Kanto yu4 140w powered bookshelf audio system pair

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  • extremely good sound – enclosed in handcrafted mdf shelves measuring eight. 7″ tall, yu4’s 1” silk dome tweeters and 4” kevlar drivers deliver crisp highs and wonderfully balanced mid-variety, faithfully reproducing all of your favored tunes.
  • clean streaming – integrated bluetooth with qualcomm aptx technology lets you experience incredible streaming from the palm of your hand.
  • vinyl-equipped – equipped with an incorporated phono preamp, yu4 can be easily linked to any antique or present day day turntable.
  • sign detection – yu4 capabilities automated standby and strength-up modes, assisting to conserve strength when you’re gone and ensuring you by no means omit a beat when the music begins playing.
  • far flung manipulate – with extent, enter, tone and balance controls, as well as playback alternatives while using bluetooth, the yu4 remote gives you full manage over your audio.
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product description

tune is made to be shared. Whether you’re striking out with pals or kicking it solo, yu4 guarantees you’re continually in desirable business enterprise. Producing 140w height strength, its magnificence d amplifier effects fills your room with rich, spacious sound. Carefully designed four” kevlar drivers and 1” silk dome tweeters faithfully reproduce your favorite tunes, letting you revel in them to their fullest. Filled with connectivity, yu4 makes it smooth to throw on your modern day vinyl with a built-in phono preamp, or sit down back and move your cautiously curated playlist through bluetooth. Crystal-clear, precise sound for all to experience.


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4 reviews for Kanto yu4 140w powered bookshelf audio system pair

  1. c. lam

    For those who likes to enjoy music while plugged in, that (and maybe others like that) may be it. I have high quality music gears. Generally speaking, audiophile quality music and computers are mutually exclusive. I’ll use my expensive dac and headphones and speakers for music enjoyments, and use the computer speakers for things like youtube. The audio gears are cumbersome to use at the same time while I am using the computer. Tried different types of computer speakers over the years but very unsatisfied. Also tried a well regarded one recently but promptly returned it. I know there’s the $250 bose. However, as I own several boses I am very familiar with its sound signature and I know it probably won’t sound natural to me. I resigned to use my retired soundbar coupled with a subwoofer and think that may be all I can do. Then, accidentally I browsed upon those tiny active speakers that I generally avoided since a long time ago. After much research I decided to give the yu4 a try. The fact that it’s on sale also helped my decision. The yu6 should have more bass but it’s too big as computer speakers and I have a subwoofer anyway. So I got the yu4 and my goodness does it sound well. While the subwoofer helped a little in the bass area, however, since the speakers are placed fairly close to my ears, the bass even with the subwoofer unactivated sounded quite deep and punchy and not muddy (to me). I even tried connecting it to my dac and amazingly it’s able to output an even better sound. This is something that a regular computer speaker won’t be able to do. The sound stage, imaging, clarity, are all top notch, at least for a “computer speaker”. In my setup, I dial up the treble two notches and the bass one notch. The subwoofer is set to about 90Hz and 180 degrees. The only feature I hope it has is an indication on the volume setting somewhere or somehow. Switching from the computer optical link to my dac line out to aux produced a rude surprise to everyone in my house. I did take precaution, but without any indicator available I still grossly misjudged the net resulting volume of the combination. Of course when I like to listen to the ultimate I still have to go back to my other gears. But now, I can enjoy adequate audio quality while using the computer at the same time. It is very, very, convenient, and thus, satisfying. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Great speakers. There are others in this price range and even lower that might sound pretty close, but they are either ugly or don’t have the right inputs, or are energy inefficient, or some combination of those 3. These have a fairly modern bluetooth implementation, including aptx, which is necessary for decent wireless sound. It was between these and the peachtree m24, but the m24 does not have aptx. They pair very easily, have easy to use controls. Construction/build-quality seems perfect. I have them paired with a sub8, also by kanto, and it’s a great combination. They sound very clean, clear, and somewhat “punchy” by themselves, but a 6 or 8 inch sub will allow you to hear the full range of the music source. The energy saving auto-sleep works perfectly and was a requirement for me, I hate forgetting to turn things off which consume a lot of power. These go to sleep automatically when not in use and draw less than a 1/2 Watt. pros: * clean, crisp sound * great bluetooth implementation * stylish, well built * energy efficient, auto-standby consumes < .5 watts and works well * many inputs, including turntable * usb 5v charging for a chromecast audio or future bluetooth receiver * pairs very nicely with the matching sub from the same company * reasonably priced cons: * can't think of any Read more

  3. Bill

    Disclaimer: i am legally hard of hearing in one ear, so please take that into account as you read this review. But as a videographer, I work with audio engineers and professional AV equipment, so I have aqquired a bit of audio knowledge over the years. The speakers themselves are great sounding, you have to pair these with a sub in order to get any type of vibrations of the bass. Real world testing the kanto yu 4’s only hit down to about 92htz at 3f. Meaning you will hear the mids and lows, but you wont “feel” it. Highs are clear (not as clear as something with ribbon tweeters but clear for 330$ speakers) and frequency seperation is very apparent, but not in the very high frequencies, it seems to kinda roll off the very very highs. The max volume was kinda disappointing, ive been dailing driving a 5.1 logitech z5500 for the past 14 years (they suck, i know, but like i said i’m a video guy), i can wake my neighbors up with the sheer noise of the logitech, but the kantos seems to adequately fill my bedroom at max volume (without the sub). I couldnt get the kanto to “overfill” my bedroom. But obviously the logitech creates jumbled noise, whereas the kantos create beautifully clear sound, relatively ofcourse.. I had absolutely no issues with any of the connections. I love this bluetooth, crystal clear sound, and no hissing or anytype of feedback at max volume on ANY of the connections. And the remote is idiot proof. In conclusion: i like the sound, missing the low frequencies a bit but thats why kanto added a sub out. My solution was to pair the kanto sub 8 to the yu4, but then i ran into another problem. The yu4’s didnt get as loud as i wanted them to. So i returned the yu 4’s and purchased the yu6. I am completely satisfied with my setup. In retrospect, i should have just paid another 100 dollars and purchased the kanto tuk, but the kanto tuk’s are not available on amazon…. I know this all depends on the seller, but my kanto yu4 return process was a freaking nightmare. Read more

  4. kschu09

    These things bumppp. Serve the exact purpose of “desktop” speakers that I was looking for. These definitely don’t NEED a sub, but I might add one down the road as an upgrade. I am by no means an audiophile or an expert, and don’t have a lot to compare these to other than your run of the mill cheap desktop speakers – but if you’re on the fence, buy away. Read more

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