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  • the country of foundation is china
  • the reference premier rp-450c middle channel speaker brings movie speak and track lyrics to existence
  • 1″ linear journey suspension titanium tweeter
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from the manufacturer

reimagined. Redesigned. Modern.

we had a assignment for the klipsch reference premier line: blow the doors off the expectations of our unswerving following, and get our fanatics so near their track they are able to touch it. We have melded our engineering understanding and country of the art generation collectively to provide a loudspeaker line that will have people falling in love with their track once more.

the reference finest rp-450c middle channel speaker brings film communicate and music lyrics to life. Four 5. 25″ cerametallic woofers and a hybrid cross-segment tractrix horn emit real looking, the front row sound.

  • 1″ linear travel suspension titanium tweeter
  • quad 5. 25″ spun copper cerametallic cone woofers
  • 90×90 hybrid tractrix horn
  • all new tractrix port
  • mdf cabinet with brushed polymer veneer baffle finish
  • sturdy, flexible removable grille
  • dimensions: 6. 81” x 31. Thirteen” x 14. 51”
  • redesigned tractrix horn makes use of a round horn throat paired to a square horn mouth to similarly enhance excessive frequency reaction and extension, at the same time as enhancing imaging and dynamics. The compressed molded rubber production adds high frequency damping to improve resolution and detail. This creates the cleanest, maximum herbal sound feasible.

    a linear journey suspension minimizes distortion for improved, specific overall performance. Lts tweeters have been an indicator of preceding reference strains, in addition to our flagship klipsch palladium series, making it a center factor of some of the quality speakers within the world.

    cerametallic woofers constitute the pinnacle of klipsch driver design, retaining notable stress, and lightweight creation, for minimum cone breakup and distortion. Whilst paired with the tractrix horn-loaded lts tweeter, it affords speaker efficiency maximum in its magnificence.

    making use of tractrix geometry, the all new reference top-quality ports permits for the most efficient, quickest air transfer from the cabinet – for the cleanest, maximum effective low frequency response on the market.

    we’ve paired a premium wooden grain polymer veneer with a brushed polymer veneer to feature a extra contemporary aesthetic for the reference gold standard gadget. The smooth, seamless lines of these speakers allow them to be incorporated into any decor.

    attaches magnetically for an fashionable transition from powerful showstopper to discrete overall performance piece. The magnets are embedded in the baffle for superior excessive frequency diffraction discount.

    our middle channel speakers are designed to provide you the clearest movie speak and tune lyrics for an closing home theater experience unlike every other. No other emblem on the market can deliver the sensible detail and emotion like klipsch can.

    seeking to upload more than simplest surround sound? Dolby atmos gives you a hemisphere of sound the completely engulfs the listener in their films and tune. Klipsch’s signature controlled directivity makes our audio system an appropriate desire for turning in this cutting-edge, overhead soundstage.

    product description

    the reference best rp-450c center channel speaker brings movie dialogue and track lyrics to existence. Four 5. 25″ cerametallic woofers and a hybrid pass-phase tractrix horn emit reasonable, the front row sound.


