Kef q950 floorstanding speaker (each, white)

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  • the q950 floorstanding speaker functions kef’s patented uni-q driving force array with an 8in mid-range cone and 1 5in vented aluminum dome tweeter
  • experience powerful bass from the 8in bass driver and dual 8in auxiliary bass radiators
  • gold plated terminals provide superior touch and permit for naked twine spade and banana plug terminations
  • maximum output of 113db
  • to be had in three finishes walnut satin black and satin white
  • non-obligatory ultra-sturdy magnetic grilles may be purchased one at a time
  • connectivity technology: auxilliary
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from the manufacturer

the superb q series floorstanding audio system excel when space is restrained. Proposing the signature kef uni-q driving force array the q950s supply specified herbal sound with high readability and tight bass. A commanding eight in. Uni-q motive force paired with an eight in. Woofer and two 8 in. Abrs offers the ultimate in bass overall performance and domestic theater. Immerse your self in heart pounding movement with the kef q950 floorstanders.

“sit everywhere” uni-q sound

at the heart of the developed q series is the uni-q motive force array. Kef’s signature innovation places the tweeter in the acoustic middle of the midrange cone, bringing the acoustic ideal of a unmarried factor supply closer than ever to realisation. The end result is a extra specified, more accurate three-dimensional sound photo, that is dispersed greater frivolously at some point of the room than is feasible with a traditional speaker. Uni-q’s ultra-extensive dispersion is further more suitable via kef’s ‘tangerine’ waveguide over the tweeter dome.

with the addition of the damped tweeter loading tube imparting a mild termination of sound constructed from the returned of the tweeter, decrease treble overall performance is advanced dramatically and a new low-distortion inductor at the crossover presents purifier bass. To optimize the decision and purity of the q collection bookshelf audio system, the uni-q driving force has been repositioned to the middle of the cabinet to lessen undesirable inner resonance and adds refinement to their sonic readability and detail.

in the q collection floorstanders the uni-q driving force has been located in sealed container inside the cabinet. The closed field midrange cabinet design reduces the load at the uni-q midrange cone, increasing readability and element while delivering cleanser, punchier bass. Midrange clarity is better once more through enhancements to the mid-bass driving force that allowed the dc blockading capacitor to be removed. Its elimination additionally created a extra herbal bass roll-off between the drivers.

low-frequency (lf) drivers now have a bigger roll surround, in conjunction with a brand new spider suspension to supply cleanser bass at high volumes. A new cone shape improves midrange readability, and an enhanced auxiliary bass radiators (abrs) with a brand new surround and rear suspension supplies better managed and greater brilliant bass.

approximately kef

founded in 1961, kef has been offering the world’s audiophiles with extraordinary sound pleasant. Kef is at the reducing edge of subject-leading acoustic studies, and a widespread for everyone else to live as much as.

innovation is what sets kef aside. The effects are plain for all to see… and hear.

product description

the kef q950 floor status speaker is biggest of the q 2017 series floorstanding audio system the new q950 boasts a made over uni-q driving force array with a newly engineered damped tweeter loading tube designed to clean out treble frequencies the q950 additionally functions new inner enhancements for its low-frequency drivers which include new surrounds and rear suspension for immaculate bass irrespective of the extent the q950 substantially advantage from a brand new closed field midrange cupboard which enables increase readability and output at the same time as handing over a cleanser punchier bass those floorstanding speakers also feature an altered mid-bass motive force which improves midrange readability and produces a more natural bass roll-off between drivers for a more natural sound the q950 is available in smooth matte black and white vinyl finishes in addition to a stunningly state-of-the-art walnut grilles for the q950 are sold one by one


Black, Grille, Walnut, White

6 reviews for Kef q950 floorstanding speaker (each, white)

