Klipsch rp-450c middle channel speaker – cherry

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$411.85 $402.76

  • 1″ linear travel suspension titanium tweeter
  • quad 5. 25″ spun copper cerametallic cone woofers
  • 90×90 hybrid tractrix horn
  • all new tractrix port
  • mdf cupboard with brushed polymer veneer baffle finish
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from the manufacturer

reimagined. Redesigned. Progressive.

we had a undertaking for the klipsch reference most excellent line: blow the doorways off the expectancies of our unswerving following, and get our lovers so near their tune they could touch it. We’ve melded our engineering information and nation of the art generation together to supply a loudspeaker line so one can have human beings falling in love with their track once more.

the reference most suitable rp-450c middle channel speaker brings film dialogue and music lyrics to lifestyles. Four five. 25″ cerametallic woofers and a hybrid move-segment tractrix horn emit life like, the front row sound.

  • 1″ linear journey suspension titanium tweeter
  • quad 5. 25″ spun copper cerametallic cone woofers
  • 90×90 hybrid tractrix horn
  • all new tractrix port
  • mdf cabinet with brushed polymer veneer baffle finish
  • strong, flexible detachable grille
  • dimensions: 6. 81” x 31. 13” x 14. Fifty one”
  • redesigned tractrix horn makes use of a circular horn throat paired to a square horn mouth to in addition enhance high frequency reaction and extension, even as enhancing imaging and dynamics. The compressed molded rubber production adds excessive frequency damping to enhance decision and element. This creates the cleanest, maximum herbal sound possible.

    a linear journey suspension minimizes distortion for better, detailed overall performance. Lts tweeters have been a hallmark of previous reference lines, as well as our flagship klipsch palladium series, making it a center aspect of some of the first-rate audio system within the international.

    cerametallic woofers constitute the top of klipsch driving force design, maintaining outstanding rigidity, and lightweight construction, for minimum cone breakup and distortion. Whilst paired with the tractrix horn-loaded lts tweeter, it affords speaker performance highest in its class.

    using tractrix geometry, the all new reference most efficient ports allows for the most efficient, fastest air transfer from the cupboard – for the cleanest, most powerful low frequency reaction available on the market.

    we’ve paired a top rate wooden grain polymer veneer with a brushed polymer veneer to feature a extra cutting-edge aesthetic for the reference most effective device. The clean, seamless lines of these speakers permit them to be incorporated into any decor.

    attaches magnetically for an elegant transition from effective showstopper to discrete overall performance piece. The magnets are embedded inside the baffle for superior excessive frequency diffraction reduction.

    our center channel audio system are designed to present you the clearest movie talk and track lyrics for an final domestic theater revel in in contrast to some other. No different logo in the marketplace can supply the realistic detail and emotion like klipsch can.

    trying to upload more than handiest surround sound? Dolby atmos can provide a hemisphere of sound the completely engulfs the listener of their movies and track. Klipsch’s signature managed directivity makes our audio system an appropriate preference for delivering this current, overhead soundstage.

    product description

    the reference ultimate rp-450c center channel speaker brings movie communicate and track lyrics to lifestyles. 4 five. 25″ cerametallic woofers and a hybrid cross-phase tractrix horn emit real looking, front row sound.



    8 reviews for Klipsch rp-450c middle channel speaker – cherry

    1. Phil

      Marriage involves compromise and from a man’s perspective, this means making sure your wife is happy. I coveted this speaker and a subwoofer and 280 tower speakers for some time. I had a very nice sound system before I was married, but I had to wait years to upgrade while we focused on other needs. I bought the 280 towers last year after much lobbying, and I write without overstating that our music is so pure sounding through these I was not sure our eclectic tastes in music could sound better. I read one review about the 280 tower speakers before buying them that one doesn’t get listening “fatigue,” and I didn’t understand what they meant until I heard my music though these speakers. It wasn’t until we added the 450 center speaker that I heard what I had been missing. Lyrics are crystal clear now, the midranges are, well, it was like a baby that was born deaf and had a cochlear implant and heard things for the first time. I can’t think of a better way of explaining it, it simply makes me happy. I rarely post reviews, and when a company does something this well it should be rewarded for its work. There are some authors who write in a way in which you don’t notice their presence. This is what Klipsch has done with sound! Read more

