Klipsch 12″ four hundred watts wi-fi subwoofer brushed black vinyl (r-12swi)

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$314.77 $306.11

  • 12″ front-firing, spun copper img woofer
  • 2. 4ghz wireless hi-fi pre-paired transmitter
  • all-virtual amplifier
  • low pass crossover and phase control
  • strong, bendy, removable grille
  • included additives: one subwoofer, wi-fi transmitter, energy cable
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from the producer

happiness is copper and black… And wireless

designed for larger spaces, the r-12swi wi-fi subwoofers promises wonderful, room-filling bass without the need for a subwoofer cable. No matter your room’s cutting-edge (or destiny) format, the r-12swi gives you complete freedom to discover the choicest vicinity for each most output and aesthetics. Connect the compact, pre-paired transmitter to the subwoofer or lfe out in your favorite component, then region the r-12swi wireless subwoofer everywhere you choose and plug it into an outlet – it’s that easy.

housed in an mdf cupboard with a brushed polymer veneer finish, the cutting-edge aesthetics and absolute sturdiness of klipsch r-12swi wireless subwoofer effects in a continuing integration into any décor.

be aware: manufacturer guarantee is only legitimate when bought from a klipsch authorized reseller.

  • 12″ front-firing, spun copper img woofer
  • 2. 4ghz wi-fi hello-fi pre-paired transmitter
  • all-digital amplifier
  • low pass crossover and segment control
  • sturdy, flexible, removable grille
  • line/lfe inputs
  • the front-mounted led strength indicator
  • 2. 4ghz connectivity lets in for premium, cd-pleasant sound anywhere within the room. Absolutely connect the compact, pre-paired transmitter to the subwoofer or lfe out to your receiver.

    injection molded graphite (img) woofers are highly mild even as being extraordinarily inflexible – presenting extremely good low frequency reaction, with minimal cone breakup and distortion.

    the built-in all-digital amplifier provides sufficient energy with excessive performance and proper-to-source accuracy in duplicate.

    allows you to combination the subwoofer’s low-frequency tones with different klipsch speakers in addition to set up an appropriate stage of bass.

    product description

    the reference r-12swi wi-fi subwoofer effects produces great bass for larger rooms. Connect the compact, pre-paired transmitter to the subwoofer or lfe out for your receiver, area r-12swi wireless subwoofer anywhere you choose and plug it into an outlet. It is that clean – no subwoofer cable required.



    6 reviews for Klipsch 12″ four hundred watts wi-fi subwoofer brushed black vinyl (r-12swi)

    1. Charles

      I have owned the Klipsch R-12wi (wireless version) for about a year now. The unit is still fully functional and performs as well as it did when I first purchased it. It performs to its specs, nothing more nothing less. When I first purchased this it was my first subwoofer so I was very impressed with the power it was able to put out, but as I expanded my musical listening I began to find its frequency response severely disappointing being 30hz @ +/-3dB. When only listening to tracks within its range it is powerful and performs well, but it doesn’t have a low enough extension for me personally. The roll-off slope also seems to be rather high. If I listen to a track that has many notes alternating closely below and above 30hz the track will sound “floppy” due to notes below 30hz just dropping out . None of my issues are the fault of the subwoofer however. The product performs exactly as it should, so why not more stars? Because for the price and form-factor there are better and more robust options. The subwoofers job should be to extend the range of your speakers. If you already have decent speakers than this subwoofer will not extend their range much at all, and if it does it would be less than an octave. This is especially true if you have floor standing speakers since many can already reliably reach 40-50hz. I’m using the Klipsch RP-150M bookshelf speakers and they respond well even at 60Hz. If you do not listen to many bass heavy tracks, or have small speakers than this wouldn’t be a bad bargain. However, if you already have decent speakers and are really trying to fill out the low end I would pass on this and look elsewhere. Read more

    2. Ragman

      This was the first time that I had purchased a Klipsch product. I am highly impressed. The wireless connection was instantaneous and without any hassles at all. This is my first venture in to wireless speakers and Klipsch has sold me on the idea. Being able to place the unit anywhere with no wires to deal with is a dream. I built a theater in my home utilizing speaker wires and if we weren’t doing a complete make over of the room, it would have been a nightmare. With today’s technology, wireless is a no brainer. The sound quality is excellent and I have it programmed in with an Audyssey set up and without a single tweek to the “Sub” it blended in directly. A couple minor changes in my Amp settings and the difference from my previous “Sub” was phenomenal. I feel money well spent. Some of my vinyl and CD’s have a totally different sound quality and makes listening to my collection and watching movies a bit more fun, because you never know when you may hear something that you did not in the past. Read more

    3. Illustratedman

      This is my second Klipsch R-12SWi subwoofer, decided it would be worthwhile to have 2 subwoofers in the home theater room and I was right. Noticeable improvement in bass and even though this subwoofer (29 Hz +/- 3dB) may not go as deep as other subwoofers it’s more than sufficient for my home theater. The wireless feature is flawless and very easy to set up. Being wireless it allows placement anywhere there is a nearby power wall outlet, no subwoofer cable required. Nice looking unit especially without the grill cover. If you can purchase for $300 or less it’s a great value. Read more

    4. Marcellus King

      So, little did I know, before buying this, that my wife would not be fully appreciative of what this thing can do. Which is not a knock on Klipsch, but rather, a compliment as to how much bass these things can push out. Which fortunately, can be turned down a bit so we don’t have objects thrown at us while watching our favorite movies. The real plus to this however, is that since it is wireless, I can put it anywhere in the room, allowing me to avoid running wires, and hiding these things out of sight (per wife rules). But even hidden, it makes no difference on the quality of sound and you are reminded during every scene that they are there, hidden,.. waiting to pounds on some unsuspecting victim with a loud boom or rumble during the action scene. This has been my favorite addition to my sound system and has given me the bass that I need. More than what I need actually. And on top of that, with the grill off, these things are an absolute beauty, especially if you already have Klipsch reference series speakers. Read more

    5. Dawn

      Not an audiophile by any means but like my bass. I had thought my 10 year old Velodyne 10” sub was dead and was already looking to upgrade, so took the plunge on this Klipsch 12”. Hooked this up without issue. I know there are wireless kits out there but the fact that it is included with this both saved time (pre-paired… you just plug and play) and money (don’t have to buy a separate wireless kit). Turned out that after hooking this up and playing with my home theater set up, my old subwoofer was still working. I am just gong to have a two subwoofer set up. This blows it out of the water. Would expect as much since its 12” vs 10”… but not by as much as it does. All are hooked up to a Yamaha VX530 with Polk TSI series speakers. Read more

    6. 5.0 Engine

      Good clear crisp bass. This is really a great subwoofer, and the best I’ve ever owned. In fact it’s so good that I don’t even want to keep my old Sony 300W sub running while this one runs as to not spoil the sound. The only negative is that the controls are on the back, making it very hard to adjust or even power off. I’ve been cutting power to it by a power strip, so far, it hasn’t damaged it. I have all Klipsch speakers, but this sub should work with any setup no problem. 400W is plenty for a typical living room too. If you need a 400W sub, this is the one to get. Read more

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