Klipsch r-41m effective specified bookshelf domestic speaker set of 2 black

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  • single four” spun-copper img woofer
  • 1″ aluminum lts tweeter mated to a 90×90 rectangular tractrix horn
  • 68 hertz – 21 kilohertz +/- 3db; nominal impedance – eight ohms; well matched crossover frequency – 1,730 hertz
  • sensitivity 90db
  • 200 watts electricity handling
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from the manufacturer

the r-41m bookshelf audio system offer maximum versatility without sacrificing performance from a small, but stylish audio solution. Designed as primary audio system for a compact dwelling space or surround sound to help a reference speaker system, the r-41m bookshelf audio system are the perfect desire for your private home theater gadget.

  • 1″ aluminum lts tweeters
  • 90×90 rectangular tractrix horns
  • 4″ spun-copper img woofers
  • bass-reflex through rear-firing port
  • sturdy, bendy detachable magnetic grille
  • dimensions: 11. 3″ x five. Seventy five” x 7. Nine”
  • klipsch specific linear travel suspension (lts) aluminum tweeter minimizes distortion for improved, designated performances. Using kapton, a very light and rigid material, inside the tweeter suspension gives high efficiency and improve decision and detail. Lts tweeters are an indicator of klipsch audio system, making them a number of the speakers in the global.

    injection molded graphite (img) woofer cones are rather light while being extraordinarily inflexible – offering remarkable low frequency reaction, with minimum cone breakup and distortion. When paired with the tractrix horn-loaded lts tweeter, it presents speaker performance high in its elegance.

    uncovered fasteners, low profile magnetic grilles and a scratch-resistant, textured wood grain vinyl provide the r-41m bookshelf audio system a elegant, contemporary look.

    product description

    klipsch r-41m effective distinct bookshelf home speaker set of two black.


    Pair, Speaker Set + 100 Feet Wire Cable

    8 reviews for Klipsch r-41m effective specified bookshelf domestic speaker set of 2 black

    1. Kyle Garcia

      These speakers sound great! Mids aren’t exceptional, but they’re there. Highs are typical Klipsch, almost too much, but make for a very clear sound to the average listener. The highs are also not harsh as some Klipsch models are, just very prominent. Bass response is amazing for a 4″ woofer. There’s plenty, and it’s not muddy. On a fairly small desk in a small room they do not need a sub, although one is definitely needed for very low frequencies or thundering bass for a home theater system, and would be a good addition in any case. I have these on my desk, and I think that’s a perfect application for them. Being 4″ drivers they’re not really suited for a large room or at the forefront of a theater system, though they would make good satellites for a surround setup. They hold up great at lower volumes and are in a fairly compact box suitable for a desk. Speaking of the box, it’s definitely adequate, but not the highest quality ever. It feels nice, but the wood grain appears to be a veneer. The front looks great without the cover, showing off the ubiquitous Klipsch bronze colored driver and large tweeter wave guide. The magnetic covers are nice too though, and when in place give the speakers an unassuming blacked out look. The wire bindings make a nice tight grip, and the bass port is pretty large. They’re even wall mountable, though it isn’t recommend to put rear ported speakers right against a wall. Four adhesive feet for each speaker are included in the box and can be added if desired. I left them off and placed the speakers directly on the foam of my stands. These speakers like power. I can crank up my 100watt RMS per channel Yamaha receiver to 70% without blowing the woofers or my eardrums out. I tried them with a Lepai 2020A amp (20watt RMS) and it had to be pretty much maxed out to get decent volume, and caused some distortion in doing so. Unless you only listen at a very low volume a $20 amp unfortunately is not sufficient for these. Overall I am very satisfied with these as an addition to my desk. I highly recommend for beginner or cheap audiophiles like myself. Read more

    2. Mathew Wiechert

      These are being used for heights (atmos) they sound great and actually have some decent bass. I have them crossed over at 60 and they have no problem keeping up.. You don’t have to spend over 300 on their angled speakers which is almost the same speaker.. Read more

    3. NinthWard

      UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! Just hooked them up. I have an ideal location — in a small office space with the speakers mounted close to the ceiling with a sloping dormer next to them. Playing Simon Preston right now, Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in C minor (good test for the bass). Are these for real?? The sound stage, the accuracy of reproduction, the deep bass (only 68 Hz — really!?), The upstairs small amp (50w/ch) volume control is up only1/4 of the way and I think that I could almost blow out the windows with these! Incredible! Klipsch does it again! (I have the RF-28s downstairs). I am in heaven……. Lord, take me now….. One quibble: mounting system (keyhole) sucks eggs. C’mon Klipsch! you can do better than that. With deep organ bass, I’m afraid I will vibrate them off the wall (Look Out Below!!!). Read more

    4. Steven Nance

      I really wanted to like the speakers and their highs sound great. Great detail. But most of the vocals sound like I’m listening to them from around a corner. My problem may be comparing to headphones like the Grado SR80e or old Cambridge Soundworks and Wharfdale bookshelf speakers. I wouldn’t be so harsh on the review except I have old Squeezebox devices that blow these speakers away in mid-range liveliness. Read more

    5. J. Sleger

      Klipsch R 41M is an absolute powerhouse for a 4” woofer. I went from a set of old KLH 2-way speakers to these and I will need to listen to my whole vinyl collection over. In an office that is 10’x10’ these are loud at a 2/10 volume. The bass is surprising for how small these are. If you really want picture rattling bass then a sub would be needed but for my office these are great. The highs out of these tweeters is super crisp as well. Subtle sounds come through perfectly clear and precise. Now this review is very fresh as I only have about an hour into listening. I can’t wait for these to really “break in” be able to fully shine. It will only get better from here. As for the look I could not be more pleased. I wanted an aesthetically pleasing look with great functionality. These really came through to pull my small vintage setup into another level. Read more


      I am ridiculously impressed with these speakers. I know Klipsch makes AMAZING speakers, but was worried it wouldn’t full fill my start of a new system. Well, I was wrong. I will be adding more. As well as subs. As an fyi to people looking for good speakers, they will sound great, but keep in mind they are small, so they hit hard for the size, but unless you have floor standing speakers or a sub woofer don’t expect to rattle your wife’s collectible plates. But 2 of these and a sub and you will absolutely have to by her new dishes. Read more

    7. Serkan Okar

      These are my third Klipsch speakers I purchased this year. I also own Klipsch R-26FA and RP-160M speakers. This pair is smaller than those models and not as powerful but still produce a nice, crisp sound. I use them in my bedroom and they sound loud enough. The material quality is the same as the other Klipsch speakers and they are very sturdy. Unless I happen to test another brand of speakers that may steal my heart, I think I will continue with Klipsch speakers. Read more

    8. Diamond Ave

      I agree with other reviews, the highs are very crisp and clean and the mids are so so and lows are not that bold but OK for a small room. Overall with the size of the speakers I am very satisfied. Read more

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