Klipsch rp-280f reference most beneficial floorstanding speaker with dual eight inch cerametallic cone woofers (ebony pair)

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  • ensure this fits by means of coming into your version variety.
  • buy this package deal and receive a couple of klipsch rp280f ebony reference most effective tower audio system.
  • reegineered tactrix horn utilizes a circular horn throat coupled to a rectangular horn mouth to further improve high–frequency response and extension, while enhancing imaging and dynamics. The compressed molded rubber production adds high frequency damping to reduce harshness and enhance detail. This creates the cleanest, most herbal sound viable.
  • a linear travel suspension minimizes distortion for improved, unique overall performance. Lts tweeters have been a trademark of preceding reference strains, in addition to our flagship klipsch palladium collection, making it a core thing of some of the exceptional audio system within the global.
  • twin eight” cerametallic woofers epitomize klipsch driving force layout, perpetuate unprededented pressure, and light-weight construction, for minimum cone breakup and distortion. Whilst paired with the klipsch tractrix horn–loaded lts tweeter, it presents magnificence–leading speaker efficiency.
  • making use of tractrix geometry, the all new reference choicest ports permits for the most green, fastest air switch from the cabinet – for the cleanest, most powerful low frequency reaction available on the market.

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from the manufacturer

reimagined. Redesigned. Revolutionary.

we had a project for the klipsch reference top of the line line: blow the doorways off the expectancies of our loyal following, and get our lovers so close to their track they are able to contact it. We have melded our engineering knowledge and state of the artwork era together to supply a loudspeaker line a good way to have people falling in love with their song again.

the reference superior rp-280f floorstanding speaker is the biggest within the reference greatest circle of relatives, generating cinematic sound from 8″ cerametallic woofers and a hybrid tractrix horn. It may fill a larger room with theater-first-rate sound with minimal effort – immersing you inside the ultimate listening experience.

  • 1″ linear journey suspension titanium tweeter
  • dual eight” spun copper cerametallic cone woofers
  • 90×90 hybrid tractrix horn
  • all new tractrix port
  • mdf cabinet with brushed polymer veneer baffle end
  • strong, flexible detachable grille
  • dimensions: forty three. 06” x 10. 55” x 18. 32”
  • redesigned tractrix horn makes use of a circular horn throat paired to a rectangular horn mouth to further enhance high frequency response and extension, while improving imaging and dynamics. The compressed molded rubber construction provides high frequency damping to improve decision and element. This creates the cleanest, most natural sound viable.

    a linear travel suspension minimizes distortion for enhanced, precise overall performance. Lts tweeters have been an indicator of previous reference traces, as well as our flagship klipsch palladium collection, making it a center component of a number of the first-class audio system within the international.

    cerametallic woofers represent the top of klipsch motive force layout, maintaining top notch tension, and light-weight construction, for minimal cone breakup and distortion. While paired with the tractrix horn-loaded lts tweeter, it offers speaker performance highest in its elegance.

    using tractrix geometry, the all new reference most efficient ports lets in for the most green, quickest air transfer from the cupboard – for the cleanest, maximum powerful low frequency reaction on the market.

    we’ve paired a top rate wooden grain polymer veneer with a brushed polymer veneer to add a greater modern aesthetic for the reference top-rated machine. The clean, seamless strains of these audio system permit them to be incorporated into any decor.

    attaches magnetically for an elegant transition from powerful showstopper to discrete performance piece. The magnets are embedded in the baffle for superior excessive frequency diffraction discount.

    your klipsch reference ideal floorstanding speaker is the suitable healthy to feature certainly one of our dolby atmos elevation channel audio system (rp-140sa) to supply overhead sound to your own home theater.

    construct a machine

    the reference greatest rp-280 domestic theater system is the pinnacle of the line in the reference most suitable series. Your pals will be jealous – your acquaintances may be pissed.

    pair these fashions with the rp-280f floorstanders to create the rp-280 device.

    construct a gadget

    the reference finest rp-280 domestic theater device is the top of the line in the reference most excellent series. Your buddies could be jealous – your pals can be pissed.

    pair those fashions with the rp-280f floorstanders to create the rp-280 gadget.

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    the reference most reliable rp-280 home theater gadget is the top of the road in the reference most effective series. Your pals could be jealous – your acquaintances could be pissed.

    pair those models with the rp-280f floorstanders to create the rp-280 device.

    construct a gadget

    the reference ideal rp-280 domestic theater machine is the top of the road inside the reference most appropriate collection. Your buddies can be jealous – your associates will be pissed.

    pair these fashions with the rp-280f floorstanders to create the rp-280 system.

    rp-280 device

    (1) rp-450c

    (2) rp-250s

    (1) r-115sw

    Product Dimensions

    18.4, x, 10.6, x, 43.1, inches

    Item Weight

    62.5, pounds



    Item model number

    Klipsch, RP280F, Ebony, Reference, Pr

    Customer Reviews

    4.9, out, of, 5, stars, 216, ratings, 4.9, out, of, 5, stars

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    #50, 578, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #36, in, Floorstanding, Speakers

    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


    Date First Available

    February, 19, 2015



    4 reviews for Klipsch rp-280f reference most beneficial floorstanding speaker with dual eight inch cerametallic cone woofers (ebony pair)