    2. Void

      At the last minute of construction felt the Klipsch I had for center channel would be too small for the 13 foot screen so I ordered this. It is perfect for that size screen center channel use. Its behind the center of the screen and there is no localization. Full audio spectrum including rich sound effects and music. Keep the dark grille on it and put a black tape over the shiny logo or else you will see it thru the screen micro-perfs. Read more

    3. Richard S.

      The cherry finish is pretty and even though the other speakers are black it fits in like a great accent piece. The bad… 1. Should have two tweeters for balance. The single tweeter sings at all levels. Even when the woofers whisper. Or a bi amp to allow individual adjustments. 2. It’s big. And ensure you have a space designated for it. The good….. 1. Loud and clear. The plus a subwoofer could easily be a complete system. And you would miss NOTHING. 2. Well built and beautiful. Just on sight iits work the cost ($350 on sale). 3. Short break in period.. After 3hrs she was fine the play loud. If needed. 4. Easy to drive. Using Denon 3600 and had to run at lower volume dB than front and surrounds 28fs 5. Looks 5….size 4….sound 5…. Read more

    4. AV8er

      I needed to update my center channel w something that would handle the horsepower of my new receiver. This 450 did exactly that. Clean looking, clear sounding, fits into my cabinet like it was designed for it. And once I set my crossovers to the correct frequency, puts out new sounds I hadn’t heard in with my previous center channel. Klipsch quality and performance from this Authorized Dealer at a great price!! This is NOT “B” stock either. Very happy with this purchase. A++ Read more

    5. S. Wilson

      This thing DOES IT! A 3-way speaker With clear, loud sound. However, it’s very large. I didn’t pay attention to the dimensions, and was taken aback by the size when it arrived. It takes up most of the top surface of my TV stand. Not a problem since the TV hangs on the wall over the stand but, check dimensions before ordering. Read more

    6. D.James

      The speaker sounds great! It was larger than I realized and fit in the location I planned was marginal. Fortunately, I had another place to put it and am totally happy. In addition to being fairly large, particularly in terms of depth, the speaker is quite heavy. In order to be certain that the speaker wouldn’t fall off the wall, I ended up purchasing mounting brackets on which the speakers rests. These are in addition to a hook-type of mounting bracket that ensures that the speaker can’t slide off the underside brackets (I live in earthquake country). A seven foot fall to the floor would be catastrophic! Read more

    7. mike w

      I recieved this speaker today, unplugged a polk s35 center, found a place for this monster( its huge), played a couple movies and some music and it is a transforming piece to my home theater system. All voices are crystal clear and crisp, i heard actors breathing in some situations, things i was never able to hear with the polk and before that infinity center channels. My fiancee came home and could immediately tell a huge difference and she started getting the return paperwork ready for the polk that evening. At 349 dollars it seems stiff, but its almost half price ( from 649) and it is an investment in your home entertainment system that will pay off for many years given its quality. I fully recommend this, get it when you can, you wont ever have buyers remorse like i did for the Polk. Read more

    8. Theo. Whitetiger

      Best thing I can tell you about this speaker is that very soon after installing to my system I came charging into the living room after hearing what I thought was yelling in the living room. 2 dogs also thought the same. Got to the living room, heart thumping, only to find totally unimpressed wife wondering wtf all the excitement over an old episode of Law and Order was all about. I’d like to say we’ve all (me and the dogs) gotten used to it but I have to admit it still fools us from time to time. Even the wife admits the dialog is impressive and all other sound handled by the center channel is equally impressive. I can’t imagine a better center speaker! Read more

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