  1. Jason R. Miller

    I’ve owned these about 8 months now and figured it’s time to write a review. First off, I am constantly amazed at how good these sound. They are simply incredible. I wanted to get away from my 5.1 system which was difficult to wire up every time, hide the wires, mount the speakers, adjust the sound, and never sounded quite right for music. Good for movies, but not music. So I decided on a 2.1 system with floor standing speakers. Did my research and settled on these as not only did the have good reviews, but they looked good too. I will say, they do like power. At first I used my 7.1 A/V receiver to power them with only 55 watts per channel. They sounded ok in the mids and highs but lacked bass. I eventually got a dedicated 2 channel amp, the Yamaha R-N803 with 145 watts per channel and WOW did it wake these speakers up. The bass was so good I almost didn’t need a sub any more (but I like lots of bass so kept it, just turned down a lot) and the mids and highs went to a new level. I love how everything is matched, it all meshes so well. Nothing is harsh, nothing pierces the ear or sounds muddy or is out of place. The bass doesn’t drone. Sitting in the middle of them I can close my eyes and sound stage is insane. Voices are where the should be, instruments are where they should be. And I have yet to push these speakers to their SPL limits but I have turned them up very very loud, they just don’t even seem to be breaking a sweat. Zero distortion. To sum it up, I do not miss my surround system at all. I hope to keep these for many years and will look at KEF in the future if the time ever comes again. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    They aren’t cheap, bu they are worth every penny. These are the most articulate and accurate home speakers I’ve ever heard. I have heard a few studio monitors that were in the same class, most notably Westlake Audio and Meyer. These hang in there with them, but they fit in your home and cost a fraction of what these superlative studio monitors cost. I’ve been hearing things in recordings I’m very familiar with that I’ve never heard before. Wow! These speakers need no EQ, no subwoofers, no “loudness control.” They sound awesome! If you want some really great speakers, you’ve found them. Read more

  3. AmznExplorer

    My rating is not based on the quality of the speaker or brand, but simply based on the fact that I received it damaged and now have to go through the utter inconvenience of carrying this 54lb speaker to a UPS store to ship it back. Imagine the excitement and anticipation when receiving such an expensive quality item and when you open the top of the box, every expectation you had is shattered in one second when you see the damage. This is an experience I could surely have done without. I didn’t even take the speaker out the box to inspect the rest. Read more

  4. Michael Dobey

    I have been a kef fan for a long time. I still have a set of iq speakers , from 2006. I had earlier q series as well. If I could afford it I would buy higher end kefs , or other types , but at the below 1,000 dollar range for speakers , the kef product is hard to beat. Most speaker reviewers agree. they are very well built and designed and the uniq sound is very precise. Most speaker manufacturers sound quality at this level would be their midrange speakers not their under 1,000 dollar ones. so basically the huge q950 really delivers on quality and sound at this price range. is it going to beat a high end speaker , no , but it can compete with many midrange speakers easily. It’s that good. Kef is that good! . If you cannot afford high end or a expensive midrange speaker this will do and it’s big. 41 inches tall. And wide too. I have a q600 as a center and q 100’s as my center rears and q350’s as side rears , all great speakers. the grille has to be bought seperately like all q 50 series. the q 00 series had grilles with them and both series are simiiar enough to mesh well. If you can find the older one. they look the same on the outside. The 950 is a beast of a speaker though. BIG. powerful , clear , highly rated. only b and w and a very few others makes under 1,000 speakers this good probably. So go kef , you will be happy with them. I have 2 q 950s , 2 350s for side rears , a q 600c , and 2 q100 ‘s for rear behind speakers , and a earthquake sub rounding out the set up… the 00s mesh well with the 50s too. The 00s were around from 2011- 2016 or so. 5he 50s have the same look but are a little better engineered. The zeros have screen grilles the 50s do not. Read more

  5. Andrew Claus

    Ended up getting one of these at an auction, so had to get the second one to match it. I already had a pair of the Q150s that I am using for rear surrounds (and had also used for front mains at one point, also sound amazing). The sound from the Q950s is absolutely STUNNING. The sound stage is incredible wide when used as a stereo pair, the highs are crisp, but not overbearing; not “piercing” your ear. I have absolutely NO EQ on with these and the bass, treble, and mids is absolutely impeccable. Most of the time, I have these working in stereo mode w/o my sub and the lows are rich and full. I have cranked these up a couple times and have NO distortion (using a 7.1 receiver with 95w/ channel). I have noticed instruments and sounds in music that I never knew existed on some of my other speakers (many Bose speakers, headphones, and a set of Jamo S809 speakers). If you’re someone who values quality in your music, movies, and TV, then you cannot go wrong with these. It’s a premium price for a set of speakers, but absolutely recommend to anyone. Read more

  6. Whitey

    Ok…I’ll address everyone’s concern…these are pricey! But…they are not your typical speaker grille. As soon as you open the packaging you realize these are next-level quality. Most grilles (ELAC specifically) are made of a cheap flimsy plastic frame with pegs for inserting into a grommet on your speaker. These are made of MDF and machined very nicely. The MDF is coated in thick black paint and wrapped in a really nice fabric. Not just cheaply wrapped either, they are inserted into a channel, so the fabric stays tight and won’t release. The magnets are strong and hold very well to the speaker. Coming from a person that has made their own custom speaker boxes and grilles, these are worth every penny. BTW…the KEF Q950s these are meant for are amazing…don’t question the purchase…just buy them! Read more

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