Klipsch rp-600m reference optimal bookshelf speakers – pair (ebony)

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  • 1” titanium lts vented tweeter with hybrid tractrix horn
  • 6. Five” spun copper cerametallic woofers
  • bass-reflex thru rear-firing tractrix port
  • dual binding posts for bi-twine/bi-amp
  • sturdy, bendy detachable magnetic grille
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from the producer

klipsch rp-600m bookshelf audio system

leveraging a 1″ titanium tweeter raveled to our proprietary hybrid tractrix horn – the rp-600m bookshelf audio system deliver notable acoustics to fill your own home with loud, crystal-clear sound and sturdy bass.


  • 1” titanium lts vented tweeter with hybrid tractrix horn
  • 6. Five” spun copper cerametallic woofers
  • bass-reflex thru rear-firing tractrix port
  • dual binding posts for bi-cord/bi-amp
  • see the tech

    horn anatomy

    klipsch reference ideal series audio system characteristic a compressed molded silicon face thats matted to the 90×90 tractrix horn to reduces horn resonance for a smoother frequency reaction.

    all-new vented tweeter

    a vented tweeter design reduces status waves at the back of the tweeter diaphragm for a smoother excessive frequency duplicate. The titanium tweeter diaphragm’s mild weight but rigid composition exceeds the overall performance of aluminum, polymer or silk tweeters.

    woofer anatomy

    klipsch cerametallic cones are disheveled to a dual-layer, copper-wound voice coil for exquisite conductivity.

    reference most excellent woofers are housed in a non-resonating, stamped-metallic basket that’s secured to a massive magnet motor for splendid performance and occasional distortion, and paired to our horn-loaded tweeters for optimum acoustic execution.

    tractrix port + twin terminals

    the rear tractrix port is perfectly matched to the cupboard and woofers, growing perfect airflow with minimum distortion or turbulence even at the bottom frequencies.

    the rp-600m bookshelf speaker functions twin input terminals so that you can bi-cord or bi-amp your audio system.

    finished to perfection

    the rp-600m ebony and walnut finishes boast satin painted baffles with a scratch resistant layout for an fashionable audio technique to your private home theater machine.

    strong, bendy, magnetic grilles provide protection and a graceful aesthetic to compliment your private home’s decor.

    product description

    klipsch rp-600m reference top of the line bookshelf audio system – pair (ebony)


    Ebony, PIANO BLACK, Walnut

    4 reviews for Klipsch rp-600m reference optimal bookshelf speakers – pair (ebony)

    1. WDeVercelly

      Not as great to me as reviewers seem to think. Pros: 1. Very efficient. They can be powered with any decent amp or receiver 2. Very dynamic 3. Affordable 4. They do rock Cons: 1. In a direct comparison with Tekton Lores (comparable price), SVS Ultras and a pair of relatively cheap NHT SuperOnes, they are much less resolving in the highs and mids. Granted, the Tektons can be fatiguing. The NHTs and SVSs are not fatiguing at all. 2. The bass is a bit muddy and uncontrolled. This is probably due to to the port tuning. I’m generally not a fan of bass reflex speakers, but modern designs are very good. The Tektons were exceptional in that respect and the SVS Bookshelves excellent as well. The NHTs are a sealed design and very firm and controlled, if rolled off a bit. The Klipschs seem less than optimally tuned. While these are very good speakers, I am not as excited about them as Steve Guttenberg and Sean from Zero Fidelity seem to be. For the price, they are very good, but there are better for a few more dollars. I would much prefer the Tekton M-Lore at the price. They are just as sensitive too. Also, the NHT SuperOne, while not as efficient (they require real horsepower – 50w or more) sound better at $200 for the pair. If you have the money, the SVS Ultra Bookshelf is much better, but also requires 50w or more. Both should ideally have 100w of quality power to run them. That isn’t cheap. Typical AV receivers are notoriously overspecced – don’t believe their claims. For music, you need a proper stereo amplifier rated 100wpc at full range (20-20khz), not just 1khz – preferably both channels driven. So, in short, these would be great for home theater use IMO because they are very efficient, but there are better for music. Others do disagree, but this is MY review! 😉 Read more

    2. DavidGee

      I have a deep love for my Elac debut B6’s but I’ve been wanting a bit different sound and maybe an upgrade in sound quality. Without making the elacs feel bad, these tick the boxes nicely. A little more dynamic, more treble, wide sound stage. The horn isn’t shouty, the mids aren’t held back, the bass is neither overpowering nor anemic. Fantastic with rock, blues, jazz or classical. Live acoustic recordings sound present in the room. Great with good digital but better with a decent vinyl set up. Real efficient. The emotiva a300 is unnecessary really but these will take it and make a lot of the current. Update; I’ve been listening to these a while now. Mainly vinyl with a smattering of digital and movies/TV. They’ve settled in and gotten comfortable. Truly a great value in budget HiFi. More alive than my beloved elacs (still a great speaker) and without any of the usual offensive qualities that sometimes plague horn speakers. These klipsch don’t disappoint if you have the dough, get the elacs if you don’t. Read more

    3. Karl Engel

      All observations were made using: Digital:Mac-book > schiit eitr > chord mojo > vista audio spark Analog:Sony Ps hx500 > schiit mani > vista audio spark Audioquest and blue jean cables Vivo stands filled with cat litter These speakers sound amazing with well recorded music and awful with poor recorded tracks. They are not forgiving at all, please bear this in mind 1. The ability to express dynamic range differences, due to efficiency, and not normalising the track is an ingredient that separates these from similarly priced and also more expensive speakers. It is the foundation for all of its talents but will make you change volume a whole lot of times when going from one album to another. 2. They are not bass monsters, but not bass shy either. When the bass and the warmth are in the mix they will show them. Small rooms will do fine without subwoofers. 3. They are not bright but they will express harshness of some recordings as well as brightness of some naturally coarse instruments (trumpets for instance). Using the grill will attenuate this brightness. Firing straight and no toe-in will help as well, and it widens the soundstage by a huge margin. 4. Amazing for piano 5. Voices lack a little bit of thickness but they show more air around them and you can virtually perceive a torso singer and not a head or mouth singer. 6. They need a bit of space from the wall. Bass will be less boomy and depth will develop. Can’t comment on the vinyl wrap finish as I ended up receiving the piano gloss due to backorders. These are replacing my Kef Q100 and even though I love the kefs I think these are an upgrade and a step towards a more audiophile kind of sound. Read more

    4. HL

      I’ve owned quite a few bookshelf speaker over the years and these are wonderful. Klipsch has been known for having ‘bright’ sounding speakers, but I feel this particular model is very balanced. They’re incredibly efficient and dynamic – I personally feel the newer Reference Premiere models have been an incredible improvement. Read more

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