    1. Tom C

      WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! I am so impressed with this speaker. The high end is spectacular. The crisp details I never heard before are suddenly in front of me. The bi-amp connection is not explained well in the manual. My Yamaha high end receiver has a bi-amp built in. For those who don’t understand bi-amplification, receivers equipped with this send separate discrete signals…one to the tweeter and midrange and the other to the woofers. This speaker is designed to take advantage bu-amplification with two additional cables connected to the other two terminals of the speaker BUT YOU MUST REMOVE THE METAL BRACKET CONNECTING THE HIGH AND LO FREQUENCY SPEAKER TERMINALS!!! Receivers need to be set up to activate bi-amplification. The bracket needs to be replaced when not using bi-amplification. Failure to replace the two metal brackets will render either the tweeter or dual woofers inoperable depending how you connect the speakers without the two metal bridges. DO NOT LOSE THESE TWO METAL STRIPS CONNECTING THE SPEAKER TERMINALS. NOTE: THESE SPEAKERS ARE DISCONTINUED AND REPLACED BY THE RP-8000F COSTING $200 MORE. AMAZON SHOULD HAVE INDICATED AS THEY ALWAYS DO THAT A DISCONTINUED ITEM HAS A NEWER MODEL. The RP-280F and RP8000F are essentially identical with the exception of the cabinet, grille, feet (base), the baffle and a VENTED tweeter. The grille on the newer RP-8000F is a higher quality, more durable fabric. The base (foot) on the RP-8000F has two fang-like feet whereas the RP-280F has a much better solid piano grade finish wood base which has to be screwed into the bottom with screw in spikes for support. The baffle on the RP-280F has a sharp looking brushed texture while the baffle on the newer RP-8000F has a smooth semi-gloss texture. The cabinet on both are different with equal quality. The logo on the RP-280F grille is at the top whereas it is on the bottom on the RP-8000F. The newer tweeters used on all the latest Klipsch models provide venting to improve the high performance. This $400 savings (for 2x) makes THIS A FAR BETTER BARGAIN THAN GOING FOR THE NEWER MODEL with only moderate improvements. These speakers are spot on for accuracy. No added bass! You hear the sound as the band or musician intended it to sound. Love these speakers. These are MASSIVE boxes with a huge depth from front to back. It is a deep as my entire audio rack. Read more

    2. Grant D.

      I got a pair of these Klipsch RP-280-f Reference Premiere speakers delivered today. I have them hooked up to to a Marantz PM 8006 Amplifier. They sound great! Funny thing though, Klipsch talks about allowing speakers to “break in”. I noticed that when I FIRST powered these speakers up they didn’t put out a lot of sound. NOW that I’ve played them for a few hours, they’re really putting out a lot of sound. These are GREAT speakers! Update 8-16-18 These speakers are now fully broken in. They rock the place and sound great. I hear many subtle parts in music that I’ve never noticed before. I use them for everything, music, movies, streaming, and TV. I have ZERO regrets with my choice of these speakers. Read more

    3. Josh

      These are the best speakers I’ve ever heard. I debated even writing a review: what can I say that hasn’t already been said? I’m one of those guys who thinks he’s an audiophile but probably isn’t. I have a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EspritTT > Pro-Ject Tube Boss DS > Basic Yamaha Receiver > Klipsch and I swear, I have never heard music this way before. I can hear every single detail from the hi hats, Ride cymbal, vocals, it’s all there. I was worried I might need a sub. Absolutely not, if you’re just listening to music. The bass response is perfect. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase. A friend came over and I played a few tracks for him and he was blown away. Just a giant grin all over his face. Read more

    4. Carlos & Danielle Andrade

      ** Review about Klipsch RP-280F. (ebony) ** > A little bit about my personal situation and usage: Just bought this pair of Klipsch RP-280F as a start of a 5.1.2 system for my home theater (in the basement). I do not have a dedicated room for this project so i wanted some good quality speakers, after watching some reviews and YouTube videos i decided to get this… It is a big open room and my main listening position is from 12ft away, so i was a bit concerned about the sound propagation around the huge room. > The shipping experience: As you can imagine i was counting down the days to get this… They arrived in the time they were supposed to, mine came from ‘AcousticSoundDesign Factory’ they arrived without any scratches, bumps or any sign of damage what so ever. ** If you are buying this speakers just be aware that they come in a box that reveals the content, so watch out for it, would hate for you to lose yours from your front porch. ** > Performance: Paired them up with my Onkyo TX-NR686 7.2 Channel and turned some music on… Sitting from about 12ft away. Omg simply stunning, amazing sound quality, even in my huge room at just 50% volume, it was super loud and clear, you could tell immediately that this are good quality speakers, and they still need to be “broken into”. I then switched to a couple of Movies with nice sound effects (being that my main goal) and for me personally, the dialog and vocals where still nice and well heard, but the explosions, where lacking that nice strong bass that i love, don’t get me wrong, you have some nice Bass considering it was just the left and right speakers, but if you are a true Movie lover, and you want that fully immersive experience you will need that Subwoofer to go along with this pair. I will be definitely getting the 112sw or 115sw from them, wen money comes available. But for now, it was a great start to my project. > Quality/Looks: This are just mean looking speakers, they look amazing, the wood looks great and gives that nice quality look to any room, looks amazing with and without the “grill” (personal taste there) they are sturdy, heavy, and you can just tell, well built. Read more

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