Klipsch r-15m bookshelf speaker (pair)

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  • get strength and flexibility in a small package, the klipsch r-15m bookshelf audio system percent a mean punch.
  • these audio system carry out superbly as a left,middle,proper, or surround.
  • dual 5. 25″ copper-spun excessive-output img woofers. Brushed black polymer veneer cabinet
  • klipsch reference bookshelf speakers characteristic a rear-firing port this is flawlessly suit to the cabinet and drivers.
  • capabilities bass reflex thru rear firing port enclosure kind. Sensitivity 94 db at 2. 83 volt per 1 minute
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from the producer

you can buy happiness

klipsch’s founder, paul w. Klipsch, became an engineer, inventor, madman and licensed genius. He spent his existence looking to deliver the arena better sound. Seeing that 1946, klipsch has carried on their founder’s ardour for delivering the great domestic audio enjoy viable. You are now not buying a speaker – you are buying a bit of yankee audio history – constructed on more than 70 years of excellent acoustic technology.

small but effective, the reference r-15m display speaker provides big sound from a small footprint. Incredibly efficient, this powerful but minimalist speaker engulfs listeners in their preferred films and track for hours of listening pleasure.

  • fills small to medium rooms with powerful, reasonable performances
  • 1″ aluminum linear travel suspension horn-loaded tweeter
  • 5. 25″ copper-spun high-output img woofer
  • dimensions: 12. Five” h x 7” w x eight. 11″ d
  • brushed black polymer veneer cupboard
  • klipsch reference bookshelf audio system characteristic our proprietary 90×90 tractrix horn technology mated with an aluminum tweeter, for the most marvelous excessive-quit reaction and more extension, more suitable imaging and effective dynamics. This creates the cleanest, maximum herbal sound possible.

    the linear tour suspension (lts) tweeter minimizes distortion for more suitable, unique overall performance at the same time as the copper-spun injection molded graphite (img) woofer provides superb low frequency response with minimal cone breakup and distortion. Pair collectively, it affords speaker efficiency highest in its class.

    injection molded graphite (img) woofers are exceedingly mild while being extraordinarily rigid–providing splendid low frequency reaction, with minimal cone breakup and distortion. Whilst paired with the tractrix horn-loaded lts tweeter, it gives speaker efficiency highest in its elegance.

    klipsch reference bookshelf speakers feature a rear-firing port this is perfectly matched to the cupboard and drivers. This layout is exactly flared to minimize turbulence even at the lowest frequencies. 5-manner binding posts offer the maximum connection flexibility.

    product description

    klipsch r-15m bookshelf speaker (pair)


    Bookshelf Speaker (Pair), Speakers & Powergate Amplifier

    5 reviews for Klipsch r-15m bookshelf speaker (pair)

    1. Cody S

      Okay, I bought these to replace a set of older, very nice Polk Audio RT35i bookshelf speakers; partially because I already had a Klipsch rear stage (small satellites) and partially out of boredom. The Polk’s were the definition of smooth. Nothing offensive about them. They were the line below their flagship line when they were new; $400 IIRC. So I unbox these and first off they’re beautiful with the copper drivers and horn surround for the titanium tweeter. Lighter and smaller than the Polk’s they replaced. I hook them up to my Onkyo receiver, feed them 100 watts RMS of some music I know very well, and “OMG what have I done?”. They were all mid-range, with the occasional shrill high note and no low end extension to speak of. I kept at it, and as time went on, and on, and on, that really opened up. Now I’m hearing nuances in tracks I haven’t heard before, the low end extension is phenomenal for a 5.25″ driver, and the shrillness is gone. Additionally, the soundstage is MASSIVE. So if you get these (I’d recommend them), keep in mind they won’t sound great out of the box, and will need more break-in than almost any other speaker I’ve ever purchased. But you’ll be rewarded for it. Hope that helps! Read more

