Klipsch r-610f floorstanding home speaker, pair

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  • 2 percent r-610f floorstanding domestic speaker – grille (installed) – 2 toes – 4 screws – short setup manual – warrant
  • tractrix horn technology – klipsch one of a kind 90×90 tractrix horn technology ensures that the r-610f excessive frequency electricity is aimed at the listener and reduces synthetic reverb or filtering due to indirect sound bouncing off of partitions. Using this proprietary focused technology offers you the first-rate clarity, dynamics, and element
  • klipsch extraordinary linear journey suspension (lts) – aluminum tweeter minimizes distortion for better, unique performances. The use of kapton, a very mild and inflexible cloth, within the tweeter suspension offers excessive efficiency and enhance resolution and detail. Lts tweeters are a hallmark of klipsch audio system
  • spun copper img woofers – injection molded graphite (img) woofer cones are relatively light while being extraordinarily rigid offering brilliant low frequency reaction, with minimum cone breakup and distortion. Whilst paired with the tractrix horn-loaded lts tweeter, it offers speaker efficiency maximum in its magnificence.
  • rear tractrix port – the rear tractrix port is perfectly matched to the cabinet and woofers, creating perfect airflow with minimal distortion or turbulence even at the lowest frequencies.

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product description

status at only 37″ tall, but able to produce deep bass extension, the r-610f floorstanding speaker takes your movies and tune to any other degree by using turning in superb sound from our signature klipsch horn-loaded tweeter and a spun-copper img woofer

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40, x, 17.5, x, 12, inches

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90.5, pounds





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4.8, out, of, 5, stars, 288, ratings, 4.8, out, of, 5, stars

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#27, 853, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #19, in, Floorstanding, Speakers

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December, 27, 2018

8 reviews for Klipsch r-610f floorstanding home speaker, pair

  1. wapsman

    Overall, for the price point these speakers are a nice addition to my home audio/video system. The construction is solid and the sound is adequate for an entry level speaker. I use them basically as an accompaniment to my main speakers. They give added depth both tonal and spatially. What I don’t really care for appearance wise are the finishing touches. Such as overall finish, a little too dull. Could have been more vibrant/lustreous. The plastic support feet that give vertical lift off of the floor seem to be an afterthought. Finally, the edges could have used a more tapered/ rounded effect. I know these things may seem trivial to some but I always thought that’s what set Klipsch apart from others was their attention to detail. But, all-in-all they do suffice and yes, I could have returned them so why am I complaining??? I just wanted to share my thoughts in case someone out there might want to know. Read more

  2. royh

    I bought these speakers to replace the sound of my television speakers. They certainly do the trick and, at $259/pair, they are pretty much a no brainer. I paired them with a Sony receiver (Str-dh590) and connected them with copper 16 gauge speaker wire connected to banana plugs. Audio is great compared to the old tv speakers alone. Read more

  3. Stormtrooper_Armor

    Smooth and easy transaction. First of all: I own a pair of USA made Heresy 3s- Needed a couple of towers for the basement mated to a Velodyne 15” sub. Love it. Took the bass pressure off of and they sing- the price is amazing. Winner. Read more

  4. Norcal

    Got these to replace a sweet of Acoustic Research floor standing speakers. Using them for about a month now. Excellent sound, punchy deep bass, warm mid, very very slightly tinny highs. Can hear ever instrument crystal clear like I was right there (I am using a top of the line Denon avr to drive them). I needed to turn off my subs to reduce the base as these were quite adequate by themselves. I recommend highly for music, not so much for cinema as they can become too boomy for the movie action scenes. (I instead use JBL and Fluance with Martin Logan subs for my movie theatre). The Klipsch needs to be mounted on the included base stand (such that they are at a slight upward tilt) in order to get the best performance. Very happy, got then at a great price of $250 for a brand new pair. Highly recommend. Read more

  5. Tony Peck

    I love the structure of the speakers. The weight gives validation to the actual performance of the speakers. The wood, the magnetic cover. I love to alternate taking the covers off and display the speakers that way. I use them for regular TV as well as movies and music. I now own the R-610F, a RP 400C, R-120SW, and a pair of R-41SA. Hooked up to a 2020 model Denon 960H. Read more

  6. Anthony Crawford

    You get what you pay for in most cases and these speakers are of no exception. At $299/pr they are a pretty good deal, but don’t expect them to compete with speakers costing $500 or more. I got these because of their 95db efficiency that mates will with my 6 watt tube amp. Theses speakers are V shaped in sound. Boosted treble and boosted bass. The midrange is there but recessed and hollow. However, these speakers are better then previous generations of Klipsch budget speakers. If you buy these, pair them with a warm amp to push the midrange forward and roll off the highs. Also, point the speakers straight into the room. If you point them at the listening position, the highs will murder you. I use these with a tube amp that has KT66 tubes if possible. My amp rolls of the highs and ups the mid bass. This combo gives a nice warm sound with excellent imaging and soundstage. If you looking for a giant killer around this price, take a look at Tekton Speakers. Read more

  7. Elizabeth M England

    these speakers have reminded me how much I love a clear strong sound. Best listening experience in years. Read more

  8. Bilbo

    Installed these remarkable speakers and I never looked back. They simply sound TRUE. Read more

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