Klipsch r-51pm powered bluetooth speaker

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$349.23 $343.10

  • powered screen
  • bluetooth wireless era
  • phono/line analog (with transfer and floor screw terminal)
  • three. Five millimeter analog mini jack
  • usb virtual
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from the producer

no receiver required

klipsch reference powered speakers supply room-filling sound with out taking up much space way to a integrated amplifier that is custom-engineered for these high-overall performance speakers, maximizing output and sound first-rate.

plays nicely with others

whether you connecting to a turntable, television, pc, cellular cellphone, something – these powered audio system paintings with anything.

dynamic bass eq

klipsch reference powered speakers will dynamically suit the ear’s capability to hear decrease frequencies. Commonly, best available with audio/video receivers, dynamic quantity is a first for klipsch powered monitors.

custom-tuned amplification

reference powered audio system leverage independent, ultra-low noise amplifiers custom designed to maximise machine performance and get rid of the need for outside amplification. We’ve tuned the components to be an absolute ideal match.

tractrix horn tech

lts tweeter

klipsch one of a kind linear tour suspension (lts) aluminum tweeter minimizes distortion for greater, exact performances.

spun copper img woofers

injection molded graphite (img) woofer cones are extraordinarily mild whilst being extremely inflexible – providing a remarkably low-frequency reaction.

sleek layout

exposed fasteners, low profile magnetic grilles, and textured timber grain vinyl deliver those powered bookshelf speakers a modern look.

product description

a absolutely powerful, small form-aspect tune monster filled with klipsch acoustics with included energy and bluetooth wireless generation. With an integrated phono pre-amp, bluetooth wi-fi technology, digital optical, analog rca and usb inputs, your r-51pm is the first-rate appearing, most flexible reveal on this planet. As the human ear perceives frequencies otherwise with variations in output, the r-51pm will dynamically match the ear’s ability to listen lower frequencies. Usually, most effective to be had with audio/video receivers, dynamic quantity is a primary for klipsch powered monitors. What you get is strong bass whether the listening extent is low, cranked up or someplace in among. Neglect the price, muddle and hassle of an outside a/v receiver. The r-51pm video display units incorporate person extremely-low noise amplifiers customized to maximise device performance and eliminate the want for external amplification. Permits easy get right of entry to to machine functions like dedicated supply choice, track controls, and play/pause. Add a subwoofer to beautify for even greater bass.



4 reviews for Klipsch r-51pm powered bluetooth speaker

  1. RecordPhile

    They really are great speakers. They work as advertised. I will say that they definitely benefit from a break in period. First out of the box they are really forward and the treble is biting. After some break-in though it mellows out and they sound great. Please remember that these are small speakers. They sound great to be as small as they are. They are really clear and detailed. They would also benefit from adding a sub to your system. The only negative remark I can give them is that the phono stage is not great. It will get you going if you are just starting out but you are really going to want to upgrade to a separate phono stage quick. That being said when playing records there is absolutely no hum at regular listening volumes. The phono stage just sounds flat. There is no depth. No separation. I know these speakers can sound better because they sound great when paired with a DAC. Do not let this deter you from buying these great speakers. They really do sound amazing when paired with a good source and a sub. I would definitely recommend these speakers. Especially for their sub $500 price tag. UPDATE—————————————- After about 50 hours of listening with these speakers. I have decided to amend my review. I think they are wonderful. I still stand by comment about the phono stage being lacking. I recommend adding in a separate phono stage like the Schiit Mani. It is a fantastic phono stage. I will write a separate review on that product page. Now back to the speakers. Just great little powered speakers. They really shine in the mids and highs. The treble is forward and lively. The mids are well balanced and could be a little more full. This is not a fault of the speakers. They perform as specified. They fill out nicely with the R-100sw sub. The built in amp and dac provide a very clean clear signal that helps to define instruments and sound stage. I can really get a feel of the singer being in front of the guitar with the bass and drums in the background with just a hint of violin and piano. So a great sounding set of speakers. Easy for beginners to set up. Provide a sweet lively sound that will not leave you wishing for more, especially if you add the sub. You will not regret purchasing this set of powered speakers. Ps: I guess it should go without saying that listening over bluetooth is not ideal. Its not just these speakers. I would not recommend listening via bluetooth ever. Please remember to vote this review as helpful if you found it useful. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. Read more

  2. Austin

    Buy these NOW! The sound quality is amazing at any level. You can blast these or turn down low and you still get a fulfilling sound from the dynamic bass EQ. I honestly don’t think you would have to have a sub with these but I bought one because I am a basshead. Bluetooth and optical work very well and setup and use are very simple. If your using for Netflix make sure to set your optical output to pcm or the speakers won’t work. Plays rap- metal amazing. Seriously buy these if you don’t have a receiver but want high quality sound . It’s almost too loud at times! *Update* 1/3/19 These speakers still ROCK. These speakers normally are set to optical from my tv so no matter what plays through my tv ( Games,Netflix,Pandora) it works. Like I said before on your tv settings change to audio output to pcm that way netflix can play through the speakers. If not you will get an ugly sound from them and they will never work. If I want to hook my phone up to the speakers through bluetooth I can within a matter of seconds. I love the sound of these speakers so much and they look amazing as well. I feel that most women don’t want to look at speakers but men do. If I go to my kitchen which is 2 rooms away I just turn one of my speakers that way and you can still hear things crystal clear. PS you wouldn’t need to turn the speaker in my situation but I like to get the most out of my system. As you can see I have 2 klipsch R-120SW subwoofers hooked up to these speakers. You can’t go wrong with the R-51PM. Later on if my wife will let me I want to buy a optical splitter and buy a second set of these speakers to put on the opposite side of my room to get that surround sound and then I won’t have to turn these speakers up as loud. But when my wife leaves we both know I will crank all 4. My music ranges from rap to metal. Only reason I care for rap is the bass. If i didn’t have my subs I wouldn’t play it. The drivers on these speakers really hit well with the fast double bass in metal Songs. That is all for now. Read more

  3. anon

    2 week update. Works poorly with Amazon Alexa. Bluetooth always disconnects from Alexa. Must manually pair every time you use. There is a lag in connecting as well so when Alexa finally connects to the speakers the name of the speaker is missed so it just says, “1PM… is connected.” The previous glamour of this company has been capitalized to market to amateur hipster audiophiles. If you are looking for plug and play stick with Sony, Yamaha, and Samsung. Best bang for your buck. Empty shallow sound. Sounds terrible at low volumes but a bit better if loudly playing music. Lackluster bass and requires additional subwoofer. Cheap wood veneer. Not even close to worth paying $400 for. The worst is their warranty and product support. They are unreachable and do not respond to support tickets. Read more

  4. Francisco

    I bought the Klipsch-41pm speakers at first and listened to them for a few days.. i felt like they were lacking in the lower end area. I ended up returning them and getting these bad boys.. I am glad i decided to keep these over its smaller counterpart.. these have more lower end and blend better with the klipsch powered 10″ sub. I also managed to get the Klipsch R-51pm when they were on sale and paid the same price as i wouldve for the Klipsch R -41pm. I would highly recommend these speakers to anyone.. they sound great and look sexy with the covers off. Read more

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