    2. WorldTravelr

      I labored over buying a pair of speakers … I mean I did hours of research over days. I am new into the world of vinyl and have invested more than I want to admit in the hobby this far. I bought a Fluance rt-81 turntable paired with a Sony receiver (soon upgrading to a Tube Cube 7 tube amp). I didnt want to break the bank on speakers bec as use my go as l is to upgrade to the real quality stuff once I see where this hobby goes. So $300 was my limit for speakers. I had it down between Fluance Signature series, Edifier, Polk and a few other brands. Klipsch came into the picture because so many great reviews appear on so many sites. And they have a pretty good reputation and lineage. American company too, which scores them points although I’m not foolish enough to think they too dont outsource labor to China these days. The biggest fear I had was so many reviews mention Klipsch speakers are bright and harsh sounding. Long story short … they kind of are. I wont lie and say that I’m not fairly disappointed by their harsh sound. But at this price point, I wouldn’t know that any other brand would be any different. I got a fantastic price during their ‘black Friday in April’ sale. I paid about $120 for a new pair. I’d have tried the Fluance had the Klipsch been full price at $170 or $200. Klipsch have a big horn at the top. It looks more like a loudspeaker youd see at a stadium designed to move a lot of air and broadcast a loud sound. Even at 1/4 volume, these will bounce off the walls in my fairly big living room. The room is filled with sound and unfortunately not in a great way. If you dont have an amp where you can play with the treble and bass, you may be in for an uncomfortable listening experience. We have been conditioned over time to expect loads of bass when we listen to music. Between Beats headphones and subwoofer theater packages, the average music listener hears songs much different than probably intended by the artist. In fact, if you listen to an album from the 60s such as The Beatles vs. the modern day remasters, you’ll notice anything made in the last 20 years is literally inundated with booming bass. Original albums were less bass heavy and most people heard them through speakers on built in record players until the hifi movement of the 1970s. So back to Klipsch … the harshness is real. I almost boxed these up and returned them the first time I heard them out of the box. Terrible stuff. I let them break in listening to albums for about 24 hours of music before they relaxed a bit. They never really got rid of that ‘in your face’ loudspeaker type of forceful sound. On my computer system with a mini subwoofer I can listen to music all day. After 2 or 3 albums on the Klipsch, I’m ready for a break. Maybe a subwoofer will help but that means I’ll have to give up the tube amp as I have no subwoofer port. In fairness, as bright and harsh as they are … the sound is smooth. Vocals and jazz music are crisp. Once you get into some music with bass or complicated instrumentals, you might be in some trouble. The bass (lows) can get a bit muddy at loud levels. (a sub $300 receiver could also be to blame for this) … however anytime the volume goes past 1/2 the dial turn I am like a dog with a whistle. I cant stand the sound … even if its Hendrix, The Doors or The Stones. Harsh. Bright. Yuck. So in summary … buyer beware. Had I to do it over, I’d have rolled the dice on another brand. Klipsch speakers are cool for some music but other music (anything complex) is completely destroyed by these. Motorhead is ruined forever for me. I honestly cannot fathom these get close to 5 star reviews. I guess it’s true that these are love them or hate them. I’m somewhere in between. I tolerate them. But I wont be upset at all when I move on to a better speaker. It wont be a Klipsch most likely. It’s not a bad speaker but it’s just not for me. Read more

    3. D. Edwards

      These are great speakers. They look awesome. They come with screens but i don’t use them. They have a balanced sound. I was afraid the tweeters would be to sharp. But i use an automatic Audessy setup so it’s possible it’s compensating. I have an old Sony center channel and the Klipsch blend well with it. I used old floor speakers with a10″ woofer before. They were very large and didn’t produce much bass. They were slightly warmer than these but not by much. For a small size, these are a great replacement for older speakers as long as you aren’t sending a lot of bass to them. You obviously won’t feel any low end with these but for the normal range these work well. I haven’t tried them in more extreme EQ settings but i can’t imagine they wouldn’t keep up with them. I put them on their side mostly because i think it looks better with my setup. They come with small plastic pads to stick wherever you want them. But i bought felt pads to use instead to reduce the space under them. Read more

    4. Cesar Gamino

      Really happy with these. I’ve had a pair of Bose that I was happy with and was in the market for another pair. After a bit of research I decided on this pair. Gals I did. Excellent, full sound that brings my vinyl collection to life👌🏽 I couldn’t be more satisfied Read more

    5. Just Another Nobody

      I absolutely love this speakers, I can honestly say there isn’t much to not like. cant complain about size because that’s part of how the speakers work especially the bass. they sound amazing, I still have yet to invest into a center bar and 2 center surrounds and when I get the chance I will happily invest to money in them as the quality is outstanding on my surround sound. sound, treble, bass, clarity, depth all are very rich and smooth. totally recommend. Read more

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