Klipsch reference r-10sw 10″ 300w powered subwoofer (black)

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$210.70 $202.19

  • powerful 10″ copper-spun front-firing woofer
  • all-virtual amplifier delivers three hundred watts of dynamic power
  • similarly incredible with tune and films
  • low skip crossover and phase control,dimensions:14(h) x 12. Five(w) x 15. 7(d) inches
  • line/lfe inputs for compatibility with most receivers
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from the manufacturer

growth. Boom. Growth.

rattle the home windows and wake the associates with a reference subwoofer. You have by no means felt your song and films like this before.

happiness is copper and black

the klipsch reference subwoofers function effective copper-spun the front-firing woofer and an all-digital amplifier to deliver dynamic energy like you have by no means felt before.

product description

there are few domestic enjoyment studies that cannot enjoy the prolonged base that a subwoofer can offer. Perhaps not charades, however ideally the entirety else. Music, films and games will have the extra something that they have been missing with the addition of the r–10sw to your house theater. The front firing 10 inch subwoofer gives the flexibility of placement in any room for pulse pounding bass on demand.



8 reviews for Klipsch reference r-10sw 10″ 300w powered subwoofer (black)

  1. Alex

    I own the 10” and 12”. The 10” puts out cleaner tighter bass compared to the 12”. The 12” obviously has more oomph but the 10” will get the job done. I’m in love with both. Read more

  2. Aaron Kelly

    After reading some of the negative reviews complaining that this sub was not good compared to the r-110SW I almost cancelled my order. The sub arrived today and I tested it out. WOW. It’s great! I’ve got to keep it turned down to about 10% on the volume knob. It really is that loud. I’ve got it connected to an Onkyo TX-RZ820 with 5 old Bose surround speakers. If you’re a true audiophile that has a $3000 receiver and a $2,000 set of surround speakers then this might not be the sub you’re looking for. If you just want something to make your music and movies sound great – this is your sub. Read more

  3. Geetar Don

    Subwoofers are very hard to choose based on reviews. That is because different buyers look for different things. I’m a rock musician — been so since early sixties. That might lead a person to think that I want lots and lots of bottom end. In a sense I do. I want whatever was put into the mix. The ideal sound to me would be what the engineer heard in the studio. And here’s the thing, folks. That isn’t boom. It is in most every case (on a well made recording) tight and percussive, A very different sound than what one hears, for instance, something out of the windows of many teenagers automobiles. Or out of what used to be called a “boombox.” The Klipsch Reference R-10SW is musical. It is tight. It is, in other words, accurate. And yes, it can be those things at a pretty high volume level. And it goes deep. As deep as as loud as one needs to accurately reproduce anything but, perhaps, a pipe organ. I bought one of the ‘B-stock’ refurbished ones sold by Klipsch through Amazon. It appears and works as new. It came quickly. I’d so that again in a flash. Recommended. Well, unless you prefer “boom.” Read more

  4. Ryan/Nat

    As someone who owns the 15″ Klipsch Reference Premiere Subwoofer, I didn’t expect much out of the Reference 10″, especially after seeing the two next to each other… but wow. It blew me away. I was most impressed by how little coloration and how open the 10″ sounds compared to the 15″ and while it definitely can’t fill a room like the 15″, it holds it’s own very well. Worth every penny. Read more

  5. Robert O.

    I cannot turn it up more than 1/4 of the way or my house begins to shake violently. This thing performs way better than I ever anticipated. I bought it because of all the good reviews, and they were not exaggerating. My wife hates this speaker with so much passion and it makes me love it that much more. This is the best sub you can get for this price. Read more

  6. Chunshu

    I have this in my family room paired with the Klipsch quintet speakers. This thing packs a punch! Deep, tight bass. I’ve had this for 2 and 1/2 months now and have family and friends visit us a few times during that time. Everyone is very impressed with this subwoofer. My future project is building a legit home theater in my basement and Klipsch subwoofers will definitely feature there. Read more

  7. J. R. Krebs

    Had a Polk PSW10 for a few years and enjoyed it. Recently have been able to purchase other Klipsch speakers – which are absolutely fantastic! This sub just blended in with the other Klipsch speakers so well, the sound I get is just powerful. …how do you describe a sound?!?! The sub can thump… not a problem, but when watching movies, you can hear it and feel it. My Klipsch Reference speakers all sound great and can get really loud but still are clear and have no distortion. The sub compliments them so well, it just fills the room with a wonderful, full sound. Love this sub, love Klipsch and have nothing but praise to say for the brand. Whether watching movies, listening to music, or just watching TV the sub is great! Having it with other Klipsch speakers is a ‘no-brainer’!! Read more

  8. Clark V

    Size doesn’t matter apparently, this thing literally makes my house shake. Outstanding build quality with superior sound i’ve never experienced before. Ever since using this paired wiyh my two R-15PMs, I barely use my headphones anymore. Read more

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