.

exceptional port era

klipsch spl subwoofers leverage proprietary internal-flare geometry that minimizes port noise for clean undistorted low frequencies. The front-firing design allows for placement flexibility to reduce undesirable resonance from your walls or fixtures behind the subwoofer.

you manipulate all of it

take control

low skip crossover and variable section manipulate allows you to track the subwoofer to your klipsch audio system and on your room, organising the perfect degree of bass. Line level / lfe rca inputs ensure compatibility with domestic theater receivers.

each the rca and wireless inputs may be applied, supplying you with the capacity to use a unmarried subwoofer with more than one structures in the same room. As an example, you can use the wireless enter for your home theater installation and the rca input for your 2-channel gadget, without needing to replace inputs while changing between systems.

long lasting design

klipsch spl subwoofers function a scratch-resistant ebony finish that looks as if actual wood and covers the whole cupboard. Surprise-absorbing rubber feet, metallic grille posts, and a woven material grille give the spl subwoofers a top class appearance and sense.

product description

a step-up from our reference series subwoofers, the spl collection have first-rate-in-elegance max output ranges making them excessive-performance subwoofers at lower priced costs.



8 reviews for Klipsch spl-150sw 15 inch powered subwoofer, ebony

  1. sinbad

    Great woofer, my neighbors love it as well. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Coming from 2 x 10″ Klipsch subwoofers, you can keep gain at half and hear and feel plenty of the lower end. Mainly use this for music listening, all genres, bass is not muddy or slow, very tight and deep. Read more

  3. John McGowen

    These subwoofers are large and powerful. They move a lot of air and produce the type of bass I was looking for; tight! From classical to club music to movies they fit the bill and they look fantastic. My only complaint is the quality of the components on the amplifier. The switches feel cheap and power cord insert is loose like something you’d find on a cheap electronic device that’s made in China. Oh, btw, these are made in China. I purchased two SPL 150 subwoofers and the quality is the same on both. It’s sad considering the quality speakers Klipsch produces in Hope, Arkansas. I have Klipschorn front speakers, La Scala center, Heresy’s for surrounds and of course the two SPL-150 subwoofers. I plan to add Cornwalls as the surrounds and move the Heresy’s to the rear surrounds and top everything off with in Klipsch in-ceiling speakers for ATMOS. Read more

  4. Karr Knutt

    Wow, is all I can say. Klipsch, of course. Is there anything better? Ha. $1000 each, but worth it. Get two. You’ll be glad you did. Official speakers of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But I’ve had Klipsch for 30 years, so I knew they would be awesome. Read more


    Keepers of the sound. Klipsch advertises as “Tell your neighbors we said Hi!” Yep, this thing says hi to everyone around me. I also have a 12″. My Yamaha head unit arrived yesterday. It allows you to hook up 2 subs and has dolby atmos. If you have not experienced this yet, don’t wait to get a unit that will run Atmos. It’s a game changer. I didn’t like the 800 price, however, if you want quality, you have to pay for it. Would I buy it again? absolutely! Now to come up with the 1200 for the center speaker….. Read more

  6. bsf

    This is a brutal subwoofer. It will reorganize your organs and reconfigure your brain. Sound is dry, precise and unforgiving. It fills my cathedral ceiling living room completely. Why the 4 stars instead of 5 you would ask? It came damaged. the packaging consist of two styrofoam pieces (one for the top, and other for the bottom) but the protection for the sides are a simple L shaped hard cardboard stripes. I think packaging needs to be beefed up, to avoid the kind of damage you see on the attached photo. I’m still dealing with the seller to have a replacement. Other than that, best bang (pun intended) for the buck! Read more

  7. JTB

    Over the years I’ve managed to acquire a few pretty nice speakers. Since I’m a 2:1 fan (2 front speakers only), I hadn’t put much effort into getting a powerful sub. Recently, I’ve been working towards improving my entertainment system for watching movies. Obviously this is where the Klipsch sub comes in. Installation was an absolute dream. My stereo has a dedicated output for a sub which only requires one RCA cable (not included) . However, if it didn’t, it still only needs 2 cables. Easy. As others have said, this is quite a large sub. It really doesn’t matter how large your room is, this sub will fill it with lows. The box seems well made. All together it’s around 75 lbs. The rubber feet will not slide so pro tip here, unbox it close to where you’re going to leave it. Sound: I paired it with Bang and Olufsen red lines in front and Paradigm towers in the rear. Those speakers alone do I pretty good job handling lows, or so I thought. As soon as this speaker entered the mix, I was instantly impressed. The sound is really clean. Once you have it dialed in just right to where it takes over the lows at just the right time, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in your own movie theater. It also shines with music. The bass is rich and full. Definitely not flat. Overall, this is an impressive sub from Klipsch. I’ve had Klipsch towers for years and I’m glad I finally ordered one of their subs. This thing can rattle the walls so turn it up and enjoy. I’ve never been so confident in saying, highly recommended. Edit: I forgot to mention 3 things. 1. A typical problem with many lower priced subs is the auto on/standby feature. In many cases, the sub fails to be turned on at the correct time. Not the case for this sub. It works flawlessly. I’ve rarely noticed the sub turning on, meaning that it’s an almost seamless transition from standby to on. 2. A word of caution. The box this sub is delivered in says exactly what it is in very large print. If you live in an area where theft is an issue, you might want to be home for this delivery. I’d hate to see someone’s hard earned money walk away because they didn’t know the box would be so obvious. 3. Receiver settings. I turned the sub way down at the receiver (-8.5 db) and turned the gain almost all the way up on the back of the sub. Typically you’d turn the gain down on the back of the sub. What this is doing is throttling back the built in amp. By turning it down at the receiver and up on the sub, you’re getting the most out of the built in amp. This creates a much more dynamic sound. Give it a shot anyways. I think you’ll be glad you did. Also, this allows you to turn the base up with your remote rather than getting up and turning the knob on the back of the sub. Read more

  8. Regina Williams

    Was looking for great bass for my movies and music, this product exceeded my expectations. Read more

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