Klipsch r-52c effective special middle channel domestic speaker – black

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$191.22 $185.04

  • dual five. 25″ spun-copper img woofers
  • 1″ aluminum lts tweeter mated to a 90×90 rectangular tractrix horn
  • 89hz – 21khz +/- 3db
  • sensitivity 95db at 2. 83v/1m
  • 400 watts strength coping with
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from the manufacturer

there is no extra important speaker in your surround sound device than your center channel. It’s the speaker that holds the relaxation of the gadget collectively. All of your speak comes from this speaker and that means you need to have the first-rate first-class speaker you could find to get the clearest revel in feasible. If you may’t understand the phrases, the rest is beside the point.

klipsch center channel audio system are designed to offer you the clearest film speak and music lyrics for an ultimate home theater enjoy. No other emblem in the marketplace can supply the practical element and emotion like klipsch. Listen what you’ve got been lacking.

get crystal-clear sound in your film speak and tune lyrics with the extremely good acoustics from the r-52c middle channel speaker. Our proprietary tractrix horn-loaded technology gives you a realistic, the front-row listening revel in in contrast to every other.

  • 1″ aluminum lts tweeter
  • 90×90 rectangular tractrix horn
  • twin five. 25″ spun-copper img woofers
  • strong, bendy detachable magnetic grille
  • closed back layout for bendy placement
  • dimensions: 7. Three” x 18. 75″ x 7. 6″
  • klipsch distinctive linear tour suspension (lts) aluminum tweeter minimizes distortion for more desirable, particular performances. The use of kapton, an exceptionally mild and rigid fabric, inside the tweeter suspension presents excessive performance and enhance decision and detail.

    injection molded graphite (img) woofer cones are relatively mild at the same time as being extraordinarily inflexible – supplying outstanding low frequency response, with minimum cone breakup and distortion. Whilst paired with the tractrix horn-loaded lts tweeter, it gives speaker efficiency maximum in its elegance.

    strengthened mdf creation reduces cabinet vibration for much less audible shade and progressed sonic accuracy – providing you with the ultimate listening experience that is constructed to last. The closed lower back design of the r-52c gives you bendy placement alternatives with most suitable bass reaction irrespective of your entertainment device shelving.

    product description

    klipsch r-52c powerful specific middle channel home speaker – black.



    8 reviews for Klipsch r-52c effective special middle channel domestic speaker – black

    1. Kenneth P. Ehrlich

      Got this on a lightning deal at 174.00 as a replacement for old infinity cc speaker. Great performance for the investment. Clear, powerful, and broad sound. I can hear sounds clearly that we’re dull or undetectable with older smaller unit. Blends beautifully with my Polk Audio floor speakers. Fits nicely inside my center console at the top of my receiver stack up. Read more

    2. Mathew Wiechert

      So I went with these over the r34 being they have bigger drivers. They sound incredible for the price.. Too bad they don’t make something compared to the 450c for this series… Don’t have a second thought about buying these tho they sound great.. Read more

    3. Void

      Bought this on good sale, using it as center channel with Klipsch R-625FA L + R w/front Atmos tower speakers. Audio is very clear however the speaker appears to be much less efficient than the 620s. Needed to crank the volume way up for this center compared to the L and R. Otherwise very happy with dialog clarity. Read more

    4. Jesse Beaudry

      Sounds great , notes are crisp, worth every penny. Using with a new 7.1 Atmos Setup Pioneer Amp (170×6 Watts) sounds way better than my 4 main speakers, but works well with them all the same Read more

    5. Edward B

      I have had this speaker for a little under a year now. By no means am I an audiofile, but it is noticeably not as full as the R-625FA speakers I use in my 5.1.2 for my front side speakers. This makes some features like surround AI on my Yahama CX-A5200 less than ideal because it tries to always put dialog on this center speaker when the side speakers just sound better. That said. this center channel still has excellent sound quality, just not as good compared to the other speakers I have. My overall audio experience is best when I leave my CX-A5200 in surround decode. If I were to do it over again, I would have splurged for the R-34C or considered Klipsch’s Reference Premiere line up. Read more

    6. Todd C. Steen

      Great bang for the buck. Clear sound quality, decent enough range but make sure your system can get the subwoofer to start taking the load at about 100hz. Read more

    7. AJ

      This was a great replacement to my Klipsch satellite speaker from my 2.1THX system for my computer. I was using that satellite speaker for about 3 years as my center channel. It worked ok while it was there but then came this. Now this is a center channel. Everyday it gets better and better. It is so clean and crisp. you can hear everything that is said there is no more asking the other person next to you what did he/she say. This has brought things together for me and I thought I would have to go all kliipsch to do so. No I am doing fine with Bose 4001 direct reflect and this one. It is a match made in heaven. The Bose have enough bass to cover not having a sub. This speaker has enough of everything to finish what I was missing. Read more

    8. Anthony G.

      Solid, and great sounding for the price I have this speaker connected to my AVRX3400H and it sounds great unfortunately I didn’t connect it to the AVR by itself to see but compared to my old Sony center this blows it out of the water in its highs and mids hard to tell about lows because I have my front L/R full band Klipsch as well of 2 subs of course and tears and sides so it’s really hard to tell where the other speakers pick up the slack but I can say this was a great purchase for the price and I have been very happy for a few weeks now Read more

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