    Ebony, Walnut

    3 reviews for Klipsch rp-450c center channel speaker – ebony

    1. Tanner Lambert

      After months of research, speaker auditions and returns I have found the perfect center speaker for. I didn’t want to spend a whole lot but the deal on the klipsch rp-450c I just had to give it a shot. I was blown away when upgraded to the rp-504c at not additional cost because it was previously out of my budget. HUGE thanks to Sound Distributors!! I broke out in a stupid grin (still smiling) the moment I hooked beautiful speaker. Even without breaking it in this thing amazes. I wish I would have found Sound Distributors sooner and went with this center first. Most eventually upgrade to the rp-504c (or rp-450c) eventually so make the dive. You will not be disappointed! I even prefer this over the RC-64iii (+$1000) and use it mostly for TV & movies. The clear, natural sound is unlike any others I’ve auditioned. It’s not too high like some say and didn’t cause ear fatigue after many hour binge sessions. Beware: after listening to the rp-504c it will be difficult not to purchase. This one upgrade now has me excited about this reference premiere line and motivated to upgrade my mains (through Sound Distributors unless & unlikely there’s better deal or service with another seller ;). So much fun and excited to keep upgrading! THANK YOU Eric & SOUND DISTRIBUTORS!! After a year this center channel speaker sounds even better. I’ve been so impressed with it and Sound Distributors that I also purchased (2) Klipsch of the r-280f’s (the previous version). Beforehand, I asked SOUND DISTRIBUTORS if they wouldn’t be able to upgrade me to the newest version (RP-8000F) which they generously said they would upgrade me against for no extra cost. Needless to say I absolutely love my home theater system, I get so many compliments even when watching basic TV shows, and will only buy Klipsch speakers (especially the Reference Premiere series) now. Other than my PSA subwoofer, any speakers I never hesitant to purchase through Sound Distributors whether through Amazon or directly from them. No one comes close to their service, prices and I guarantee I paid much less than others yet my system still sounds so much better 🙂 Read more

    2. Airness

      VERY happy with my new Klipsch RP-450C and Sound Distributors Inc. I reached out to Sound Distributors Inc. with a shipping inquiry and was promptly sent a response with the best news (after hours). The owner told me that he was going to make sure that my order shipped the very next day, and that he would send me the newer Klipsch-504C. My wife and I were so excited. We received the Klipsch RP-504C in perfect, brand new condition. After spending a few hours trying to break in the speaker with 5.1 audio CD’s and Eagles Blu-ray concert, it sounds AMAZING on movies. Tom Cruise’s voice in Oblivion 4K UHD sounds rich, loud and powerful. I was able to crank up the volume to IMAX movie levels and enjoy clear vocals, and effortless. This speaker does not leave me reaching or wanting for more clarity. The Klipsch Synergy SC-3 center channel speaker it replaced, had a noticeable coloring to the audio, and sounded like the speakers were in a slim line speaker box compared to the new Klipsch-504C. I had the smaller Klipsch SC-1 center channel before moving up to the 6.5” SC-3. The SC-3 was noticeably better, but still left me wanting more. I am FULLY satisfied with my new Klipsch-504C. The Klipsch-504C blends in perfectly with my Klipsch Synergy SP-1 towers. Before I added the Klipsch-504C, my entire surround sound system had the matching Klipsch Synergy line. The only addition is my SVS PB-2000 to the Klipsch Synergy KSW-12 subwoofer. Now my movies sound unreal. I love the magnetic grill cover. I had to spend $60 a couple of times to replace broken Klipsch screen covers so that is a huge plus. I know replacing the surrounds and towers to the Klipsch Reference Premiere line would sound better, but with the addition of my SVS sub, and Klipsch-504C replacement, I don’t feel like I am missing out on much of anything in my movies. THANK YOU Sound Distributors Inc. !!! Read more

    3. Daniel Bennett

      As the title implies I’m a hard sell. I never review anything less than a month old and I will definitely update this in the future. I found alot of reviews subpar but this is my detailed one day review…. To begin with. WOW Between super fast shipping and customer support to the speaker itself. Win win win. Even with a cheap 100dollar amp and sub this thing is beyond immersive. Music and videos come to life with detail you don’t hear before. it has a bass punch most center channel speakers lack (but I still recommend a subwoofer) and being full range you hear low, mids, and highs. Flawlessly. It’s insanely crystal clear including the awful feedback of my 100 amp. It’s subtle in alot of ways but the clarity and detail is unmatched. Yes I’m aware if you spend 800 plus you’ll get better, but music and tv has literally ‘come alive’ for me it’s so immersive! I hear a small wind whistle I’ve never heard in any other set I have owned. Only real con is the size of it and somewhat powerful amp to properly supply it. it’s 32 inches long and weighs 40 pounds… it is a beast. That’s it. Maybe the price too, but you get what you pay for! Read more

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