Klipsch r-100sw 10″ subwoofer, exceedingly deep bass and an all-digital amplifier

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  • 10″ the front-firing spun-copper img woofer
  • all-virtual amplifier with three hundred watts peak strength
  • volume low pass crossover and segment manipulate
  • line level/lfe rca inputs for optimum receiver compatibility
  • dimensions 14 five” x 12 5″ x 16 four”
  • frequency reaction: 32hz – 120hz +/- 3db
  • amplifier energy (cont/top): 150w/300w
  • amplifier functions: volume, low-bypass, zero/180 section, auto power on
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from the manufacturer

spun-copper img woofer

injection molded graphite (img) woofer cones are notably light whilst being extremely rigid – providing excellent low frequency response, with minimal cone breakup and distortion to present you the deepest, cleanest bass possible.

all-digital amplifier

the built-in, all-virtual amplifier of the reference collection subwoofer supplies enough power with high performance and proper-to-source accuracy duplicate – consequently supplying maximum output, detail, and power that fills your home.

customized bass

the reference collection subwoofer gain, low skip crossover, and phase controls ensure the low-frequency tones mixture with other speakers and set up the perfect level of bass for your room.

line stage/lfe rca inputs offer maximum compatibility with preferred home theater receivers.

flexible placement

the excessive-performance, the front-firing driver was designed to offer deep bass regardless of its vicinity within the room to present you extra placement options.

klipsch: we’re keepers of the sound

again in 1946, something very unique took place in a tiny tin shed in hope, arkansas. Paul w. Klipsch ushered in a new generation in sound duplicate – the dawn of excessive fidelity with the discovery of the klipschorn speaker.

product description

klipsch r-100sw 10″ subwoofer tremendously deep bass and an all-virtual amplifier.




100SW, 120SW

8 reviews for Klipsch r-100sw 10″ subwoofer, exceedingly deep bass and an all-digital amplifier

  1. J. Banville

    I bought 2 of these during an amazon pricing snafu where they were priced at $124/each. That “deal” literally lasted for less than an hour! I did some measuring of the 2 subs along with some others I had on hand using a calibrated mic and room EQ wizard software. These subwoofers have a 5db hump between 50-60hz and have NO audible output below 30hz. Bad combination. This is even when placed in a corner, which is known for causing serious “room gain”. For what I paid, that is decent. For the normal price of $224? No way. You would do MUCH better with a DIY solution from partexpress. Or the Sub1200 from partexpress. The BIC f12 is also probably better for less. Lastly, the cabinet looks nice but is super thin. I’d guess 3/8” thick wood panels. Read more

  2. Bean Dip

    All I can say is WOW! I have had a dead Definitive Technology subwoofers in my living room for the last 2 years because my boyfriend was too lazy/cheap to swap it out. I finally took matters into my own hands. Never again will I live in a world without bass. I actually feel like watching movies again! This 12 inch Klipsch subwoofer makes a world of difference in my home theater system. Klipsch was recommended to me by my neighbor. I sought out one of the cheaper ones since I am no high end audio type person. He was right. Wasn’t too expensive but sounds like a heard of elephants running through the room (that’s a good thing). I’ll consider this brand if I ever need to replace another speaker. Read more

  3. Daniel

    I got this to use as the sub for a 2.1 setup in my new house, and I am absolutely blown away. I paired it with two Polk OWM5 mains, and a Klipsch power gate amp. I have has several subs in my day, and this was the cheapest price, and by far the best sound I have ever had. The bass is deep and incredible clean. I am in a big, open space, as you can see in the photo, and this thing provides crisp, punchy bass. I am beyond impressed. For this price, I cannot imagine you could find anything better than this. Even my wife, who is not an audiophile, and frankly hated the idea of having a bulky speaker on the floor in her beautiful home, said “this is unbelievable” the first time she heard it. If you are considering this purchase, do yourself a favorr and click “buy now.” you will not regret it. Read more

  4. Speed Freak

    Had to replace an older Polk Audio subwoofer that finally failed. the new Klipsch R-120 just looked cool so had to try. WOW! The deep bass is crazy! The rubber feet is a nice touch on hard floors or carpet and I LOVE the way it looks without the grille. The copper pins for the grille and the accents all over the subwoofer look excellent! Could not be happier. Will update the review if their are any issues. Cannot believe how much deeper the woofer goes… Read more

  5. Rasco Rascal

    I only thought I had a nice sub before this. This pumps out super tight and clean bass you can feel. This will rattle some tin signs I have on a wall two rooms away. Also, it is a work of art to look at! I have it paired with a set of Klipsch R-15PM monitors and it is a perfect, simple 2.1 setup for the TV. Read more

  6. trbizwiz

    I have had a home theater with a very nice Epson 4000 4K projector, for about two years. But I’ve been cheaping out on sound, and I’ve neglected to put in surround sound. I have some very nice Speaker-craft inwall Starlett 6 for the front 3 channels, but no atmos, surround, or the all important .1 (sub). Well Amazon made me an offer I could not refuse on Black Friday. So I now have this beast. I bought a value price mediabridge cable (mostly because it’s white and matches the trim for an easy temporary install) and set this puppy up. I threw in Skyscraper on blueray, and wow. Now I added atmos speakers by Sonos, and surround speakers by Klipsch. So the sound difference is fully immersive. But the winning statement came from my wife. She normally does not get my geek love for electronics. “Spoiler alert” But, during the scene in skyscraper, when Dwayne Johnson climbs out on the boom to get to the skyscraper, my wife turned to me and said,” I’m not even out there and I feel my feet tingling!” I don’t have the gain turned up real high. I want to experience the movie, and feel the effects, but I don’t need to shake stuff off the neighbors walls. I fully believe this sub can do those things. But at about 1/3 gain, sometimes 1/2, things get very interesting. I makes me want to watch action movies all the time. I’m only sad I did not get this sooner!! Read more

  7. Nicholas C.

    I bought this as an early Christmas gift for myself. I lucked out and bought it on sale for $174. After a brief break-in period, this little sub was absolutely stellar. Even at low settings, it vibrates my walls. I’m using it in conjunction with the Klipsch pm51s and monster power filters and cables. The sound is clear, free of hiss, and the bass is tight and precise. However, It’s surprisingly boomy for its size, most likely due to the port. If you want a reasonably priced subwoofer to usher you into the realm of high fidelity sound, this is it. Read more

  8. T. Moore

    Oh my. So that’s what I’ve been missing. Excellent compliment to my RF-3 II towers. I’m chosing to let it handle everything from 100hz and below at the moment, easiest with my old Yamaha receiver. Positively effortless and clean and tight. Did level matching with an old Radio Shack SPL meter, crossed at 100, was ready to go in minutes. So, now we’ll have to re-listen and re-watch just about everything in the library again. 🙂 Read more

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